3,500 Neopoints Guaranteed Daily For People Who Are Awful at Games by Miz Sparrow

Kym Huynh —  December 11, 2017 — 4 Comments

In Neopia, the only way to make free money without spending money is by playing games! Restocking takes money to begin with, plus high-speed internet and quite a bit of skill. “Ok”, you say, “you’re right, I can’t restock, but I’m terrible at the games!!” Guess what? Me too. I’m awful at them. But there’s no reason to mope around begging people for money, even if you’re the worst gamer ever!! If you are willing to commit 50 minutes every day, you can have all sorts of NP…

Here are some hints for those who just CAN’T get good scores on anything. Now, chances are that you are good at at least one or two games, but even if you’re not, here’s how to make money anyway:

Most importantly, if you want to improve your game scores, practice! Play daily!! Also be sure to read the instructions, or my helpful hints won’t really be very helpful! In addition, you can find more detailed game guides on the internet (such as those on pinkpt.com) that help you learn the rules and give good tricks on how to do better on the games.


Word Pyramid: If you get at least 11 three-letter words, you’ll have 200 points in the game, which will earn you 100 np. I’m pretty sure that just about anyone can find some three-letter words, and 4 or 5 letter words sometimes pop up. The trick is to look for vowels, then find consonants that make easy words. If you get more than 11 words, you’ll have extra NP, but even if it’s hard for you, this will be a quick 300 NP per day. It should take about 1-2 minutes per game, so we’ll say 5 minutes.

Deckswabber: This game is harder in the higher levels, but you should be able to pass the first three rounds in less than a minute – all you have to do is step on every square, and avoid the water. Ignore bad guys (walk over them, not around), and walk as fast as you can. If you can do that, you’ll have about 100 points, which is 150 NP, or a total of about 450 np in 3 minutes.

Also, the sponsor puzzle games are usually very easy, for instance just answering survey questions or doing a training round will often get you 100 np. Be sure to try every game and see if there is one that is easy for you.


Snowball Fight: To hit pets with snowballs, click on them with your mouse cursor. Don’t hit faeries. Although it might take a few time’s worth of practice, you should be able to get 100 points before you die.. 150 np… which is another 450 np in about 5 minutes again.

Advert Attack: Most people can complete levels 1 and 2, which takes about 1 minute. That will get you at least 100 np. 300 NP, 3 minutes. Hint: If the advertisement’s “close” button is not where you can see it, click the top blue bar of the popup to drag it where you can reach it.

Rink Runner: Most people can complete level 1, which would give you at least 100 NP. The biggest thing is to keep going, and to travel FAR each time you click. I like to just go back and forth between corners (diagonally, not straight up and down unless there are lots of notes in your way). If you get ANY points in level 2, you’re doing great, and I think many people could get up to at least 30 game points, which is 180 NP. Two levels take about 2 minutes, so 6 minutes = at least 540 NP

Ultimate Bullseye: If you get at least one point per shot, you’ll get 80 NP in this game. If you average at least 2 points per shot, you’ll get 160 np. Hint: aim just above the middle of the bullseye, and hold down the space bar until the orange bar hits the 4th slot, then let go. If you get a bullseye, always use the powerup immediately. 10 minutes, 300 np total (1-2 points per shot)

Usuki Frenzy: I just did the game and I picked up every single wrong set, and had to put them back. I doubled back through all the rooms twice. And I still got 108 points, 162 NP, and had 45 seconds left over. However, a couple hints to improve your score: go from the starting room, to the right, then up, then left, then left; try to avoid the wrong sets (check the list at the bottom before you walk over something) and don’t go so fast that you get confused what you’re walking toward. You don’t have to be a speed demon, and it doesn’t matter if you do pick up some wrong ones and have to put them back, you can still get at least 500 NP in under 5 minutes.

Volcano Run: This is actually a pretty hard game, but if you try it several times, you should be able to score at least 300 points, which means you stayed alive for about 10 seconds. That is 100 NP, and even if you have to restart lots of times, you can get these NP in under 5 minutes.

Whack-a-Kass: This game is hard too, but you don’t have to be any good to get NP from it. Just learn how to drop and whack kass, then do it, and take the NP. If you can whack him at least 35-50 feet, then this is about 100-150 np in under 1 minute!! If you can get a better score, then go for it, but hey, 150 np in a minute isn’t bad either!

Whack-a-Ghost: Most people can get at least 40 points in this game from level 1 and 2, even if they die in level 2. That’s 240 NP in 3-4 minutes.

Some other games that may seem easy to you: Carnival of Terror (150 np per 100 points scored), Extreme Herder (wow! 400 NP / 100 points), Meerca Chase (120/100) Trouble at the National Neopian (100/100), Faerie Bubbles (not so good on the NP, 85/100), Ice Cream Machine (don’t play unless you’re REALLY good, the payout is only 10/100). Many people find these games fairly easy.


None of the luck games are guaranteed money, except one:

Super Daily Survey: Just click and let the ball drop. My suggestions: if you get 200 NP, just end game and take the points. If you get some NP and decide to throw the ball again, but see that it is going to land in a LOSE neopoints slot, you can click “End Game” before it takes your points away. Even if you get only 10 NP, that’s more than you had a minute ago, right?! And if you get nothing, just restart the game. Also, if you join survey smash you get double NP on this one. So, pretty much guaranteed you can get at least 20 points per game, 40 NP, so 120 NP in 2 minutes.


If you add all that together, at a worst case scenario, you’re at about 3700 NP in under an hour, assuming that you are as awful at the games as I am. The scores listed above are worst-case scenario. Perhaps one of the games is just TOO hard for you and you can’t get the score I listed above… then don’t play it! Don’t waste your time on that game — spend your time on the games that you can make decent scores in – at least the score I listed, or higher. If you play NP 5 days a week like me, and you can spend one hour per day, that comes out to about 15,000 – 20,000 NP per week just on games

So if you’re trying to make money…

First off, be sure to do your free dailies, like Omelette, Tombola, Fruit Machine, Underwater Fishing (with ALL your pets, multiple times per day), Geraptiku, and the Snowager if you’re on at the right times. Sell all of these items. If you get something 1/4 of the time from Tombola, Fruit Machine and Fishing, assuming you have 4 pets, that comes out to about 3 items per day, or 15 items per week. That can’t be less than 15 NP, and often your items will be worth much more!

Secondly, don’t spend money until AFTER you have reached your goal. This includes not spending money on “luck” games such as the Wheels, Slots, and so on. Put all of your pets in the Neolodge, in Cockroach Towers, for 28 days at a time. That means you will spend a total of 140 NP per pet, per month, which is a great bargain… and you won’t need to spend any money on anything else, ever!

Third, deposit all your money in the bank each day when you log off, and remember to collect your interest each day as soon as you log on.

Wouldn’t it be grand to have 75,000 NP of income every month? And that’s the WORST-case scenario… just think what it will be once you have some practice! – Miz Sparrow

Kym Huynh


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