How to Become a Rich Neopian by cantons_grrrlyie

Kym Huynh —  October 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

Rich has many different meanings. You could want 100,000 NPs or 100,000,000 NPs. Either way, here are ten easy hints to help you gain as many neopoints as you want, as long as you’re dedicated enough.

First and foremost, you must SPEND TIME ON NEOPETS. The more time you spend playing, the more random events you will have. Random events can be nothing, or you might get a paint brush worth two million neopoints. (Hey, it happened to me.)

Always play games. There are certain games on Neopets that I’m really good at. Other ones I’m not very good at, so I practice. Sure, I might only be able to get 300 NPs every time I play Meerca Chase, but that’s 900 NPs a day. That’s 27,000 NPs a month! 324,000 NPs a year! The point is, I’m not good at this game, but the more I play it, the better I get. For example, when I first started playing Volcano Run, I couldn’t get more than 100 NPs a try. Completely pathetic, I know! But now I score an average of 1,500 points each time I play. Practice is not overrated.

Always play sponsored games. They are incredibly easy, and you always get 300 – 1,000 NPs a play. That’s 900 – 3,000 NPs every day for one game. And they each take about two minutes to play. I can’t really think of a reason why you shouldn’t play these.

Feed your pets omelettes and jelly. Unless you’re going for a high score in the Gourmet Food Club, there’s really no point in spending money on food for your pets. Honestly, they’re virtual, and they really don’t care what they eat.

Always go to the Healing Springs instead of buying healing potion. The only time healing potion is needed is during a war. Your pet doesn’t care that it’s injured, I promise.

Speaking of wars, make sure you participate in them. Even if you can only kill the one-point villains, beat that one-pointer as many times as you can! The prizes are totally worth it.

Plots are also extremely important. If you follow along every step of the way, you’ll get a prize that is SO worth the time that you took. TRUST me!

Use the Shop Wizard to your advantage. Search for things like codestones and dubloons. Paint brushes can sometimes come up cheaply, but I have better luck with codestones. Some people go for plushies, weapons, books, etc. Find a series of items that you know enough about, and get to sniping!

Participate in different contests that Neopets offers. You can write articles for the Neopian Times, enter poetry or art, do the Mystery Pic competition, etc. There’s something for almost everyone to enter on Neopets. Take some extra time and participate!

This is the most important thing to do on Neopets if you want to be rich. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Don’t spend your first million neopoints on a paint brush if your goal is to reach five million. Remember, collecting your interest is extremely important in order to earn tons of neopoints. I make 600,000+ a year in interest, and that’s pretty low compared to tons of other people.

Quick Summary

  1. Spend time on Neopets.
  2. Play and practice games.
  3. Play sponsored games.
  4. Feed your pets omelettes and jelly.
  5. Go to the Healing Springs.
  6. Participate in wars.
  7. Participate in plots.
  8. Snipe with the Shop Wizard.
  9. Participate in Neopets contests.
  10. Save your money. – cantons_grrrlyie

Kym Huynh


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