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You think paintbrushes are for pets only? I don’t think so! Since paintbrushes represent pets, they can also represent their owners. Paintbrushes are a great way to make your neopet unique and special.

Let’s get down to the fun part! Do you really want to know what paintbrush you are? Do you really want to know? Well I’m not telling you! Just kidding! If you do want to know, then you can find out by reading below.

There are twelve months in a year and there are 48 paintbrushes all around Neopia. Well I decided to only choose the unique paintbrushes to represent each person. That’s because each one of us and each one of our pets is unique in their own way.

If you were born on…

The month of Sleeping (January): You are the first month of the Neopian Calendar which means that you are the youngest. The best paintbrushes that match you are the baby paintbrush and the snow paintbrush.

The month of Awakening (February): It’s the month of love and the month of sweetness. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days during this month. Sweetness and warmth is pink. That’s why a pink paintbrush is a good paintbrush to represent this special month. Let’s not forget the Usuki paintbrush too.

The month of Running (March): Yay!! Spring has finally arrived, and so has Illusen Day. Flowers are awakening and green is everywhere. A Disco Fever paintbrush and a Strawberry Fields Forever paintbrush would be perfect for this month. Let’s disco and eat some strawberries celebrating.

The month of Eating (April): Awww… Don’t be disappointed that spring is coming to an end. There is always summer. *After a little while* Well I don’t understand why the long faces but I think that a grey paintbrush and a shadow paintbrush will suit this month perfectly.

The month of Hunting (May): Be very careful… There may be some weapons flying around because of the hunting season. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that there was a very big victory for Tyrannia during this month. That’s why a Tyrannian paintbrush will help express your personality during this time of year.

The month of Relaxing (June): The sky is blue and clear and the sun is gold and shiny. A cloud paintbrush and a gold paintbrush would be the perfect two paintbrushes during this lovely relaxing month.

The month of Swimming (July): Wow! Look at Maraqua… It’s full of tourists swimming in its fresh cool waters. Who doesn’t swim in summer? I think everyone does and that’s why a Maraquan paintbrush would be a good idea during this month.

The month of Hiding (August): Fire, fire, your pants on fire!! Don’t worry! Your pants are not on fire. That’s just the name of the paintbrush for this month since it’s very hot. Also, don’t forget the Lost Hot Desert and its magnificent Lost Desert paintbrush.

The month of Gathering (September): Shh… *speaks in a low voice* I just heard a rumor! It says that during this month, the faeries are most generous to Neopians! Is that why I’m seeing a lot of faerie pets this month? Hmm… *A faerie Petri passes by and says, “Maybe!!”*

The month of Collecting (October): You have two choices this month:

  1. Stay home and hide from the evilness going on in Neopia.
  2. Go out Trick or Treating and scare off some Neopets.

I think you would choose to go trick or treating! Wait a minute… not so fast! You have to dress properly first! You have three paintbrushes to choose from: A Halloween paintbrush, a Darigan paintbrush or a Shadow paintbrush.

The month of Storing (November): You see a lot of snow around you. You try to walk home to get your snow boots but you can’t move because of the big amount of snow. Oh! Wait a minute. I wasn’t wearing my glasses. These are just snow paintbrushes for this month. But I hear that Neopia is getting another year older. That’s why most Neopians are baking biscuits and painting themselves Royal in celebration of this event. Whoa… I just saw a Royal and a Biscuit paintbrush fly above my head. I should really be more careful. *puts helmet on his head*

The month of Celebrating (December): It’s the moment that all of us have been waiting for. Christmas!! I see elves, reindeer, and angels. It’s…. It’s… It’s so Chirstmas-y! Oh now I know… It’s the magic of Christmas paintbrushes!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about your perfect match paintbrush! If you’ll excuse me for a moment! I have to go eat some fresh delicious biscuits! Have a good day! – blumarooi



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