Let’s Get 30,000 Neopoints Every Day by Katherine

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I created this guide with the sole purpose of making a list of things that will give you the most NP for your time per day. The things listed are always available. That means the one time NP places aren’t on here. I may add a page on that later.

My account was hacked recently, and I lost 250,000 in NP as well as other special items. Since I fail miserably at both RS’ing and the stock market, I could only play games. I decided to show everyone how I could make a great comeback, so I wrote this.

Some people are better at games than others. This is quite understandable. So for the games that involve knowledge or skill, I have estimated to the nearest round number, the average amount of NP you will get for that game. Also, for the games, the NP amount will come to around that total if you have played every round. (For example: trivia games.)

Just follow this guide every day, just like me, and by using only this guide you will have 1 million neopoints in 30 days! That’s about a month! That doesn’t include your normal dailies and other games you play, either. So you may very well get even more, sooner than you think! Enjoy your easily earned NP!


  • How did you earn so many neopoints? I played tons of games every day, and some of my friends donated to me when my account was hacked.
  • Can I have some neopoints? If you play games, you will find that your account has mysteriously gained some. That is the only way.
  • Can you help me with a game? I cannot do the game for you, if that is what you mean. I am quite busy online every day, but if you drop me a polite neomail, I will see what I can do. I am more than happy to help.
  • Can I talk to you on AIM/MSN? Sorry, only if I know you in real life, or if I have known you forever on here. (My guild friends)
  • Can I neomail you? Oh, by all means, please do! I enjoy talking to people, and getting criticism about my site. Constructive criticism, mind you.

Personality Games

All the trivia games listed below work! Last tested: 7/17/06

Total: 2,400 NP

Trivia Games

All the trivia games listed below work! Last tested: 7/17/06

(Note: The scores will almost always be different for everyone, unless you get a perfect score. Most of the trivia games have a link to the answer. After a few games, you learn the answers anyway. I do at least one practice game each.)

New Games

Total: Approxiamtely 20,000 NP

Challenge/Greeting Cards

These are sent either before the game starts or are available when you end the game. No actual scoring of the game is required. To get all the NP, you need to send each card 3 times.

Hot Wheels Grand Prix: 2000 NP* (after end game) (note: if you’ve never sent the card, you can send it again for a total of 3,000)
Firefly: A Touring Taxi: 1500 NP* (900 at beginning, and also 600 after)
Darcy’s Chicken Soup: 300 NP* (after)
Darcy’s Wild Life Greeting Card: 300 NP*
Devo: 300 NP* (after)
Secret Body Spray: 300 NP (after you end the game)
Venus Vibrance: 300 NP (after)
Strong Women Who Sparkle: 300 NP*
Eye Toy Goal Attack: 300 NP* (after you end the game)
Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp: Ski Jump: 300 NP* (after)
A Very Sweet Volcano: 300 NP*
Star Sizterz: 150 NP*

Total: 5,900 NP

The maximum amount of greeting/challenge cards you are allowed to send per account per day is around 35. These are the ones that give you the most NP per send. You can find a full list HERE.

Hidden NP Guide

(Once per day.)

For these, you just have to search around the picture. The tab trick won’t work here, it’s just trial and error. Oh, and it takes a bit of a while for the NP to be credited to your account.

Update: They appear to stop working. Please let me know if this changes. I have fixed the Grand Scores so that you can see what you will end up with without the hidden NP score.

Hillary Duff: 400 NP
Jamba Juice: 250 NP
Madagascar: 250 NP
Rihanna: 250 NP
Robots: 250 NP
Secret Body Spray: 250 NP
Son of the Mask: 250 NP
Southwestern: 200 NP
Survey Shack: 250 NP
Verbnow: 100 NP

Total: 2,550 NP

Total without hidden NP: Approximately 28,500 NP
Grand total: Approximately 31,050 NP

All scores are only an approximation; you have to remember that for the trivia games, some of you are better than others at it. (Unless of course you used the answer sheet!)

Other Games to Help Your Score Get to 30,000

By the time you finish all of these, you should have well over 30,000 NP. Keep it up for about a month, and you will have 1 million! Then you can go splurge!

If you want to keep your neopets fed, healthy, and happy, the cheapest way is to put them in the Neolodge. You put them in the Cockroach Motel for 28 days, making the total price 140 NP per pet! You get to still use them in the battledome and other games, but you don’t have to feed them. This comes in handy if you have a painted pet and you don’t want a random event to turn it blue when it is unhappy. – Thanks to loveli24for pointing this out!

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you! Drop me a neomail HERE! You might also find me on the avatar or games boards. Hope to talk soon!


I owe a big thank you to Lois, for beta testing all the links and games for me, and giving me great suggestions as to what to do! Also, a big thanks to my little sis, Deborah, for her constant help as well as generous donations!

Kym Huynh


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