A Guide to Easy Neopoints Part 1 by Geza

Kym Huynh —  December 21, 2017 — 1 Comment

Hey. Have you ever seen all those big shiny weapons you always saw but couldn’t afford? Are you jealous of all your friends who are rich and powerful? Is your pet half dead and very angry? Well if all this is true, than you have reached the stage of BANKRUPTCY.

This guide will get you out of the trashcans and into the mansions.

Do you hate looooong long guides? Well if you do, then you’ll be pleased. I’ve made a list of things to do for most of the guide. Also, if you want to, you can read section two though you don’t need to but it can help.


– Get your newbie pack.
– Make ONE pet and give him/her high stats.

Now go and play Meerca Chase one and two. First play a few times without sending the score on hard. Then when your better, start sending your score. Make sure you score at least 240 each time.

– Now go and buy a share.
– And start your account. – Put in 1k (1000)

You should have about 500 np left. Now go and buy some food. Buy the ones that cost LESS than 120np. If it’s all gone, go to the shop wizard and search some cheap foods like:

Cheese Tortilla
Organic Tomato

Don’t buy bad foods like chocolate fish pop or squishy brain wrap as your pet won’t eat it. Remember to only feed your pet when he is hungry or worse. Only feed until he is “not hungry”

Now here’s a list of Daily Do’s.

– Donate 60np to money tree. “It can give you good luck in games.
– Play Fruit Machine
– Play Tombola
– Play Wheel Of Exitement (When you can)
– Play wheel of Mediocrity
– Play wheel of monotony.
– Collect daily interest.
– Go To Giant Jelly At Jelly World http://www.neopets.com/jelly/jelly.phtml
– Get omelette 4 free.
– Go to Coltzan’s Shrine. In lost desert.
– Play Grumpy Old King.
– Go to Brightvalle and play the wisdom game.
– Go to Snowager at 10- 11 NST.


Here’s some good games.

– Dubloon Disaester
This game is good because when you get 200 points, get get 1000np! A cheat is scallywags.

– Meerca Chase I and II
Play on hard.

– Deck Swabber
Always go across the board like this as later you need to step on the tiles twice.

=///////+ +Start
\\\\\\\\= /Go left
=//////// \Go Right
And So On =Go Down

– Carnival Of Terror
Easy Game. Just need to aim and fire. Type custard to get more time.

– Chia Bomber 2
Once you get used to it. It’s easy.

– Bumper Cars
Easy. All you have to do is go faster than the others and you deal more damage. Just dont hit the walls.

– Toybox Escape
This game is VERY easy.

– Whack- A- Kass
Fast game. Good when you need a little extra cash.

– Kruledan Mining Corp
Excellent game; once you get the hang of it. The thing I love about this game is that each level you get 100pts which gets you around 120np. And all you gotta do is drop 1 rock into a house. Easy.

ALSO, I advise you play the featured game and better than you. You can win some big cash.

By now you should have a lot of cash but remember to put all of it into the bank except for 1200np.

Here’s some other stuff to do if you’re bored.

– Tradehouse + Noobs = Cash!

First buy some volcanic rock at the wizard. Then trade with the noobs with good stuff. I got a 200 dubloon coin for 10 volcanic rocks.- Play all the wheel games. Wheel Of Misfortune….and so on.

Also when you reach 5k, buy a dubloon form the wizard for arond3k or less. Then go to the academy at Krawk.

Also buy maps, you can get lots of money.


Now it’s time to get a shop. Buy a shop and keep upgrading every once in a while until u reach around 45. Now go to the chocolate shop and buy white chocolates. Sell them for 550 and for Aishas, 850. Don’t spend the money you earn from this, put it into the bank. Also when you get an interesting item, search it up in the wizard and if people sell it high, sell yours for just 10np less.


If you want a trophy, play cheat. You’ll get trophies from that. You can also get a trophy from beating Punchbag Bob.


Join a good guild. You can get items from it.


Now the battle won’t earn you any cash, but it’s fun to kill stuff. First, keep training at the academy until all your stats are around 9. Then search up people slightly weaker than you and FIGHT.

Well i hope this helped, and yes sorry, this guide was longer than i expected. I was originally going to make it just a list. Well im going to be making a second part to this, but till then, bye. Geza: (My Real names Gerald.)

Kym Huynh


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