Neopoint Tips Every Neopian Should Know by Awtum

Gaby —  September 14, 2017 — 9 Comments

Most neopians get frustrated at the thought of getting large amounts of neopoints while enjoying themselves, there are a few simple tips to make sure that one can have the most fun as possible on neopets and still having enough extra cash for emergencies, or just to say you have a large amount of cash, if you’d like.


  • Play sponsor games; they are short, easy, pay more than decently, and some of them are actually really fun.
  • Keep track on your spending when playing chance games. These games are highly addicting, and thought they do sometimes pay out, it’s wise to keep a daily budget for games suitable to your income… for instance, if you earn 5,000 neopoints from action games in one day, put 4,000 in the bank and use the other thousand for wheels, dice and cards – when you run out DO NOT withdraw from the bank, ignore the itch until tomorrow.
  • Look up items. I actually like to keep the shop wizard open in a window during my play; it makes it easy to look up what the items I’m getting are going for so I can decide whether it’s worth it to sell them.
  • Resell items you don’t need – Many Neopians think that their pet will need 5 toys and expensive foods, this isn’t true AT ALL, It will take your pet a long time to get bored of a toy, and as far as food goes, most are happy with foods that go from 1 – 5 neopoints in the market place.

Bank oftenly. You’ll get a lot more surprises and a lot less theft if you carry around somewhere between 100-2000 neopoints at a time. Use you Safety deposit box expecially if you’re a collector. It’s also a good idea to use your gallery or shop (just don’t put in an amount to sell it for).

  • Lodge your pet. Like I said, your pet probably isn’t that high class, but if you feel the need to give them the best, you can book them in a lodge for a week for the same price as the food you were going to give them, and they have way more fun, plus you have less to worry about if you can’t get online for a few days.
  • Visit once a month to get food and neopoints.
  • Visit things like Coltzan’s Shrine, fruit machine, wheel of excitement, Tombola and the new qasalan expellibox every day if possible, though most people know this, some don’t realize what kind of stuff you can get just from taking 10 seconds to do these things. My record is 2 bottled faeries and a 2 dubloon coins in 30 minutes.
  • Keep in mind what your goal is; what you’re saving for, whether it be your neohome, your neopet’s decorations or your battle gear. Keep it in mind


  • Be a pack rat: If your pet doesn’t need it, and it doesn’t go toward your goals, get rid of it. You can sell it, or even donate it if it’s something a newbie would get more joy out of.
  • Mess around with the trade center or auction center. Most people there are hoping to rip someone off, it rarely works, so unless it’s just a bunch of junk that you thought would be nice to give off to someone, don’t mess with it. – Awtum



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9 responses to Neopoint Tips Every Neopian Should Know by Awtum

  1. I have one wishing well cheat:
    1: Go to the wishing well and donate 1 NP and write your wish…
    2: At the address thingy (the http….)it should be written
    3: change the 1 into 99999999999 and click enter.

    Enjoy xD

  2. that is a glitch and knowingly abusing a glitch is cheating and with get you iced. I don’t think it works anymore anyway

  3. Important tips for Neopians who are trying to become a Neo-millionaire!

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  5. This is abusing a glitch, I wouldn’t do that.

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  7. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much easier!

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