A 5 Minute Introduction to Neopets by Kayley Thornton

Gaby —  February 15, 2015 — Leave a comment

Neopets has been a fabulous experience. I have never played such an enthusiastic, enjoyable and exciting game. With loads of quizzes, puzzles and games, you will never get tired of it. Everyday there’s new parts to explore with learning experiences every step of the way!


You have the choice of easy, medium or hard. There are loads of different types to choose from and all different. Each one gets harder, so the harder it gets, the more neopoints you receive!


With over 20 different types of topics to choose from, they give you the chance to say what you want and when you want to say it. I often advertise my shop or say my opinion on games.


To keep you under pressure you can do faerie quests. Just find their items asap, and you’ll get something in return. There’s all sorts of quests to do, and there isn’t just one faerie either. You can help other characters at the same price. They keep you busy, and if you get stuck, help will not be far away.


Got a question or a personal remark, neomail that neopet. No details will be allowed to go through as this is one of the safest activities to do. You can neomail anyone you want, anytime and any place. This is also an excellent way to keep in contact with neofriends.


Now where to go on your next holiday? Can’t decide? Then go and explore. There are around 10 different places to visit and new places to explore. With secret countries and bigger islands, you’ll have no idea where to go. Inside every island/country are different activities, games and shops to look around in. You can visit special exhibits and win fabulous prizes.


Neopets has proven to be safe. No messages containing profanity, sexual terms, or other inappropriate content (including religion, politics, cheats, hacks and password scams) are allowed. Everyday Neopets is checked for any rules breakers, scammers or anything else. If anyone has any concerns about anything, then at any time they have the option of reporting that person. When the person is caught he/she will be blocked from Neopets for 24 hours and is given a warning. If they are caught again, they are banned from Neopets forever.


When you’re creating your neopet, you have over 50 different pets from which to choose. None of your details will be given out to anyone (they are entered for safety). Your age group will be needed to make sure you are put with people you’re like. You can create your own shop and buy from others, create your own neohome and gallery, everything you can possibly think of! Everyone that joins has loved the experience of having their own online pet.

It is definitely the most fun and addictive game I have ever played. Overall, in my opinion, Neopets has a score of 9/10. With everything that you can do, see and buy – it’s great! I have had neopets for over two years now, and I still haven’t gotten tired of it. I learn something new everyday. Well, this is what I think, and I would definitely recommend it. I did to all my friends, and it has passed on. Neopets will never end! If you think you’d enjoy everything I’ve just talked about, then you should join today! To sign up now go to neopets.com and enjoy! – Kayley Thornton



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