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Do you want to know how you can get at least 5,000 neopoints fast and easy? I have a couple of games where you can get the neopoints quick. Look down and see the games that can maybe make you a millionaire!

7up Fidosophy

In this game you just have to click. It is a personality quiz. You get 200 neopoints the first time you play it and it only takes about 20 seconds to get the points. After you play the game 3 times you earn yourself 600 neopoints. Trust me you get the neopoints quick.

Aly & AJ: Personality Quiz

This is another easy game which is a personality quiz. You get 200 neopoints when you first play it, when you play 3 times you get 600 neopoints. If you add your score up from the last game you made yourself 1,200 neopoints in only about 2 minutes.

Chicken Little: Matching Madness

In this game you have to think a little. If you watched the movie it will help you out. You have some questions, some music clips and images that you have to match to the left side. This game is counted on how much time you spend on each round. (There are 3 rounds.) When I play the game, I get at least 600 neopoints.

For a beginner you can get at least 500 neopoints. Once you get to the 3 time of playing the game you get better so then you earn 600 neopoints. You can get almost 1,600 neopoints playing this game. Add up your other scores and this score you get 3, 000 neopoints.

Chicken Little: Falling Sky

This game is a chance of luck. There can be 5 rounds to the game. To play the game you have to watch on which Chicken Little did something fall on its head. The game is easy in the beginning and then gets harder by the time you reach the 5 round. If you mess up and chose the wrong Chicken Little then you lose the neopoints you made. If you play the game once you get up to 900 neopoints. If you play it 3 times you could get up to 2,700 neopoints. Add up the other scores and you get 5,700 neopoints. Pretty good for only 5 games.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

In this game it pays to have seen the movie or have read the book. You have some images and questions. You have to match them up to the left side where there are the answers. For the fist time you play the game you get up to 650 neopoints. If you play it 3 times you could get up to 1,950 neopoints. Add up your other scores and you get 6,650 neopoints.

Meerca Chase II

You have to use the arrow keys for this game. You need to lead Meerca to get the yellow or good neggs. Try not to get Meerca into the red neggs or bad neggs because then you will lose. Do not run into the wall because you will die like that too. There is only 1 life in this game. Playing this game 1 time you would get up to 500 neopoints (only if you get the really good neggs like the fish or lightning negg).

If you play it 3 times you will get up to 1,500 neopoints. Add up the other scores from the other games and you will get 8,150 neopoints.

In Conclusion

8,150 neopoints is very good for a day. If you play these games each day 3 times each you could get 100,000 neopoints in only about two weeks. If you play other games you could even get more. Playing these games may get you on the verge to being a millionaire.

Some of these games might get off the Neopets site so go quickly and play these games. To get the games go on baller7464 userlookup and go on scores, you will find the games there. Try also to Snowager, Fruit Machine, Tombola and Coltanz Shrine to get maybe some more neopoints. – Teodora Maftei

Kym Huynh


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