Tricks For Getting Rare Pets Really Cheap by ruhler

Kym Huynh —  January 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

There are a number of limited pets on Neopoints and everyone wants them. Neopets has made it possible for people to get morphing potions for these pets but often this is expensive. A more recommended way to obtain this is to by transmogrification potions. these potions will make your pet into a mutant, but you can easily pet your rare pet with a paintbrush and get the pet you desire. For me I wanted a Koi and the morphing potion for a Koi is 600,000 this is really expensive, but what I did is by the mutant potion for only 200,000 used the paintbrush i got with my newbie pack and bang I got a Koi.

This can also be done with Tonu, who’s potion is only 130,000. If you the money and want one of these pets its definitely worth it. For those people who seek paintbrushes (everyone) there are a few ways you can get them but neither is particularly easy. One way is you can save up lost of money go to the auction and buy a paintbrush or for those who are hopefully you can wait for one to be given to you but this is also very rare. another way is to play certain games. the fruit wheel in the lost desert, is a free game and has the potential depending on your odds to give a faerie paint brush worth over a million. there is also the test your strength game that will also award you a paint brush if you are lucky.

For those who wish to gain money quickly doing quests is the way to go. I prefer doing the Snow Faerie quests her quests are usually worth it. Key for doing these quests is not to spend to much money, they may ask for really expensive items, but it usually isn’t worth. they key to these games is to decide when to do them. a good rule is to not do a quest that costs more than 5,000 neopoints. they snow faerie can give you many rare items so if you are looking for quick money she is the way to go. Not only does she give you items but also neopoints as well! so if you do get a crappy item you at least get some money. sometimes she gives over 2000 and sometimes only over 1000 but in the end its still worth if you judge your cost right.

Along with the snow faerie the surest way to game neopoints is to do games. its best to learn a game really well and get 3,000 neopoints a day from that game. A game that is not that hard is the the return of the return of Dr. Sloth this game seems hard at first but its made of simple patterns. if you get to the third level you have gained neopoints. watch they way the bats ships and brain things move and learn their pattern. its the same every time. also make sure to get shield power ups and health power ups. this is a good game to get neopoints on. along with this game a good game is tubular Kiko racing. this game to seems hard at first but is very easy. for movement its best to toggle between the left and right arrow buttons this will keep you moving. you cant use the up and down buttons. beyond that makes sure to grab all the umbrellas this well keep from getting hit by spears. make sure too to go through all the checkpoint things and you will be able to get 3000 neopoints from this game too. – ruhler

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