How to Distinguish a Newbie From a N00b by captianconspicuious

Kym Huynh —  July 13, 2017 — 3 Comments

You’ve probably heard of the terms “N00b” and “Newbie”. But what is the difference?

N00b – A new member who is:
Someone who begs for items;
Someone who is annoying;
Someone who uses chat speak so much that you can not read a single word;
Someone who uses all CAPS SO IT LOOKS LIKE THIS; or
Someone who says things like “GIV3 M3 A P41INT BRSH O 1 W1Ll R3pRt YU!!!!!!”

Newbie – A new member who:
Someone who is nice and considerate;
Someone who asks politely about neopets;
Someone who does not beg for everything; or
Someone who will type legibly.

How to distinguish a N00b board from a Newbie board

A N00b board would look something like this:

“OH EMM GEE GYZ!!!! I N0 WH3r3 TH3 h1dD3n T0W3rZ iZ!!!!”

Or maybe like this:
“WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! A11 mY N3Op01NtZ g0t sT0L3D!! gyV3 M3 StUfF n0W b4 1 r3PrT yU!!!!”

Here are the translations just in case you weren’t able to read them.
“Oh my god guys! I know where the Hidden tower is!”
“Waaah! All my neopoints were stolen! Give me stuff before I report you!”

A Newbie board would look like this:
“Hey… Could you guys help me with the stock market? I don’t quite get it.”

Or maybe like this:
“Hey does anyone here know how to get this avatar or have any avatar sites I could use? I would appreciate it.”

How to protect yourself from N00bs

There are an assortment of homemade products that are protecting our people from n00bs. Such as N00b-Be-Gone Spray or N00b Lazers (my own creation). (These products are not sold in stores. Only given out on the boards.)

Now that you know the essentials about N00bs and Newbies, I hope you can protect yourself from the wrath of the N00bs. Remember, not every N00b is a Newbie, and not every Newbie is a N00b. – captianconspicuious

Kym Huynh


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3 responses to How to Distinguish a Newbie From a N00b by captianconspicuious

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