How to Make 55,000 Neopoints a Day by Neverwiinter

Gaby —  January 13, 2011 — 2 Comments

I know this is like a lot of the other Neopets get rich quick guides out there but I am completely serious and this is very easy to do.

I have a couple of games that I play daily to get around 50,000 neopoints a day. Be warned, this takes hours to make (around 3 – 6-ish), so I suggest you take breaks in between, or go do something else in between hours.

If you were REALLY persistent, then you could probably make 100,000 neopoints in a day, plus with all the freebies.

Easy games to play that will make you around 20k in under an hour:

  • Adver-Video: 400np on average x3 = 1,200 np
  • Kass Basher: Score of 814 = 1,000 np
  • Fashion Fever: 300 x3 = 900 np
  • Math Nightmare: Score of 230 = 1,000 np
  • Catch The Petpet: Score of 700 = 489 np
  • Splat-A-Sloth: Score of 158 = 300 np
  • Hot Dog Hero: Score of 4000 = 1,000 np
  • Let It Slide: Score of 715 = 1,000 np
  • Piper Panic: Score of 1961 = 1,000 np
  • Bumble Beans: Score of 422 = 1,000 np
  • Crisis Courier: Score of 2500 = 1,000 np
  • Mutant Graveyard 2: Score of 399 = 1,000 np
  • Usuki Frenzy: Score of 588 = 500 np
  • Potato Counter 2: Score of 107 = 1,000 np
  • Attack of the Revenge: Score of 299 = 1,000 np
  • Bouncy Supreme: Score of 3125 = 1,000 np
  • Faerie Caves II: Score of 529 = 1,000 np
  • Imperial Exam: Score of 971 = 1,000 np
  • Key Quest: Up to 30,000 np a day, 10 key prizes a day. However, you can still earn keys, just not open the prizes after your tenth.
  • Kiko Match II: Score of 409 = 1,000 np

Now, let’s do the math. Multiply everything by 3 and you get: Over 50,000. (Excluding the 30,000 from Key Quest.)

I’m going to go a little bit more in-depth on each game, give you hints and tips to make things go faster.

Adver-Video: Pretty self-explanatory. Just watch the videos five times. The spinning is completely random.

Kass Basher: If you are still playing with bread, try to move onto the stick. It’s not hard, and the stick is much easier to hit.

Fashion Fever: To make the time go by quicker, instead of dressing the pet up, just click end game and send score.

Maths Nightmare: This game is very easy, if you know your math. I suggest to get the quick 1000np per game, do Product on Easy Peesy, or Addition on Easy Peesy, and use the keypad to your right. Make sure numlock is on!

Catch the Petpet: So easy, life is good. Just click on the petpet they show you.

Splat-A-Sloth: This will be very easy if you have fast reflexes. Just hit the spacebar when you see him. It does take a little practice, but it’s very easy, and each game takes around 5-6 seconds.

Hot Dog Hero: Very easy. I have a trick for making the time go by faster.

On the 3rd level, draw a ketchup line diagonally to the right. Then, the orange fireball should start to move towards you. Hit it with a pickle.

Once you’re on the end of that diagonal ketchup line, make another diagonal ketchup line to the left, towards the ketchup and the mustard. Hit the white fireball with a pickle.

Then, just jump. The ketchup, mustard, and the key should all be in a straight line. You will lose a life, but oh well.

Then, you will be transported back to where you started on that level. The door should be next to you. Jump to it! You will get extra bonus points (800 – 880) and you will have saved yourself some time.

Let It Slide: Guide the petpet to the finish line.

I have discovered that you should get ALL of the gems that you can. But not the ones that are difficult to get, or waste too much time. I also suggest that you get ALL if not MOST of the hearts. In the end, if you have 60+ gems, 5+lives, and a bonus of 30 or more seconds for time, your score will dwindle around 900.

Piper Panic: Guide the Cobrall to all of the jars. There is an easy guide for it on Pink Poogle Toy.

Bumble beans: Very easy to get over 1,000 points on. I suggest you try to collect all the stars.

Also, here’s a tip: The wooden platforms can be frozen if you press and hold down the arrow key of the opposite direction you landed on. For example, if your petpet landed on the RIGHT side of the wooden platform, you would press and hold down the LEFT arrow key. Releasing the arrow key will cause your petpet to fall to the direction in which you landed on. This works best on larger platforms.

Crisis Courier: I suggest you try to collect all the money bags, unless you can’t, or they’re difficult to get to. Do not collect the faerie Yooyu if it is right before a Minitheseus that is imperceptible to your path.

For example, if there are red Minitheseus in front of you that you can’t dodge, and you collect the faerie Yooyu before it, and you don’t have time to change back, you will lose a life.

Mutant Graveyard II: So easy, everyone should be able to get the 1,000. I suggest grabbing the pink popcorn bag, which will increase your speed, and grabbing the slimy apple if you need it. If you do NOT need it, meaning your light is at its brightest, then do not get it. Save it for later.

Usuki Frenzy: Just collect everything. After playing it a couple of times, you should have an idea of where everything is located. If you stumble upon a Usuki, then grab it. It will give your score a boost.

Potato Counter 2: Easy game, I think. Just count the potatoes.

Here’s a hint to help you, so you don’t get confused later on in the game. I keep my eye on the center of the screen, and anything entering the screen sideways, I will be able to catch and not confuse with something else.

The potatoes always travel across the screen in a straight line. Later on in the game, when you get to the higher levels, it will be hard to keep track of the potatoes since there are carrots flying everywhere. So here’s when my strategy comes in handy: Just keep your eyes in the middle of the screen, and anything you see from the corners of your eye, you will catch.

Attack of the Revenge: Also an easy game. First level is self-explanatory. Second level is when the cannon balls come into play.

I suggest that you have a cannonball in your hand at all times, this way, you’ll get more points for hitting pirates. The third level is when the cannons and the water pail come.

First, before any pirates come, load all the cannons with cannonballs. This is good, so when that guy comes down on a rope to light your cannon, it will explode and give you points. I also suggest that you have either a cannonball or a water pail with you at all times. If in the event that you forget to load one, and it’s on fire, quickly go put it out.

Bouncy Supreme: 3,000 points, in my opinion, is a little challenging to get to. But with practice, you can do it.

I’ve found that putting your mouse over the first or second coin and clicking will usually get your Blumaroo to get all the coins, or at least make it to the next platform. It depends on the distance.

Faerie Caves II: Easy game, if you’ve memorized all the solutions. There is a good guide of it on Pink Poogle Toy. Just follow the guide, and you will save yourself time.

Imperial Exam: Another easy game, if you’re good with words. If not, it’s okay. There’s a good guide of it on Pink Poogle Toy with all the words.

Study them, and not only will you conquer Imperial exam, you will become smarter in the process. Later on in the rounds, you will have to go very fast in order to make it to the next round.

Key Quest: The prizes are great, and you get around 1,000 from it each game. That’s 10,000 if you play it 10 times a day, but you CAN go up to 30,000 if you’re really that good.

There is no set strategy for this, really. I suggest that you create your own 2 player game. Why 2 player? Because there is only a chance of you getting either gold or silver key.

I advise you, if you roll high enough in the waiting room, and if you’re playing on game boards Neopia Central or Haunted Woods, to choose the bottom left one.

If in the event, that one is taken, I suggest you choose the upper right one. Then, going for the silver and green keys will be easy, and it easily links with the red and blue keys. Now, the yellow.

Most likely, you will land on a mini-game, or some other event that will give you a chance to gain the yellow key. This game is moderately hard, since you are playing against an actual person(s).

Kiko Match II: Fairly easy game. If you are bad at remembering things quickly, then do what I do: Just click everything row by row quickly. You do not get penalized for it, and it will reveal more cards in less time. This is handy, especially when there are more colors, and more cards.

So, there you have it, my brief in-depth guide to make 55,000, if not, 85,000, from games.

Remember, though, this WILL suck time out of your life, and can be VERY frustrating. I suggest that every now and then, if you get tired of playing those games, you play one you enjoy on Neopets.

In no time, you will be a millionaire, but this requires patience. I know it’s hard, but in due time it will all pay off.



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