Money Management by Anu Chuluungombo

Kym Huynh —  January 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

K, for making money, here are the simple steps to doing it:

1. Buy tons of green apples at the shop, usually the first time you feed them in a day, a wriggling grub will be in it. Sell it for 1,00 NP in your shop

2. Buy ANY competition that you have, like lets say you had a faerie for 3,777 and there’s one in the shop wizard for 3,667 NP, well buy his and sell it, too, and easy way of making a profit!

3. Always keep on checking back at the shop, because there are neggs there for only 60-100 Np. Buy them for a couple more NP to make sure, or try to make sure you get it. Then sell it for 1,000-2,000 NP.

4. I always go to the money tree. Feel like it’s always ignoring you and you never get anything? DON’T BE PICKY!!! Go to the money tree, and find a place that would have an item on it when you refresh, and keep you’re finger there, to bookmark it. Click refresh, and move you’re mouse to the place you’re hand is. Click. Hopefully, you got an item, or some neopoints.

5. Always put some money in the bank. You’ll save money, for when you really need it. Plus, if you have already deposited money, you’ll get at least one neopoint a day! (If you have enough deposited)

That’s what I do everyday! HEY! Don’t believe me? I made 20,000 NP by using that method, in 3 days! Hopefully, you’ll be filthy stinkin’ rich, just like you wanted to be! I started this method three days ago, when I was poor, now I’m rich enough to feed my pets and make them happy! – Anu Chuluungombo

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