Earning Neopoints and Taking it Easy by matthewallstar

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Hello Mr. (or Ms. or Mrs., whatever) “Looking-For-NP”. You’ve more-than-likely seen other guides that make you painfully get high scores in games, and make you sell items at incredible prices. They may say it takes a very short time to get 100,000 np, but it actually takes quite a while. This is guide is here to help you get a good amount of np (from 100,000 to 1,000,000) in about say, a month in a half (depending on how much time you spend on Neopets). Let’s Begin

Step One: The Games

Ok, first you must score 500 in Extreme Potato Counter… HA! Kidding. What you really need to do is play games that you’re good at, and try your best. I’m not forcing you to play games you’re not familiar with, or not good at. Take it easy, like the title of this guide says. You favorite game may end up being the featured game of the day, earning you double the NP from each play.

Step Two: Freebies

There are many freebies in Neopia. Here are just a few good ones:

Tombola – Sometimes you may win codestones or faeries, in which you can resell in your shop for a reasonable price. You can also win some food to keep your neopets full and healthy.

Giant Omelette – Omelettes are very filling for your pets (3 servings per omelette!). Be sure to visit here often, in order to keep your pets full. Some other guides tell you to resell the omelettes for a pretty low price. I don’t encourage this.

Coltzan’s Shrine – Want to build up your pet’s stats, without having to pay wagonloads of neopoints for codestones or dubloons? This is the freebie for you! Every 12 hours you can build up your pet’s stats, earn a little bit of np, and even win dubloons!

Wheel of Excitement – This really isn’t a freebie, but it only costs 150 np to spin. You could win a whopping 10,000 NP, or rare items from this game. But beware, this can also harm your neopet and even make him/her sick!

Snowager – During certain times of the day, the Snowager will fall asleep, allowing you to try and snatch stuff from his treasure pile. BEWARE! The Snowager is very powerful, and if he catches you, he’ll definitely hurt your neopet (but not always, he might just fall back to sleep).

Desert Slot Machine – This freebie can be very generous. Sometimes you may even win paintbrushes and np. Even though it’s hard to win, it’s free. You can’t beat free.

Step Three: Dice-A-Roo

Ok, this is a quick way to get items from Dice-A-Roo (this won’t get you frozen. It’s not a hack, considering that you still have to pay np). When you first enter the game, click the play button under King Roo, and on the page where all the dice are shown, right-click the play button and hold down “Enter”. This will cause the game to play automatically without you having to keep struggling and struggling through the pages. After a while, let go of “Enter” and check your inventory. Sometimes you might win food, faeries, codestones, even map pieces!! Your pet will get bored of this game, soon, so you’ll have to do it again the next day.

Step Four: Opening a Shop

Ok, you’ve got items in your shop, but nobody buys them, right? Well first of all, when you put an item in your shop, type the item name into the Shop Wizard, and use the lowest, most-common price. The item will sell very soon. If you’ve got expensive items, sell them for a little less than the shop-wizard price, and they’ll sell faster than you can say teovonna’dechoa. Your shop gives you the most profit out of all the steps.

Step Five: Managing your Money

Ok, now you’ve got a large amount of np with you, right? It’s time to open your first savings account. Go to the bank and do just that. Ok, NEVER CARRY MORE THAN 1,000 NP WITH YOU. If you have more than 1,000 with you at any time, deposit the extra into your bank account. NEVER TAKE MONEY OUT OF YOUR BANK, UNLESS YOU’RE GOING TO BUY SOMETHING NEEDED, OR SOMETHING YOU’VE BEEN SAVING FOR. You’ll start to get foolish and spend all of your np if you do this. Every once in a while, upgrade your account so that you can receive more interest. Every day, collect your daily interest from the bank, no matter how small it is.

I think I’ve covered most of what I do daily. Take it from me, I get 100,000 np every week. Good luck, people. Have fun. – matthewallstar

Kym Huynh


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