Adam at the Chats

Kym Huynh —  September 30, 2017 — Leave a comment
Rumor has it that once along time ago, the Neo Staff did frequent the boards, that was until the NeoPet game started drawing millions of players from around the world. Now, to actually see a staff on the board is quite rare, however one day, a brave lad decided to brave the players and talk to the gamers. Here, directly from PPT, we present to you the chat session.

The chat session, in order to make sense, needs to be read from the bottom up. Also note that none of the hyperlinks on this page will work.

MERIDELL SUX! CARE TO ARGUE? THEN START IT – created by robtrick at 30/7/2002 10:23pm

they shuldn’t have prereleased the games! ITS NOT FUN!!

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fuzzykau @ 5:09am :
although adam left ages and ages ago XD
fuzzykau @ 5:08am :
woahza..this board still didn’t die??
donateto_ps @ 5:05am :
odd isnt it
npgkougras @ 4:48am :
The lil Mink says: ((lmao…after about 1000 hrs and 1000 posts, the page has still not been deleted..)) and runs
el_timmsio @ 4:23am :
mmmmmham genericmessage
kahswee111 @ 3:44am :
princess40000 @ 3:39am :
i wish i could have talked to adam damnit lol~*PuRpLe FaNtA!*~
princess40000 @ 3:38am :
hey shouldnt this board be gone by now ?? its been ages~*PuRpLe FaNtA!*~
im_tha_momma @ 3:19am :
jet_lover4321 @ 2:52am :
battle my robo jetsam only
jet_lover4321 @ 2:48am :
this board is expiring! go here and adam may come! go there! it won’t expire that quick it was may 16 minutes ago
kyuke_tsuki @ 2:46am :
Hey – random note if anyone’s still here…don’t messageboards expire after some time? How come this one isn’t? (Adam, if you ever come back from your eating, I emailed you about the trading post scam thing you asked about.)
samross082264 @ 2:29am :
Adam was on for 20 minutes about 4 hours ago.
da_doggy_woof_woof @ 2:12am :
adam can u plz tell me something, why did u make the points on sweetarts half?
blueneodragon2000 @ 2:10am :
my suff disappered or some of it any ways
spazz359 @ 2:06am :
da_doggy_woof_woof @ 2:06am :
cool adam, i heard of you but i neva knew u created neopets, r u really making the jelly world? cause if u are, that’d be cool
_lauwa_ @ 2:05am :
OMG! how many posts are here *feels sorry for adam cos he hasta read em all*santa is comming!
jet_lover4321 @ 2:03am :
hey anyone want to battle me?? Only battle my robo jetsam (enoo2000) please!!!!!!! SOMEONE!
warboss846 @ 2:02am :
My Gosh!!! No One Asked him about all the frikken errors on neopets for crying out loud!!!! Whats wrong with you peopl – jeez
jet_lover4321 @ 2:00am :
I think the neopet site is fixed! a great site is which is like neopets! its free also!
shoyruchicka @ 2:00am :
is he still here UNfreeze me! my account was frozen cuz the hacker on it was scamming
f8_n_4tune @ 1:59am :
bovoran your pet has been sick for weeks. cruelty
sweetamsie @ 1:59am :
Adam *looks around* ADAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM ok ok if you do get to read this… listen up. kaus… no one ever does any thing about them and nothing really happens… some times i get really annoyed…grrrr love you any way
lo0zerd0rk0 @ 1:54am :
borovan ur a genious.
npgkougras @ 1:52am :
The lil Mink says: (( *didnt think adam eva posted on the chats* O.o;;;)) and runs
npgkougras @ 1:52am :
The lil Mink says: (()) and runs
bubbleqd @ 1:49am :
i totally agree! but um.. i don’t think adam is a scammer
hopealdrighette @ 1:46am :
adam powells the devil. {{ o.O *stares at adam* lmao }} ixis are his lil helpers.
f8_n_4tune @ 1:41am :
OH MANNNNNnnnnnn. Of course I miss my one chance to know neopets is getting my suggestion! PLEASE!!!! STOP SELLING BABY PAINT BRUSHES! JUST GIVE ONE TO EVERY CHILD UNDER 15!!! mostly girls want these. my neighbors kids and my daughter are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted by the scams that target mostly young girls? ~ REALLY! arent young girls targeted enough in real life!
kc0181 @ 1:37am :
what about all these errors?
kyuke_tsuki @ 1:36am :
Adam, are you still around? I know how the Trading Post scam is done, because I know stylesheeting stuffs. I’m on AIM “<edited>” – so if you need more info, holler.
anime_addiction @ 1:34am :
spamamax @ 1:32am :
I like it….I mean I like the theam and all….it is just not complete
dylio10 @ 1:25am :
hey adam sory to bu ya but could ya tellme if yu ned the zumurgan o the egg also Neopets KIKS BUTT I LOVE IT IM on 8hours a day!also read my message to you its fom me im sorry t bther ya also can i please have bby p/b please oh pleas and plese dont desrtory Meridell im a edevil freak!
iai553 @ 1:21am :
OH! its adam! I’ll have to cram everything I NEED to say into one word.. uhhh gsdefhyhdfhegfhthgh!!!
splan160 @ 1:21am :
Hehehe hey adam if you come on, i was just joking around, not impersonating you in any **against the rules** way ok?
nemesis_neo29 @ 1:17am :
I dont like this guy Adam
jet_lover4321 @ 1:15am :
splan160 @ 1:15am :
Lol i looked like adam on a differant account fooled ya all
splan160 @ 1:14am :
Currently, we are adding new servers to make Neopets go a bit faster.
calvio13 @ 1:11am :
hey man where did u get the idea of neopets>
syk0pathikal @ 1:09am :
adam, whats with all the glitches?
jet_lover4321 @ 1:09am :
lolz it says on my neofriend thingy on the name in bold says tarheelsfan2323 Account Being a Screwup
doberman51 @ 1:08am :
hi adam
alcaseltzerboy @ 1:08am :
he has had a draik for 841 daysz!!!
splan160 @ 1:06am :
Wow, i cannot beleive you are all still here
_assasin_ @ 1:06am :
hey adam 0(@.@)0
fire_ixi @ 1:06am :
Maybe, just maybe, he will let us all have 55 pets. I mean, have’t you noticed theres enough room for another pet? Here’s to wishful thinking!
jet_lover4321 @ 1:04am :
oh wait adam how did you cheat for your 5th pet?
jet_lover4321 @ 1:02am :
yeah adam fix these errors!!!!!! and how come you cheated for your 5th pet! Now I think you should let others have a 5th pet in neopets hahhahahaha
fire_ixi @ 1:02am :
fuzzykau Like the broken pic links, real cute Hey, how big is this going to be and what else is happening?
jet_lover4321 @ 1:02am :
i don’t really like merieval world! It doesn’t let you see the wordS!
alcaseltzerboy @ 1:01am :
vtkvejita @ 12:54am :
vtkvejita @ 12:53am :
wow lots of messages why did i come here
squallion18 @ 12:52am :
+Oy, Adam what about these errors?+Phil/Adrian
naztygurl @ 12:41am :
nuh Id have to agree. I thought there would be more to it. Dun freeze me o.O
razberry92002 @ 12:27am :
donna’s account is donna. I just typed in thyassa though
fuzzykau @ 12:20am :
tell him to get out of the corona cupboard..illusen jus wanted me to get her nothing, and the bank offered to take -399 points of interest away from me here, here
buddykat @ 12:17am :
no problem!
qbob666 @ 12:06am :
ahh thanks kat
buddykat @ 12:02am :
qbob, to get a draik, you will have to get a Draik Egg… but Adam hasn’t decided where we will get the eggs from yet… so just keep looking for them and watching the boards and the news!
thewildmew @ 12:01am :
Who is Adam?!?! O____O He’s the creator of neopets!! (er…along with Donna…? =P)
thundersprite @ 11:57pm :
Who is Adam, and what is the best way to earn np? What is a meridell? Sounds like a fancy dress to me. Who comes up with the names?
qbob666 @ 11:52pm :
ok im slow would someone explain to me SLooooWly how to get a draik? thanks
bubbleqd @ 11:42pm :
Why would there be a war? That’s not very fair. And… uh… what’s the 2 week break?
xx_xanthanarmy_xx @ 11:42pm :
i know exactly how the trades hack works but no way to get ahold of adam, and i want to talk to him, not leave a stupid message, anyone with an adress i will pay you to tell me it
dizzy_kitten @ 11:34pm :
I missed Adam *Dies* B-day in 5 days
wulfkat @ 11:24pm :
dang there’s a lot of messages on here… found out a lot though x.o
buddykat @ 11:22pm :
neomail or e-mail Adam the trades scamming thing so he can get it fixed! I don’t want to take a chance using the trading post for anything except moving stuff between my two accounts until it is fixed!
xx_xanthanarmy_xx @ 11:20pm :
adam isnt here right now he had to go to the store, but lets all hope he comes back
xx_xanthanarmy_xx @ 11:19pm :
if adam is ever here again, i know how to do the trades hack, i will explain it to you, my aim is jemmrymaster, which is also the name of an account that got hacked, i will tell you exactly how to do the whole scam to see if you can get it fixed
gf_quezacotl @ 11:18pm :
If Adam’s still here, unfreeze this account called cjnfnf! He was frozen and he didn’t do anything wrong! Please… Guardian ForceQuezacotl
sandozkisses @ 11:17pm :
it’s great. much love and respect to neopets for making it.
thewildmew @ 11:15pm :
bye zup.
thewildmew @ 11:14pm :
(wow, that far back? I always say links to there…but for a long time never bothered to check neopets out..x.X well that’s sure weird. (it’s almost like you don’t exist because of the no user lookup thing. O_O lol…weirdness.)
zup @ 11:14pm :
gotta go to bed now.
zup @ 11:14pm :
I can’t, no way too.
buddykat @ 11:13pm :
hey zup, can you make a user look up now? or do you not want one?
zup @ 11:12pm :
Ah, I was here too far in the beginning, so no user lookup. got me a link off of, before it nosedived into bankruptedness.
thewildmew @ 11:09pm :
well, yeah…I’ve been here pretty long…er, two years. (a little more.) =P ..woah..weird…o_O You have no userlookup?
zup @ 11:03pm :
er, userlookup.
zup @ 11:02pm :
wildmew, I noticed no number after or before your name. You’ve been here a long time, like me. Of course, no username for me.
mumbo_man05 @ 11:01pm :
*yawn* g2g, bye
thewildmew @ 11:00pm :
mumbo_man05 @ 10:59pm :
XD meridell is the new world
joraed @ 10:55pm :
erm..what exactly is meridell?
mumbo_man05 @ 10:55pm :
thewildmew @ 10:54pm :
Donna’s account name is donna (lol….she didn’t bother to make up a name…) …I think. If I remember right. *goes to check* Oh, yeah. That’s right.
zup @ 10:54pm :
mumbo_man05 @ 10:53pm :
whats donnas acount name???
sealgirl3000 @ 10:53pm :
ohmygod! adam was here i wouldve so liked to talk to him
thewildmew @ 10:51pm :
Yeah, Adam did use to come to the boards more often…so did Donna. (er…or does she still…? I dunno. When she did, when they first made those neopet icon things, me and someone else begged for the lupe one. >=P Wait..those are still there right? o.O; I haven’t been to the boards in a looooong time.)
alty29 @ 10:50pm :
Im pretty sure I know why no one from the Neopets staff ever posts on these things
noctufeles @ 10:50pm :
*sits amazed to see him* I still dont know how to get ahold of that one person.
zup @ 10:49pm :
Draiks come in eggs now, lunkhead. That is what Adam was referring to.
bold_samurai @ 10:49pm :
ADAM! PLease, this is a despearate cry from mconnarty for help with my hacked account!!! Please respond.
code_12 @ 10:49pm :
I dont really get the whole egg thing
zup @ 10:49pm :
He used to all the time. Muahahaha.
thescotsman08 @ 10:48pm :
I didn’t mean Ixi’s to come from eggs, I meant Krawks, since there both Dragon/Reptile pets
code_12 @ 10:47pm :
wow, I cant believe Adam came to the boards
_shadow_guard @ 10:47pm :
ya, thankx
hershee_the_dog @ 10:47pm :
why did i tell my sister about baby kougras…. now she’ll beg me to get her one…omelette count: 502
nuimechan @ 10:47pm :
see ya, Adam. Thanks for answering so many of our questions.
code_12 @ 10:47pm :
I think hes gone
thewildmew @ 10:47pm :
Bye Adam. =P
outbackpoacher @ 10:46pm :
gr.. it’s 1:00 where i live, thus I’m going to sleep. But thanks sooo much for answering my question Adam. Keep up all the good work! Gooooooooood night everyone.
shoyru_lover91 @ 10:46pm :
no u cant battle me! i am too weak for u. darn i gotta go *hates parents* *loves neopets* no fairz i dont wanna go , well i have spent like loads of time on
_shadow_guard @ 10:45pm :
Bye adam, challenge me to a battle lol
thescotsman08 @ 10:45pm :
Bye, the way, Meridell Rox. It can be better though, so keep adding to it!!
mumbo_man05 @ 10:45pm :
sorry to bug you yet again adam but how high of a level should i have my neopets at the war? I want a driak!
babysis66 @ 10:45pm :
sorry i no your busy adam but why cant you make more baby neopets? ish sad all of them are sooo adorable but ino you r busy at the office but why cant u?
code_12 @ 10:45pm :
Adam, I think that it would be good to have more people checking the e-mail people send in about scammers, cause last time I sent a e-mail in about a scammer it was like 5 days before he got frozen.
zup @ 10:45pm :
I would really appreciate it if you could fix my pet and user lookup later. I’m a very old user, came on because of your link at I appreciate how much you and Donna have done with the site…even when you could move around in the world!
borovan @ 10:45pm :
ok i gotta really go now… speak to you all later
borovan @ 10:45pm :
i decided which one – the main reason was that i wanted an egg as an item, and ixis dont come from eggs
pixiekw @ 10:45pm :
Hey adam just wanted to let you know that your doing a great job and I hope you keep it up…lol
petlovergirl264 @ 10:44pm :
cheese could never be evil!!
noctufeles @ 10:44pm :
Adam what ways do you know to get through to a user that has neomail/neofriends/bd challenges blocked? She picked up a pet that was being transfered and I cant find a way to get a hold of her.
queenprimate @ 10:44pm :
all babys are so cutie but p/bs r 2 expensive
borovan @ 10:44pm :
im sick of asparagus currently, im more into cauliflower at the moment
_shadow_guard @ 10:44pm :
LOL, clare, im goin to bombard him with more can i battle u? LOL
greg_dragon @ 10:44pm :
And How come Ixis were no longer limited but draiks aren’t how did you decide which one to choose? —–has a draik and a krawk.
greg_dragon @ 10:44pm :
OH OK, just so I can be assured, Am I really annoying? just to get the final answer. —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:44pm :
trowa_barton200000 @ 10:44pm :
Adam , make more asparagus item.Asparagus description:The food of gods ! Truly !
borovan @ 10:44pm :
wasnt baby kougra enough?
lenaway @ 10:44pm :
obeone_knobee posed as donna tried to scamm me out of my dezman account,over aim,I reported but last I looked they’re still there
azn_baby_blue_cloud @ 10:44pm :
what kind of cheese do u type in?i’m confused
thescotsman08 @ 10:43pm :
Adam, are you going to make it easier to make a Krawk! I want one, maybe you could make that an egg aswel. Also, do you plan to make all pets as a baby form (please make Ixi)
borovan @ 10:43pm :
patrick39384 @ 10:43pm :
borovan @ 10:42pm :
we have more people now, we can do more games
babysis66 @ 10:42pm :
we need to give adam(borovan)some rest ok guys? he works hard to make this fun
shoyru_lover91 @ 10:42pm :
poor poor adam , bombarded by questions , poor guy , keep up the great work on the site top guy!
queenprimate @ 10:42pm :
hey i didnt get my question anwsered lol jk its k i know your bizzy
outbackpoacher @ 10:42pm :
ha, Adam’s a celeb!
_shadow_guard @ 10:42pm :
Darn, i wanted to see what a war was like
borovan @ 10:42pm :
do you have an aim addresS?
noctufeles @ 10:42pm :
I like Merridell but I think the old map ((the one everyone advertised))looked better. The games are good cause theres not that much flash involved and I know peeps that cant play them. Though cheeseroller is deffinatly not my fav, I think its quite evil
borovan @ 10:42pm :
if you can tell me exactly how id like to know
borovan @ 10:42pm :
greg – please i do need to know EXACTLY what they are doing
borovan @ 10:41pm :
the 2 week break isnt going to be meridell stuff
greg_dragon @ 10:41pm :
ADAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to fix the way people are putting up fake items on the trading post like a hidden tower item then suddenly they accept and you get a black bottle of sand. or something like that anyway it’s happening and now I don’t want to use the trading post much anymore. —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:41pm :
zup sorry i cant im just heading out to get some food
mumbo_man05 @ 10:41pm :
ok, there goes my weeks np. I should prob go get some bd items and some code stones. I want a driak!
_shadow_guard @ 10:41pm :
Is the war goin to be durring or after the 2 week break? :p
lenaway @ 10:41pm :
will we ever have a real chat room,this is boring for me
zup @ 10:41pm :
Adam, could you fix my pet, Timmy the nimmo? Another user named their pet timmy with a lowercase and you can’t look up my nimmo any longer. I also can’t be seen in my user lookup.
babysis66 @ 10:41pm :
thanx 4 answering finally some1 listens lol
borovan @ 10:41pm :
too many games? no no no no meridell is not just one world, i cant give anything else away without spoiling the whole plot, so i wont
queenprimate @ 10:41pm :
OHH YA some one tryed to sc.amm me a while back and i reported it and nothing happend
thewildmew @ 10:41pm :
ooh….*wonders how you get the draik* Wonder what Adam will have us do to get that…I really would like to get a draik for my secondary account! =P hehe. …ooh! Hey! It’s Adam! XDD *point, point* (er…don’t mind me. =P Just late in posting, and I’m insane! err..I mean…. Whee. New messages just keep appearing here and I’m being stupid and not ever posting, but I feel like pointlessly posting for the fun of it. XD er…)
rosiegurl2009 @ 10:40pm :
_shadow_guard @ 10:40pm :
Baby, no it isnt, lol
borovan @ 10:40pm :
shadow paint brush… hmmm… dunno
borovan @ 10:39pm :
np deleted on conkerer – no… selling neopets merchandise at other stores – yes, very soon, like 2 months time
nuimechan @ 10:39pm :
Hey Adam, quick question: When are you guys planning on changing the way the Shadow Paint Brush makes your pets look?
borovan @ 10:39pm :
jacky – meridell paint brush… yeah sort of… its mor eevil than you think though, its all part of the plot
code_12 @ 10:39pm :
Adam, will yall ever start selling neopets merchandise at stores other than Limited Too and Claire’s? Because most boys are too emberrassed to go to one of those stores.
babysis66 @ 10:39pm :
adam is it true that all our np is deleted on conkerer
petlovergirl264 @ 10:39pm :
how could anyone possibly think Cheeseroller is a bad game? anything involving cheese is good. :p
lenaway @ 10:39pm :
u guys should make the lab ray a little less repetitive I’ve gotten lost two levels,gained two levels,lost two levels,gained two levels for quite some time now,I’m not gonna be able to hold my own if this keeps up,the war will eat me
greg_dragon @ 10:39pm :
Will maraqua ever come back? Oh and can you tell us where the land war is occuring?? —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:39pm :
buddykat thats interesting, can you please email that to erm…. send it to and ill take care of it
_shadow_guard @ 10:39pm :
Question- (Sorry to bug u) lol, how does the thing work for the neopian times if i wanna put in a series?
queenprimate @ 10:38pm :
how do i find someone thats gone she was such a nice person and now shes gone
borovan @ 10:38pm :
the upcoming war… its going to be insane
buddykat @ 10:38pm :
Hey Adam, I know I sent this in to suggestions, but I was curious if anything had been done about it… but I would like to suggest that kids who don’t have parental permission yet not be able to put items up for trade… since we can’t tell until we try to neomail them why they haven’t responded to our trade offers.
borovan @ 10:38pm :
no meridell wont have a new money thing at all… but i can tell you one thing, its going to get destroyed very soon
mumbo_man05 @ 10:38pm :
Hey adam!!! How hard will the upcoming war be cause i’m not sure if i want to do the war or not… Also meridell is the best world yet!!!
zup @ 10:37pm :
Hey Adam, remember me? I was one of the first members? Try and use my userlookup. You can’t! It’s disappeared!
borovan @ 10:37pm :
no shoyru wont be changing
ashley21m @ 10:37pm :
wow four maps..
outbackpoacher @ 10:37pm :
So, will Meridell have a new money thing? I sure hope not, because I rarely get dubloons..
borovan @ 10:37pm :
shapeshifter can get very hard
greg_dragon @ 10:37pm :
Are you ever going to change the way Shoyru looks like it said on the neopian times? If you are make it look good because shoys are my fav. pet! —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:37pm :
yes there was aznsurfer, but i had my memory blanked men in black style so i cant tell you about hem
hershee_the_dog @ 10:37pm :
i rhink the games a pretty cool, except for shapeshifter, i normally lose after 2 moves *looks at hair color* oh yah i’m a blonde thats right omelette count: 502
borovan @ 10:36pm :
the petpet shop is working, it just has 100,000 people trying to buy at once
aznsurfer89 @ 10:36pm :
adam um was there any neopets that were made long time ago that we dont have anymore
borovan @ 10:36pm :
borovan @ 10:36pm :
jacky its 10:30pm, no im not working
ashley21m @ 10:36pm :
:O I will never wash out my eyes! lol j/k. but really i’ve never seen adam on the boards……
queenprimate @ 10:36pm :
cran_b @ 10:36pm :
Adam, is the petpet shop in Meridell working? It hasn’t been stocked at all for the last hour.
borovan @ 10:36pm :
greg – well the plan at the moment is more meridell (4 maps), more plot, and a cool 2 week interlude
code_12 @ 10:36pm :
hey Adam, I just wanna say that,”NEOPETS RULES!”
borovan @ 10:36pm :
not really, she knows who came up with the idea
queenprimate @ 10:36pm :
QUESTION- if one of the people i meet on neopets got frozen will i ever see them again
lenaway @ 10:36pm :
Hey would Donna be angry if she heard u calling it YOUR website?
borovan @ 10:35pm :
yeah thats fixed ladylisa, its syncing currently
greg_dragon @ 10:35pm :
Adam what plans are there for the futur! like for neopets and stuff? —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:35pm :
meridell games arent supposed to be good, well the farm ones are supposed to be simple – personallly i think kiss the mortog is the best game ever
ladylisa04 @ 10:35pm :
it goes to instead of
borovan @ 10:35pm :
i can neomessage them but i cant email thjem
pixiekw @ 10:35pm :
I think merdell is great even if the games are alittle uhhhh..not very good…
borovan @ 10:35pm :
queenprimate @ 10:35pm :
that guy was cool now we know stuff lol
noctufeles @ 10:34pm :
Is there anyway you can put a message through to an un reachable user?
borovan @ 10:34pm :
oh buddykat thanks, ill fix that now
petlovergirl264 @ 10:34pm :
Wow… I didn’t think any NeoPets staff ever talked on the message boards. Hi Adam. o.o
borovan @ 10:34pm :
no they say i wontcontact you over AIM – which i wont – i am allowed to post here though, it IS my website …
buddykat @ 10:34pm : was the address it took me to, I got a 404 message and fixed it to be medieval instead of meridell
greg_dragon @ 10:34pm :
HES ADAM OK GEESH HOW DO YOU THINK HE HAS 5 PETS???? —–has a draik and a krawk.
lenaway @ 10:34pm :
thanks for the info Adam
outbackpoacher @ 10:34pm :
Are eggs items? I.E. Will people be able to buy them?
ashley21m @ 10:34pm :
er….that’s his account. when adam’s account get’s hacked and can carry on a conversation here is when pigs fly lol
lenaway @ 10:33pm :
cool,I better keep training with thew funding from my old account Dezman
hershee_the_dog @ 10:33pm :
k thanksomelette count: 502
borovan @ 10:33pm :
yes im adam, you cna see my neopoints onthe about us page
borovan @ 10:33pm :
yes one more neopet, lenaway… but its all to do with the oncoming war, and i cant say anything more
ashley21m @ 10:32pm :
lenaway @ 10:32pm :
are there gonna be any other Meridell Neopets?
borovan @ 10:32pm :
who are you trying to contact notcu
borovan @ 10:32pm :
i dont thnik it does anything hershee, i think i just added that to confuse people
noctufeles @ 10:32pm :
ADAM~!~ If your staff can you please suggest a way to get through to someone that has all means of comunication blocked?
greg_dragon @ 10:32pm :
why isn’t it ristrickted like krawk hmmm? —–has a draik and a krawk.
hershee_the_dog @ 10:32pm :
hey what does a magical tomato and pepper omelette do, its been bugging me for oh say forever omelette count: 502
borovan @ 10:32pm :
thats exactly why its limited, you will need an egg to get one
lenaway @ 10:32pm :
o yea,o well lemme just wander around in circles.
greg_dragon @ 10:31pm :
why is draik still limited if you need an egg to get one??? —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:31pm :
yeah, its all about the eggs
robtrick @ 10:31pm :
u mean u place the egg sum1where?! woah
borovan @ 10:31pm :
buddykat – where does it go?
borovan @ 10:31pm :
lenaway – that is hard to do – because peopple will make multiple accounts…
pixiekw @ 10:31pm :
oh no don’t do that!
robtrick @ 10:30pm :
o! kool…
buddykat @ 10:30pm :
the only problem I noticed was when I finished the first quest at Illusen’s Glade, the button to take me back to meridell went to the wrong address.
borovan @ 10:30pm :
conkerer lol… we havent done anything on that yet
ashley21m @ 10:30pm :
greg_dragon @ 10:30pm :
was message board is this? —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:30pm :
where you get the egg i cannot tell you as i have not decided yet
lenaway @ 10:30pm :
heya Adam, I have one suggestion,for every month or so u play,u should recieve something to reward the vets
borovan @ 10:30pm :
rob, you will need a Draik Egg to get one
borovan @ 10:30pm :
oh and people were slowing down their computers to cheat
robtrick @ 10:30pm :
and plz can u tell us how to get a draik?
borovan @ 10:29pm :
i dont know why it wasnt, but it was quicker to take it away and code another game
borovan @ 10:29pm :
and that it was not compatible with a lot of browsers
borovan @ 10:29pm :
because it was being cheated
robtrick @ 10:29pm :
hehe sorry but the games are kinda boring hehe
buddykat @ 10:29pm :
Hey Adam, so how do we get a draik now? please… pretty please tell us?!?!!?!?!?
greg_dragon @ 10:29pm :
why did you take away switcheroo? —–has a draik and a krawk.
ashley21m @ 10:29pm :
it’s adam!(that’s his account I don’t think he got hacked) this is rare….
borovan @ 10:29pm :
the reason im here is that i was scanning the boards to see if there were any problems with meridell, and this one caught my eye
greg_dragon @ 10:29pm :
hey adam lol —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:28pm :
im adam btw
robtrick @ 10:28pm :
ahhh ur 5 pets proves it!
borovan @ 10:28pm :
not right now i cant
greg_dragon @ 10:28pm :
can you unfreeze an account? —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:28pm :
thatll prove it to him
borovan @ 10:28pm :
i could freeze robtrick if he wants
robtrick @ 10:28pm :
hehe i dun think neopets staff even looks here
borovan @ 10:27pm :
its going to be a lot better
borovan @ 10:27pm :
yeah im the person who made the whole of neopets
greg_dragon @ 10:27pm :
cool a moniter say something! —–has a draik and a krawk.
turtlekid04 @ 10:27pm :
I like meridell. It will be way better soon hopefully
robtrick @ 10:27pm :
hehe ur neopets staff? *uh huh…*
borovan @ 10:27pm :
greg_dragon @ 10:27pm :
Adam!!!! —–has a draik and a krawk.
borovan @ 10:27pm :
ie. potato counter, its not supposed to be fun
borovan @ 10:26pm :
we haev a lot of good games also most of those games I coded last week
borovan @ 10:26pm :
if we didnt release the games as we made them then last week would have been very boring indeed
robtrick @ 10:26pm :
hehe all the games are boring now! i played the uhmmm uhhh u no wut out of them
borovan @ 10:26pm :
why do you hate it?
borovan @ 10:26pm :
we have like 400 more games for it planned
queenprimate @ 10:26pm :
I read that this is only a peice of it… ther will be like 4 maps
dark_faerie_kiko @ 10:26pm :
i hate it!
borovan @ 10:26pm :
meridell does not suck!
borovan @ 10:26pm :
can i argue please?
ashley21m @ 10:24pm :
it just came out! the rest of them weren’t either I bet :p
robtrick @ 10:23pm :
wildflametiger @ 10:23pm :
i agree

Kym Huynh


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