Yet Another Guide to Neopoints Making by MetaStaiford2

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Yeah, I too have decided to make a newbie guide, and the name is altairguardian on neopets, but don’t let the newbie status confuse you, I had some other accounts, all covered in rust BEFORE books disappeared.

Getting started: 500 np isn’t much, but it IS better than nothing, and the newbie pack can be useful for a FEW days, there are number of cans and cant’s about this

1. Basic supplies: Food, books, crude weapons, and toys are useful most of the time, and its worth it to make your pet smarter, happier, or stronger.

2. Bank account: This is a MUST, and I suggest when you have the amount of total money needed to improve your account status, do it! normally, bank money is dead money for awhile, but if your not gonna do anything else with it, might as well make interest.

3. DO NOT attempt any quests with this little np, you’ll find it nearly impossible to get anything right, and will have wasted 2 hours looking for the right price, although you can take quests almost anytime you want, no matter what your reputation on that is, with the exception of faeries. Fact is, I went to the snow faerie with 3000+ NP several times and just quit her quests due to the insane pricing

4. DO NOT invest in neodaq if you are going to try your luck in the stock market. Get something you can get lots of shares out of, lest you be waiting for a slow profit, as slow as the bank interest

Now that that’s settled, on to which games can and can’t win big money

1. Deckswabber! This game got me addicted to Q-bert again, and if you can win 300-499 np on it, you win a dubloon. 500-749 wins a 2-dubloon piece. I don’t know of any higher since I always get beat up by techos in level 6. On top of the neopoints, you can either use the dubloons for pirate shops (which REALLY have some rare stuff at times), to improve your pet onto level 40 at the swashbuckling academy, or to sell. Fact is, I’ve NEVER seen a dubloon in a shop priced under 1500 np, and that can be quite profitable

2. Grundo’s gym: This is a fairly easy workout, where you can get 100 np 1 day, 125 the next, 250 the next, 425 the next, and 500 every day after, multiplied by the number of memberships you have. If you don’t want your membership card, they sell for A LOT

3. Cheat! This takes much thinking but even spectre can be handled if you know how. a 7-level play of cheat got me OVER the 5000 NP mark, and that’s not including the battlecards I’m collecting.

4. Egyptian card games (scarab 21, sakhmet solitaire, pyramids, etc.): these are a bit slower but if you play enough, you can get A LOT out of these

5. Codebreakers: This also requires thinking, but if you have the right strategy, you can even make the high scores (which I’m sure I can do, just give me oh, 6 hours to play 1 game)

Other profitable games would be deckball, ice cream factory, tyranu evavu, and almost every other. As for other stuff,

1. Shop Wizard: Though some of the items are STUPIDLY overpriced (like oh say… a rainbow colored boombox that costs 40000 NP?!?!), you can usually find lesser items here. I recommend this for finding food, crude weapons, and various other stuff at low prices.

2. Auctions: These can give you some REALLY good stuff at a low price, but if you see like a dubloon priced at 2 np, you’ll hafta be quick and VERY persistent to win (and no, I’m not giving away my auction secrets which I use for getting cheap potions).

3. Island Trading post: This is a good place to both buy AND sell stuff, most offers looked at, some REALLY rare stuff, and I once got a 6500 np petpet for a couple lesser codestones .

4. Know the shop restock times, and visit right then. This works extremely well with the bookstores, though I haven’t tried it to find faeries in the magic shop yet.

5. Try to find job coupons cheap. Usually you can find a super job that’s do-able but with an intense payoff. Also, when it comes to harder and less significant jobs, you can sometimes even get the items THEN take the job before anybody else. I recommend this for taking jobs with stupidly low time limits, and if someone else takes the job. Hey, there’s always selling the items

6. Open a shop, and sell your items. what is useless dung to you may be worth 100,000np to someone else. easy money.

7. TRY to win trophies for various games, and if your an artist, the beauty, spotlight, and etc. contests. one of the side effects of just TRYING to do this is lottsa np.

8. IF you want to sell a rare item, find out what it is first. I LITERALLY found someone at the trading post that will most likely give me a green job coupon for a dubloon, and sorry to say, but I take advantage of the clueless.

9 (you must have 2 days or more experience with neopets to do this): Visit coltzan’s shrine and the tombola everyday! The shrine rewards with anything to level ups to valuable burnt food, while the tombola has never given me less that 100 np and an item! – MetaStaiford2



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