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You’ve just started your account. Maybe you’re an old-timer, starting a new account because you don’t want that old username of yours following you. Maybe you got frozen in error (or in truth, but what’s past is past), maybe you lost your account to a thief or hacker, or maybe you’re just a newcomer to Neopets, and don’t have a single clue what your doing except for those really cute pictures of really cute creatures caught your eye and you simply can’t resist that adorable Xweetok.

Now your sitting there in your comfortable chair, looking at the computer screen and that pitiable three digit number that represents your entire wealth, and wondering exactly how to get that number a bit…larger.

Let’s be honest. Neopets certainly isn’t as easy as it used to be, when the shops were constantly stocked and it was easy and cheap to buy bottled faeries and books. Life was good, food and quests came easy, and random events weren’t so exaggeratedly random. Yes, perhaps there were fewer things to do, but it was the simplicity of everything that attracted that first brood of Neo-addicts.

But now things have changed. With the sudden flux of people that joined a couple years ago, Neopets had no choice but to get a little harder, a little less random, and a little more competitive. Maybe you’re tempted to look on a site just like this one and find the quickest, easiest guide on how to earn NP. Well, if you’re looking for a strict guide with exactly what to do, I’m not the person you want to ask. However, if you’re looking for a little advice, read on and you might find some help.

The best way to earn dough on Neopets is the same way you’d earn money in your real job: take advantage of your skills. Neopets is a vast, diverse environment, with games that hit on most everyone’s talents. Sometimes it just takes a bit of help in seeing it.

For example: I find that I’m decent when it comes to word games, puzzles, and everything that has to do with writing. I write freelance, and it’s something I enjoy very much. So, I figure the best way for me to make money is to join things like the caption competition, the storytelling competitions, and the poetry competitions. When the opportunity arises, I’m more than happy to write guides, such as this one. However, those aren’t always full-proof ways of getting the rewards so many people covet. So I’ve turned to the games.

Games like Typing Terror, Spell or Starve, Word Poker and Word Pyramid – which give a decent output of NP if you play them well – are right up my alley. And, with practice, I’ve managed to figure what a decent score is, and earn myself a just as decent amount of NP in return for a little bit of practice.

Or, maybe you’re reading this and saying, “But my spelling is atro—bad!” Okay, maybe you’ve got an excellent memory, or are really good at keeping track of things? Maybe you’ll find better luck in the stock market, Kiko Match, Extreme Potato Counter, or Feed Florg. If strategy is more your style, try and find games like Grand Theft Ummagine, or Neoquest.

On another note, however, you should never completely disregard any bit of advice. Taking bits and pieces from this guide and that can never hurt. I’ve found that even if I am terrible at playing whatever the featured game is, I’ll still earn a hefty bit of money from playing it that day, and suffering through the three whole games I have to try and earn points through. Not to mention, the base knowledge that it’s cheaper to buy through the Neopian shops rather than personally owned ones helps to save money. Things like the Kiosks, the Wheels, the Tombola and Buried Treasure, though they cost, and though they are based strictly on luck, in the long run aren’t really a waste of time or NP, especially when you’re finally the one that wins that Jackpot.

In the end, it’s all going to take some testing and retesting, deciding whether you like the game and it’s rewards when you’re finished, but eventually you’ll catch on to what you’re good at, what games you have a knack for and which you should just avoid at all costs. It’ll get easier as you go, if you just have enough patience. But then again, plenty of the “get rich” guides take fifty-some days of regimented activity. That takes a lot of patience too, don’t you think? – anaphe

Kym Huynh


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