10,000 Neopoints a Day the Easy Way by kittypokemonespeon

Kym Huynh —  December 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

With this guide you will discover that it isnt that hard to earn neopoints!

Note: sometimes games are taken off of Neopets so I will try to update this every once in a while.

First put all of your neopoints in the bank, then do as follows:

First, play Ultimate Bullseye. There is a cheat for this game. Type catapult after you click play game. This will give you an extra power-up. You arent timed for this game, so take your time. Send scores over 30. My neopoint earnings:
1st time- 280 np
2nd time- 304 np
3rd time- 368 np
Grand total: 952 np

Next play Turmac Roll. Play on Hard mode. It is actually not hard, most people get better scores while playing Hard mode then the Easy or Medium mode. Send scores over 250. My neopoint earnings:

1st time- 258 np
2nd time- 339 np
3rd time: 271 np
Grand total: 1820 np

Then play Aly and AJ Personality Quiz. Dont answer the questions truthfully, that will take too much time. Just click a random answer while the questions are still sliding by, that will save you some time. You get 200 neopoints per play for each game. That gives you 600 neopoints total. The link is here: http://www.neopets.com/games/disneyrecords2/game8.phtml
Grand total: 2420 np

After that play Dev 2.0 Personality Quiz. You also get 200 np per play, for a nice total of 600 np! The link is as follows: http://www.neopets.com/games/devo20/game1.phtml
Grand total: 3020 np

Next play Usuki Frenzy. This game is fairly easy. Hint – go from the bedroom to the bathroom, then to the dining room, then to the kitchen, then into the living room. This is the route that works best for me. Once you have been playing this for a while, you will memorize the sets you need to retrieve, as they are the same every game. This will save you some time. Send scores over 180. My neopoint earnings:
1st time- 285 np
2nd time- 300 np
3rd time-291 np
Grand total: 3896 np

Now play Destruct-O-Match II. I usually play on Extreme Mode, as it is more fun, and easier to get a higher score. There is a cheat for this game. Type in destroyboulders while playing, it will destroy all bouders of 1 random color. My neopoint earnings:
1st time-410 np
2nd time-361 np
3rd time-427 np
Grand total: 5094 np

Go ahead and do the Faerie Crossword right now. The answers are posted on various neopet help sites, such as www.pinkpt.com. By looking at the answers you can get 600np a day from the Faerie Crossword. Not much, but it still helps.
Grand total: 5694 np

Now play A Pop-tarts Great Fruit Escape. This game is fairly easy just make sure you read the instructions first. My neopoint earnings:
1st time- 246 np
2nd time-189 np
3rd time-275 np
Grand total: 6404 np

Now go here: http://www.neopets.com/shop_of_offers.phtml?slorg_payout=yes. You can get free neopoints every day by clicking on the Slorg. You can get either 50 np or 100 np. Lets just say you got 100.
Grand total: 6504 np

Play Faerie Caves II – Fyora’s Quest. There is a walkthrough for this game provided at www.pinkpt.com. This guide tells you exactly how to do each level, so you can beat the game and get the full amount of point (which is 1520 pt)!!!! My neopoint earnings:
All 3 times: 1140 np
Grand total: 9924 np

Youre almost there! Now play Meerca Chase II. Always play on hard mode as it isnt much harder. And dont play freestyle or maze, these levels are harder and they dont give you any extra neopoints. My neopoint earnings:
1st time- 214 np
2nd time-195 np
3rd time- 282 np
Grand total: 10615 np!
Congrats! Youve just made over 10k!

P.S.- Go here: http://www.neopets.com/sponsors/dragons.phtml. Then select Marine Dragon for the answer. This will get you 1000 np but can only be done once.
Go here: http://www.neopets.com/freebies once a month. You will get 2000 np and 1 free food item for each of your pets. – kittypokemonespeon

Kym Huynh


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