How to Overcome the Inexperienced Newbie Experience and Get Easy Neopoints by fury_damage

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Strawberry Jelly for only 500np? I must buy it before someone else does!

Sound Familiar? Maybe not for strawberry jelly, which I thought was so good, but perhaps for another inexpensive Neopian item that, as a newbie, you paid too much for. When I first started playing Neopets I bought many foolish items from the top shops in Neopia for way more than they are worth. While Ive still kept a few of the things, like the ball of blue yarn (800np), Ive certainly learned my lesson as to how to make the most of the Shop Wizard, Auction House, and the Mystery Island Trading Post. Once I became familiar with Neopets I also discovered the greatness that is PPT. This website has taught me everything I know about Neopets and that is why I am now writing a guide for PPT and its other visitors about how to overcome the inexperienced newbie experience. So to all newbies:

1) Dont Be Afraid of the Bank!

Im not quite sure if anyone was afraid of the putting his or her precious neopoints into the bank, but I sure was. I remember reluctantly clicking on the link to the bank and seeing the face of that Skeith I was positive that he would eat or steal my neopoints as soon as I put them in my bank account. So for a couple weeks I let my first few thousands pile up until I decided to put them in the bank. Eventually I realized that of course the bank was better than letting the random event of the Kings taxes taking neopoints from me. But I wasnt just afraid of the bank, and random events. Oh no. I was even more afraid of the money tree ghosts taking neopoints from me even though I never was fast enough to take something from the money tree but thats a different story. So, why was I so afraid of losing my neopoints while they were in the bank? Because I had never read anywhere about the bank taking money from people. My message to all Neopians, if youre like me when I started playing in Neopia, dont be afraid put your neopoints in the bank a.s.a.p. And start collecting interest today!

2) Do Visit Dailies Daily!

When I was a newbie I visited Coltzans Shrine and Tombola once, maybe twice and didnt come back for days. But it is so beneficial to visit them everyday because even if you dont win anything for a while you will eventually. Also, utilize all your resources. PPT has many great pieces of information that every single to player should know about the Neopets dailies (for instance the special times to visit things at, etc.).

3) Do Play the Easiest Games!

Now I know there are plenty of people who make a lot of np from playing hard level games. Personally, even with the help of step-by-step guides, I am still not good at playing a lot of games. It took me some time but now whenever I feel like playing some games I just go right to the group I like playing. It takes time to become better at all the games but as soon as you find a game you like make and is easy for you, always go back to it. Of course the more you play a game the better you become at it. Before you know it youll be making lots of np! And be sure to check what the game of the day is, because you never know when your favourite game may be offering double the np!

Now Im sure that there are many other important things that all newbies should know, but I wanted to write this guide to help with the few that I personally could relate to the most and have learned from the most. Neopets is a great website that allows us all to succeed in its world while having fun, but when you are brand new to the whole neopian world, everything can seem scary and bad in some way. Just give it time and youll know the ins and outs of Neopia before you know it! Good Luck!

Easy Games

Want to know some easy games to play? Well, I’ve got a whole list of games to play that earn neopoints in minutes! Scroll down to see some.
200m Peanut Dash
I find that in this game, if you want a good score you have to hit the bar at least in red. Once you have passed this, double-jump as many logs as you can. What I do is press the left and right keys early, and at the last second press up. The first log is usually around 50m.Score 800 points and you have 600np every time!
Extreme Herder
This game takes a bit of practice. Press the space bar to drop a petpet and rescue another, and grab the orange orbs as often as you can for speed bursts. It gives a lot of neopoints and is quick and easy.
Dubloon Disaster
This game requires more skill. Avoid the mines as they will kill you, but eventually that becomes virtually impossible. So what I do is get over 30 points, and then I type in scallywags, which gives you a whirlpool that they disappear into. But beware, you will get sucked in too if your not careful! This is handy, though you can only use it once per game.
This is an easy game, though it requires a lot of patience. It is slow, but so easy that you practically just sit there while you make the neopoints!
Meerca Chase 2
This is an easy game, and the AVERAGE person scores between 200-300 np. Medium is the easiest one for me, but some prefer easy or hard. Easy gives you 3np every negg, medium 5 and hard 9. – fury_damage

Kym Huynh


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