100,000 Neopoints in 50 Days by jkxplus

Kym Huynh —  November 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

Now I have read several neopoint making guides but when I tried them, they seemed impossible, as if the writer had not even used their own method. Well I decided I wanted a more realistic and ideal method so this is how I set it up. I decided on a goal of 2000np per day. Since I cant really play games on weekdays, I tried to limit the games used. On weekdays, I have a total of 3 games and of course the daily freebies. On weekends, it not much different although I’m sure you will get better scores because of the time you have. The stock market is also great. I used this method from when I first started and got 100k in about two months because I was not so good at the games. But as I played more, I got better scores. Then with my 100k I invested in BOOM. That gave me about 20k profit. I sold and now had 120k in my bank. I then used all 120k to buy as many PEOP stocks as I could in the cheapest rate and after a few weeks I sold like crazy!!! I then had 270k!!! The stock market is worth your time and so is earning a little amount of money at a time. Soon you may add on one more game or set your daily goal to 4000 neopoints a day!


Meerca Chase – 600np (200 points per game)
Zurroball – 900np (100 points per game)
– Approximate Total = 1500 np so far (at least)
Advert Attack – 300 np (100 points per game)
– Approximate Total = 1800 np so far (at least)
Buy one Scratch card and sell for profit
– Approximate Total = 1950 np so far (at least)
Daily freebies 50np worth
– Approximate Total = 2000 np so far (at least)

The omelettes alone would give you 50 neopoints (at this time of writing – May 2004) so its good to get freebies.

The games you should try your best and don’t stop on 200 for example just because I said too. Its a rough estimate for people who either cannot play often or don’t have the patience.


Same as weekdays*
I would recommend investing in the stock market.

Well with all this everyday, in about 50 days or less you should have your 100k or more neopoints! – jkxplus

Kym Huynh


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