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Faeries, the most beautiful things in all of Neopia. There are currently 6 known species of faerie in Neopia, and 7 unique faeries. Most of these faeries give out random quests to those who deserve one. Most quests come from the common faeries (air, dark, earth, fire, light and water) but if you are lucky, you might get a quest from the Faerie Queen or the Fountain Faerie.

Ok lets start by getting to know each faerie shall we?

Air Faeries: Masters of the air and clouds. These extremely beautiful sky dancers may seem ditzy but they are one of the most graceful types of faerie in Neopia. When you get an air faerie quest she usually asks you for a beauty item of some sort (blush, eyeshadow, varnish, etc.) I guess they need this stuff to stay beautiful. If you complete one of these quests the air faerie will make your neopets faster. This can really come in handy if your neopet tends to be slow in the battledome.

Dark Faeries: There is only one word to describe these faeries…evil. These faeries are nasty and rude and are always trying to destroy the other faeries. Take Jhudora for example, as pretty as she may be, she is always plotting against the queen and poisoning poor defenseless neopets. :'(. Even though these faeries are incredibly mean, they give fairly decent quest rewards. If you are asked to go on a dark faerie quest, she will usually require a toy so she can test her spells (uh-oh.) But if you are brave and complete her quest she will reward your neopets with a health boost.

Earth Faeries: These faeries don’t care much for their looks, but for the world around them. They roam around planting things and caring for neopets. Most earth faeries are kind, but some seem to have an attitude problem (dare I mention Illusen’s name.) If you get an earth faerie quest they will usually want magic items. If you complete the quest, she will feed your neopet till it pops. (I don’t usually do these quests because they aren’t exactly worth it 😉 .)

Fire Faeries: These troublemakers are constantly burning their clothes (I can see why that would be a problem). When they ask you to do a quest for them, I suggest you do it (we don’t want naked faeries flying around do we?) If you accept and complete her quest, she will reward your pet by making it stronger.

Light Faeries: Peaceful and quiet and are always working. Unlike the other faeries, these bright creatures are seen constantly in every place imaginable. If you get a quest from one of these faeries, she will usually need a trading card. If you are kind enough to buy her one than she will raise your pets level, which is a really good thing.

Water Faeries: These shy and rarely seen creatures are in my opinion, the most beautiful faeries in Neopia. This faerie loves to learn and she always asks for books when you receive one of her quests. If you get her the book she wants, she will raise your pets defense.

If you are lucky, you will receive a quest from one of these faeries…

Faerie Queen: The toughest faerie of them all. If you complete one of her difficult (and expensive) quests, she will reward your pet greatly. (Honestly, i really wouldn’t do one of these quests, but hey, its up to you.

Fountain Faerie: YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO DO ONE OF THESE QUESTS. If you are rich enough to do one of these quests, she will let you paint one of your pets at her fountain….I wish she would give me a quest.

There are also faeries whom you can do a quest for any time you want to…

Snow Faerie: Most of the time the items she needs are a tad costly but if you want her avatar and an odd food, you should do a quest for her. You can find her on terror mountain.

Illusen: She asks for random things but each time you complete her quest, the better your reward gets and the higher you go up in level. Illusen can be found in Meridell.

Jhudora: Heaven knows why you would want to do a quest for her, but hey, I guess you have your own reasons. Like Illusen her needs are random and her rewards get better every time you complete her quest. You can find her on her cloud in Faerieland.

Other faeries:

Tooth Faerie: Only seen when your pet loses a tooth (random event) If you are lucky she will leave you her avatar when she collects your pets tooth.

Library Faerie: She will reward you with neopoints if you complete her crossword. You can find her in Faerieland.

Negg Faerie: She will gladly trade in your neggs for negg points at her neggery, which is in Terror Mountain.

Cooking Faerie: Jhudiah. If you bring her the ingredients she needs for her cooking pot, she will reward you with an item. You can find her on Mystery Island.

Space Faerie: Very rarely seen. If you are one of those lucky enough to see her you will most likely be be made richer.

Soup Faerie: If your pet is hungry and you are short neopoints, the soup kitchen is the place to go. This faerie will feed your pets and let them rest. You can find her in the marketplace.

Grey Faerie: If a faerie loses its powers, she will become grey and lose her wings. Only one of these faeries has been reported and not much is known about her.

Battle Faerie: Currently retired but you can fight her in the battledome. If you win you will receive some really cool rare items. You can also buy her items in the magic shop.

Well, that concludes my faerie guide, hope it helped. My username is br33zy15 so feel free to friend request me. – br33zy15

Kym Huynh


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