The Easy Way to Become Rich by ScrapbooknDiary

Kym Huynh —  May 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

There is many ways to be a rich Neopian. I have decided to create a guide to help:

  1. Get a shop! Start at about size 2, it holds 10 items and most newbies start out with lots of sell-able junk that equals up to about 10. Sell Island Merchandise, healing potions, food, and toys when you first start stocking.
  2. A bank account is a big fat MUST. It is nice to have some support when you go broke; I have 70k in the bank and believe me, it comes in handy! Start out with about 200 np in the bank and add to it.
  3. Play treasure hunt! You get a Space Map piece for each time you complete it and all the answers are here on PPT. Once you have all nine, trade ’em, auction ’em, sell ’em, or turn ’em in for a prize.
  4. Do Jhudora’s quests. They are pretty much the opposite of the Earth Faerie’s quests, reasonable items for very cool equipment and stuff. But beware…sometimes she does not give you anything. Oh well. Better not fail that powerful faerie!
  5. Spin the wheel of excitement and mediocrity! You can get great prizes and items and it’s not that expensive.
  6. Play games!!!! Meerca Chase, Pterattack, Poogle Solitare, Destruct-O-Match, and Kacheek Seek are all very good ones. Play three games at least 3 times each every day. It all adds up.
  7. The stock market is good. Buy the cheapest stocks you can and sell them when the prices go up.
  8. Play Fruit Machine and go to Coltzan’s Shrine every day. You can get REALLY good stuff or nothing!
  9. If you have the money, do quests. Brain Tree, Kitchen Quests, Snow Faerie Quests, Escophogar Quests, Jhudora’s Quests, and Edna the Witch’s Quests are all good to get np but some are very expensive. OH and if you find it, Spy Quests.
  10. Only use codestones and faeries if you really want to be good in the battledome. Otherwise, sell ’em, auction ’em, or trade ’em.

There you have it! If you do this for a few weeks, it adds up to about 60k or higher. Good luck!

Kym Huynh


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