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Budgeting and millions – are they linked? The answer is most certainly yes. Budgeting is a word that your parents or even you might use, but have you ever thought about how important it is? What would happen without budgeting? Well, chances are you would blow all of your money on something you don’t need. A lot of people do this on neopets. Unfortunately, some people do this in real life, and instead of being just “broke”, they cannot pay their bills, they may lose their home, and their possessions may be taken. But lets see, most people in real life follow a budget. And they get along great! Even rich people (in real-life) have a budget! Otherwise, all those hard-earned dollars would vanish into stocks, or a Rolls Royce, or a Mona Lisa. So, if people, rich, middle-class, and poor all budget, then (I hope everyone can see where this is leading to) why dont we! If you are poor, then you should move up to middle-class, middle-class should move up into the rich, and the rich should get a little bit richer. So, lets talk budgeting!

Ok, before you start off, lets define our class: Poor-50k or under- Middle Class-100k-999k. Rich-above 2 million. First off, you need a little thing called insurance. This is probably the most important thing of all, and the best part is, you need never use it! Everyone may have a different goal, but these are my standards. For poor people, you MUST place 10k pure neopoints, not items, neopoints, into your bank account. This must not be withdrawn in emergencies. Emergencies include a stupid person selling a Hypno Helmet for 99k. Dont use it because you want something. Use it to get better deals. Sell the Hypno Helmet, or whatever right away, and deposit 10k in the bank. At the end of the day, you should have at least 10k in there, every single day. Next, middle-class-80k-100k in the bank (preferably 100k, but I know some people cannot manage this). Once again, do not take this out except for major deals or emergencies. Now, for the rich-800k-1 mil. (Once again, preferably 1 mil, but I know some people cannot manage this). And once again, this never leaves the bank except in direst situations. Now I am going to branch off for a minute, so people dont get confused (this is going to be a long guide). It is wise to make a list, and update it every week, of twenty items that can be sold for cheap in main shops or peoples shops. That way you dont buy a supposedly unbuyable Blue Scorchstone for 99k, and find out that it is slowly but surely lowering in place (this happened to me, but I sold it for 97,999np. I was lucky). So always, always, always check the price of something before you buy it. Now something I forgot to mention before is that, except for some 200 items in my sdb, and my battledome items, I am broke. I am going to start at the poor status, and I will slowly work my way through until I am at least 2 million neopoints richer.

How to Get Rich

First of all, play games until you get 10k. That goes away. Then play until you get another 5k. Then, if you are a restocker, I suggest faeries, magic vials, or mud motes from the magic shop, chocolates from the chocolate shop (check out which chocolates are worth what-on the whole, dark and mint are worth a lot, as are milk chocolate Tuskaninnys), or if you have a slow connection, the toy shop can be helpful (as said in dj_crashins article on shop restocks), but the items will not sell for as much as the magic shops items will. Except, as mentioned in dj_crashins article, the rainbow fuzzle is worth about 80k now. However, there are other ways to get rich. Auctions are a good way, or a very good way, is to pick 3 games, three games that you enjoy and are good at. I use Pterattack, Escape from Meridell Castle, and Meerca Chase. I get 3000+3000+ around 1000(from meerca chase). Thats 7k. Now, some guides say you make more. But at least if all else fails, and you dont get anymore, at least you are 7k richer than before. Now, you may pick another couple of games, and then be making 10k a day. Thats fine, but it can be quite time-consuming. So I would stick with three. Try to get over 500 from at least two of them. Good ones include the ones mentioned above, plus Extreme Herder, Swarm, Cheat, Nimmos Pond, Kiko Match II, and Ultimate Bullseye


I am a battledomer, so I do almost all Uber-Faerie quests that come my way. I always all except for the earth faerie, because she only fills your pet up with food. Snow Faerie quests are often quite expensive, but you can get items worth over 1 mil. Brain Tree quests are expensive and wasteful. Esophagor quests are bad. Witch Quests can be good, if you get a rare, new spooky food. Dont do them if they cost over 1500 though. Kitchen quests are good also if under 1500. Stat additions are often given out, as well as just neopoints, or sometimes a rare item. I got a chair, which I sold, for 5000np.


Now you have millions. What do you do? First of all, KEEP THAT MILLION IN THE BANK! Second of all, still get money from the three games; still do restocks, and everything else. Now, the last thing is picking a target. Do you want to be the next Majal_kita? Maybe own the largest gallery with the most expensive items? Fill that trophy cabinet, or maybe you want the best-looking pets ever. Its up to you. I take my leave now. Drop me a line with your opinion, or ask me for more in-depth advice, or just ask me how I am doing, and I will let you know. – sortinghat

Kym Huynh


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