How to Make Neopoints by shaistasohrab

Kym Huynh —  November 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

OK, if you want to make NPs, everyone knows you’ve got to play games! There’s no “easy way out.” So, I’ve put together a guide so you can get easy NPs by playing games, etc. In fact, using this guide, I’ve gotten over 44,000 NPs in 2 days.

Everyone knows about the freebies.

– Coltzan’s Shrine
– Tombola
– Fruit Machine
– Giant Omellete
– Jelly (found in Jelly World)

Also, every month you can get 2,000 free neopoints. Go to: Also, your pets get one free piece of food each!

Now, onto feeding your pets. Don’t waste your money on food. I haven’t fed them, and they haven’t died.

Also, spin all the wheels every day, but not the wheel of monotony, unless you have hours to spare.

Next, buy scratchcards! Keep in mind, however, that you can only scratch 5 cards a day. You buy scratchcards for 600 NPs and in return you can get 2,500; 5,000 or 10,000 NPs! (with a Race to Riches scratchcard) Today I got 15,000 NPs from scratchcards alone.

Next, play games you are familiar with. Right now there is a game called “Monster House: Yard Attack” and it is a VERY easy game that can get you an easy 3000 neopoints a day. Some other easy games include: Turmac Roll, Ultimate Bullseye, Hasee Bounce and the personality quizzes.

Next, play games you are NOT familiar with. Why? Well, think about it. If you play a game that you don’t know about, you aren’t very good at it. You can still get at least 100 points per game, though, right? So, if you play it 3 times, you can get 300 points in all from that game. If you play 5 games you aren’t familiar with, then you have 1,500 NPs right there, and it doesn’t take very long either!

Sometimes random events pop up. I recently found an Eo Codestone which I sold for 5,450 NPs. Oh, that reminds me.

If you want to make money, don’t sell things for a high price. Sell them at a lower price than everyone else. It’s common sense, isn’t it? Don’t sell your items at ridiculously low prices, though, or else you’re getting ripped off! Also, unless you’re very, very desperate, never sell things for a lower price than the price you bought them at.

If your pet has a disease, but the cure costs so many thousands of neopoints, go to the healing springs. Then your pet may be healed for free, and you won’t have to waste your money on unnecessary things.

If you ever come across a message that says tell me your password and Ill get you 1,000,000 neopoints! This is NOT a scam! or something like that, never believe it! Otherwise, all your hard work will go into the trash, its as simple as that. Even if it doesnt look like a scam, because the scammer has cleverly tricked you into believing them, think twice! You should NEVER trust those messages. There is no cheat for getting neopoints, as I mentioned before. Also, beware of fake login pages! If the URL does not say, then dont, under ANY circumstances, enter your login information there. Its a trick to get your password.

If you get a neomail from somebody saying they are from the Neopets staff, and they need your password, do not trust them. The Neopets staff doesnt ask for anyones password.

Well, thats it! I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and I hope it helps you! – shaistasohrab

Kym Huynh


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