How to Make Millions by alex_rider1993

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Like everyone else I wanted to paint my pet, feed it rare foods and train it in training school. So I decided I was going to become a millionaire so I could buy anything I wanted. I still haven’t got to the million but I’ve made about 270k in a month.

First of all you need to think about your pets, you don’t want to be spending any points on them. Once your rich they can have anything. But for now feed them with free food. Like rice balls, Pepsi and Miranda. Feed them one every day and they wont get hungry. If they get sick make the sick pet active and go to the healing springs it may take a few tries but eventually your pet will be fully healed.

To be a millionaire you have to have a shop. Its size has to be size 4 or more.

Choose five or more action or puzzle games that you are good at and play them 3 times every day. I play Faerie Cloud Racers 2, Ultimate Bullseye, Dubloon Disaster, Meerca Chase 2, Whack-a-Kass and lots of other games. You don’t have to be the best at a game to play it. Even if you get less than 100np per game it is still 100np you didn’t have.

The trading post and auctions are your best friend once you have a small fortune about 50k search the trading post and auctions most of the time you will find things that you can make at least 2k profit on.

Make sure to do your daily freebies and spin the wheels.

Snow Faerie and kitchen quests are good but if your spending more than 3k on them just don’t do them.

Deposit all of your np into the bank you will end up with a lot of interest in their and remember to change your account type when your np go up.

Eventually you will find that you have made a lot of np in a short time if you have any questions neomail me. – alex_rider1993



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