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So you can’t seem to get a good amount of neopoints, well I am sure this guide will help you with your troubles. This guide isn’t like all those others out there that will tell you to play all the flash games each day for so long and then it will give you a guess on how much you will score on it and how much you will get from it. I simply don’t believe that anyone can score exactly around what those guides say or play all those games, because no one has the time for it.

To get yourself started, make sure that you know about all the freebies on neopets, which you probably do. They are listed below.

+ Coltzan Shrine – {Use this ever 12 hours}
+ Tombola – {Use this each day}
+ Fruit Machine – {Use this each day}
+ The Snowager – {Specific times}

Now, instead of giving you a big list of games to play I will just simply say, play the games you find yourself to be good at or at least get a good amount of neopoints from. In my opinion, I prefer the least time consuming which are:

+ Meerca Chase
+ Ultimate Bullseye
+ Chomby & The Fungus Balls
+ Volcano Run
+ Feed Florg (I have a trick for this game)

Now by your choice, you can play each of these 3x a day to earn quite a few neopoints, and at most it will take you an hour to play all of these 3 times. By the way, on Feed Florg you can go into the options and change it to mouse setup. Then start the game and move the mouse to the far bottom right corner and move it off of the window, and don’t move the mouse over that window again. Then minimize it and it will play by itself and you can go about your business. By playing it like this I usually get around 150 points a game.

Ok, onto the stuff that will get you serious np. Of course, here is a list of the hot spots on neopets:

+ Scratchcard Kiosk (Only Scratch Race to Riches)
+ Your Shop (Get highly resellable restocks)
+ Stock Market (Research, invest low, sell high)

Why might these be hot spots you ask? Lets start, the Scratch Card Kiosk holds many scratch cards for 600np a card and after you buy so many scratch cards you will buy a card like usual and it will be a rare card you can sell in the shops for much more than you bought it for. I suggest only scratching Race to the Riches Scratch cards because they simply win a lot. I’ve had numerous amounts of times of luck with these. But not with any others out there. Don’t buy scratch cards from the shop wizard because they will try and make you buy them for 800np or more when you can just wait and get it cheaper. Besides, I’ve found that your chances of winning at them are much greater if you wait to buy one then buy lots and constantly scratch. At a time you can win on average 5,000np on each scratch card.

The shop is a great place on neopets to make money because you can buy items from places like the Chocolate Factory and sell them for a lot more. However I think there has been a good raiding of these since word got out to everyone about using the restocks here, so it isn’t much reliable anymore. But I am sure you can make a little profit from it. Unlike what most people will tell you, I suggest you make your shop size about 20-50. Any larger is just a waste of cash. I mean really, paying 10,000np to be able to hold 5 more items in your shop is just plain ridiculous.

Ahh, the beauty of the stock market. What a great place for you to earn LOTS of money. But if you want to I suggest you take the proper actions on doing so. First, research the stocks and make sure they have a good history. You can do so at:

Investing into stocks that have 15 points is good, but only if it is an A+ Stock. When you buy stock, buy nothing less than 1,000 shares for it each day. But if the stock rises about 20 points, I suggest waiting to buy from it until it lowers. On another note you can sell your stock when it gets to 20 and then invest in it again when it goes back down, but most times that isn’t the case and you’ll end up with 100,000np in one stock after investing 1,000 shares each day if you have the money. Now, if you buy stock at 15 points and the next day it’s down to 10, DO NOT SELL THE STOCK!! A lot of people have had that problem and will sell it because they think its going nowhere but downhill, but what goes down must come up. So leave it there. It is actually better to have stock that goes down because you can have a long term investment into it to make millions.

Some other tips I would like to give you would be to get into guilds for giveaways and such. You should also try playing Better Than You every once in a while because it will motivate you to play more games and get higher scores, which means more np. Also if your able to get high scores for trophies in games, then go for it because you can get 750-250np a day depending on your rank in the high score table. Shoot, I had a high score on bumper cars for a complete month in 2nd place, that earned me an extra 15k.

Now, if this tutorial for neopets hasn’t helped you with neopets then you can feel free to neomail me, my name on neopets is Solitaire and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. – Xoltaire

Kym Huynh


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