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The Advent Calendar is located in Happy Valley. If you go to the Advent Calendar at any time of the year other than the Month of Celebrating, a crying, Christmas Ashia will tell you that it is only open in the Month of Celebrating. But when it is the Month of Celebrating, a clip is played each day and shows you what some neopets, faeries etc. do at that time of the year.

By clicking on the ‘Collect Your Prize’ button, you can get freebies that vary from Plastic Firs and Snowager Sculptures to Small Metal Shields and Feepits and you’ll also get free neopoints. But you can only get some freebies once a day and only in the snowing Month of Celebrating, that means you can get free items at the cold Happy Valley thirty-one times a year. But the Month of Celebrating isn’t all smiles, laughter and happiness for Neopains, neopets, faeries, petpets and petpetpets in neopia. That evil Pant Devil has come thanks to the Advent Calendar.

He may quickly steal a precious item that you get right when you take it from the Advent Calendar and he may also steal an item after time and thoughtL. Here are a few quick suggestions on what you could do with your neopoints and items you get from the Advent Calendar: ? Put your precious or not so precious items in your SDB (Safety Deposit Box. No, that doesn’t mean you have to put someone’s deposit in there, although you can.). ? Put all your neopoints in the bank ? Sell all your items (Not recommended) The Shop of Offers is gathered up in the main shops of Neopia Central (Click on shops in the yellow column on the left hand side to get to Neopia Central). It is open every single day and contains links that can get you neopoints from. You may also see an annoying Slorg crawling along the page, but that will be explained later on in this article. This part of the article explains two of the links: the survey and the arcade. The survey link gives you three choices: the neo survey, the sponsor survey and join Greenfield Online.

Firstly, the neo survey first asks for your age, gender and country. It will then ask for your favorite neopet. Next it will ask you if you own a certain type of neopet. This usually will not mean that it will ask this question about your favorite neopet. If you answer no, you will be asked if you have ever owned one. If your answer is no again, it will ask you if you would like to adopt one. If you answered yes to the question about owning a certain neopet, you’ll be asked how many do you own. It will then ask you your thoughts and opinions about this certain pet. The survey will end and for doing the survey, you will get 1000 neopoints; extremely easy neopoints! The sponsor survey is a survey to sponsor.

I do not know anything about this survey because it has never worked for me. Clicking on the Greenfield Online will only work in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The arcade contains free games that you can download. The games are a good source of fun if your band from the internet but not from computer. If you see a slorg, click on it. It will scare them away. Slorgs will make white tracks when they go over the boxes, sometimes you may even get neopoints for scaring slorgs away. As you probably already know, there is free omelette in Tyrannia. Just remember that it is in the Tyrannian Plateau and not in the Tyrannian Jungle, you can only go to the Giant Omelette in the Tyrannian Plateau once a day and you can eat each piece of omelette three times.

There is another place with something a bit like the giant omelette called . ehhh . this is one of Adam’s secrets so I will not spread it. Sorry. There are also random events, sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad and sometimes they are there for no reason. Random events are rare, but you know when you find one by the title ‘Something has happened’. You can find up to 1000 neopoints in a random event, but you also lose neopoints in a random event (That is why you should always keep those neopoints in the bank and for another reason). This freebie involves getting more neopoints for having more neopoints. You can only get interest if you have a bank account and you need a neohome (which costs 1000 neopoints at minimum) to start a bank account.

When you start a bank account, you get thirty neopoints. You can get interest only once a day but with every 5000 neopoints in the bank and each higher account, you get one neopoint of interest and you start of with one neopoint of interest when you create your bank account. Everyone knows how to create a pet, at least everyone who has made a pet. To start creating a new pet, click on the ‘create a pet’ in the yellow column. With every pet you create, not only do you get a free pet, you get fifty neopoints. Playing games is a good way to get neopoints. You should check the neopoint ratio e.g. 75NP per 100pts scored. Don’t play Luck and Chance games, your almost guaranteed to lose, not to mention that most of the Luck and Chance games cost neopoints. – hdjsusmnd

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