350,000 Neopoints in Two Weeks: Neopets’ Games by GuntherMcBadass

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All over the Internet and Pink Poogle Toy there are guides about getting rich quick. They constantly tell people to play the stock market, sell expensive items (where are they getting these items!?), reselling common items, and all this jazz that takes way too much work.

I’ve been playing Neopets since year three, though I took a seven year break and recently started up again, and I’ve noticed that the guides have never really changed. I was always substantially wealthy, though I never played for more than an hour or two a day and many neofriends and guild mates wondered profusely of my “techniques”. In all honesty, I just played games. They were the reason I joined in the beginning and they are the reason I joined again now.

By playing just nine games (that I enjoy) I bank twenty-five thousand neopoints in a single day. I’m no skilled gamer (as you can see by my lack of beautiful electronic trophies), but I’m good just enough to get the 1k maximum from each game I play.

Attack of the Marblemen (Difficulty: 1/10)

In this game, you have to direct the evil marble things into their little box by placing angled triangles in front of their path. Points to neopoints ratio is 10.35, so the score to aim for is 97 points. This is achieved around level 10.

The levels themselves are very easy to do; at least, the first 15 or so. If you learn and memorize where the blocks go, all you have to do is run through each level, placing each block where it needs to go, three sets of times. That’s 3,000.

Pterattack (Difficulty 3/10)

The Pteri, is flying in a canyon that is filled with pterodactyls, which must be shot down with this bird’s abilities. The ratio is 1.03, so the score to aim for is 971.

The game itself is pretty easy. Over the course of it, you are given the choice of four weapon types: a laser, green balls, a boomerang, and a fireball. The only two you should ever consider picking up is either the boomerang or the fireball; the other two are worthless and useless. Gather either the boomerang or the fireball and get the levels up. The boomerang levels are: boomerang, two boomerangs, two stronger boomerangs, and two large, powerful boomerangs. These rock, but the better is the fireballs: one fireball, two fireballs, three fireballs, three shock waves. Watch you score and make another easy 3,000.

Kass Basher (Difficulty 2/10)

The object of this game is to whack a little bird-kass-thing a large enough distance to collect the neopoints you want. The ratio is 1.16, so shoot for 862 points.

Other guides will tell you how to get to the bat weapon, so use them. Once you have the bat, your goal is 862 metres. This is easy to get with the bat at speeds as low as 7 metres per second. Hit it the way the guide tells you and bank it once you get past your goal. 3,000 more.

Chef Boyardee Saucy Shot (Difficulty 1/10)

Sponsored game. Fly through the air and shoot the products to collect the pasta. Each piece of pasta is worth 10 points in the game and you need 273 points to get your 1,000 neopoints.

This game is pretty easy, as the sponsored games usually are. Collect points, send score, collect points, send score, collect points, send score. This puts again, 3,000 in the bank.

Zurroball (Difficulty 2/10)

Click the ball (or Grundo) enough times and get him above the red line to score points. You need 76 points for 1,000 neopoints. I can do this three times in less than five minutes.

Grounders rock in this, so learn how to do them and use them to your advantage. I usually do enough grounders to get me halfway to my goal then do the same thing again. It’s an easy game.

Ultimate Bullseye II (Difficulty 5/10)

I don’t like how The Neopets Team remade this game, but I can still bank from it.

It’s harder than the rest, but still easy enough to bank on. It takes some time to get good enough to get 1,000 neopoints every time, but once you do, it’s a quick way to add 3,000 more NPs to your bank account. You need 63 points.

Two things to look for, the apple and the balloons. Hit the apple for twenty points and hit the balloons for 30+ points. They don’t always appear in the game, so your score won’t always make it up there. I usually don’t send a score with less than 50 game points.

Spacerocked! (Difficulty 6/10)

This game is a little harder because it takes an algorithmic approach to bank on. Shoot the rocks to try and take down the Zorg, or whatever the weird guy’s name is, ship.

In this game, timing is mostly key. I find that I can get the ship usually with two boosts timed pretty close together. Aim on the full green at 45 degrees and boost twice; simple enough, right? It’s not. If you are too early, you’ll fall short of the ship. If you are too late, you’ll shoot over the ship. Learn the game, then you’ll have no problems. I usually send around 8,000 game points if I’m not playing well that day.

Adver-Video (Difficulty 0/10)

Sit back and watch grainy advertisements for about 5 minutes in total time.

I find that you get higher rolls if the pre-video marker is on a lower denomination of NPs.

Cellblock (Difficulty 5/10):

Play against the computers in a head-to-head connect five style game.

Follow the “strategy” and when it doesn’t work, use your wit to defeat your opponent. It’s easy if you think of it as easy.

Upon my arrival back to Neopets, I banked 350,000 in less than a week by playing other games in addition to those nine. Some included:

  • Eliv Thade (Use an anagram solver)
  • Meerca Chase II
  • Destruct-O II
  • Turmac Roll
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Web of Vernax
  • Dice-a-Roo (cheat, look it up)
  • Other easy games

The games you play will either be fun, tolerable, or a chore. Play the chore games first, then the tolerable, then the fun. Play any games you want and bank big money. Take care of yourselves and have a good day. – GuntherMcBadass



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  1. “The litĀ­tle bird neopet” is called a Pteri, FYI.

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