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So how do people always manage to get those great pets? What do people mean when they say, “I’m looking for an application that really stands out?” If you’ve come here on purpose or by accident, then keep reading.

Before anything, make sure you really want the pet. If only you want a pet because it’s L/E or painted an expensive colour or painted at all, then stop reading now, and don’t apply. There’s someone out there that is willing to do a lot for that pet and do the right thing and give them a chance. Besides that, if your heart isn’t 100% set on getting that pet, then you won’t get that pet. Each section of your application will need to be detailed and meaningful and you can’t have that if you don’t really want the pet.

The Application – Petpage
I recommend typing up the content of the application in a typing program and then putting it in a layout.

Step 1: Intro
This section is one of the main components of your application. It tells a lot to the foster parent in just a few lines. You need to make the foster parent feel like they are actually being welcomed into your application. Make believe you weer meeting them in real life. Say hello to them, introduce yourself, and a little bit of who you are, your hobbies, and so on. But remember, just a little.

Step 2: Role-play or a Story
This part is self explanatory, I believe. Be a little creative, even if you’re not (see what I mean by doing a lot to get the pet?). Make something that shows how skilful you are, how dedicated you are, and what you think of the pet. Give the pet its personality.

Step 3: Who are you?
Again, this is self explanatory. Tell a lot here, even if everything you say is completely random. Reveal your innermost secrets for all I care. Make sure the owner sees who you are overall with these little, useless details. Tell the owner your braces are coming off in three months. Tell the owner why neopets is your favourite game, or what your favourite game is. Tell anything you can, I recommend saying at 10-15 things, no more than 20 otherwise it will be too much. Bulleting this will always help.

Step 4: Why do you want this pet?
All I can tell you to do here is pour your heart out. Tell exactly why. This is the biggest reason why I told you to make sure you wanted the pet. Do you think it is the most adorable thing ever? Do its looks reflect your personality? Does it mean something to you? Make sure you give the owner reason to want to give up their precious pet.

Step 5: Spoiling the pet
Here is the part where I told you to have enough nps. Tell the owner that to save them some time, you created a gallery for their lovely pet (provide a link; if you don’t know how, check neopets html help) . Include a petpet, a petpetpet, furniture, food, and anything else related. Example, if the pet is Royal, include items such as a Royal Throne. In your gallery, write a paragraph or two welcoming the owner again and explaining your choices for a petpet and a petpetpet. If you’re looking for petpets that match, check out:

Step 6: Neopets Information
Here, tell the owner how you make your nps, what you do in your spare time on neopets, how active you are, what you do in your guild, what you do for your pets, etc.

Step 7: Formal information
~ Name
~ Age (Optional but always good)
~ Methods of contact – AIM, MSN, YIM, etc.
~ List ALL of your accounts (including frozen ones)
~ How many of your accounts have been frozen (if you have not been frozen, then say so)
~ Why those accounts were frozen
~ How long you’ve been playing on neopets
~ Have you ever taken a break from neopets?
~ Include details of what happened during the break
~ Why you took it, why you came back, when you came back, etc.

Step 8: Creativity
Here, do whatever you can. I recommend at least 3 or 4 of the following things but make sure everything is your work. If you absolutely must use someone else’s work…then it’s a sure sign of not wanting the pet enough… I’m ashamed at you…tsk, tsk…
~ Poems
~ Drawings
~ Blinkies
~ Banners
~ Pixels/Scribbles
~ Glitters

Some neopets sites that I recommend for tutorials and makers are:

Step 9: Conclusion
Here, you don’t need to say goodbye or anything. What you’re supposed to do here is make sure the owner sees that you understood their Disclaimer. Say that you understand that making this application is not a guarantee for this pet. Say that you understand that anyone can get the pet once it is in the pound. Be Polite. In the end, just say, “I appreciate that you have read my application for PET’S NAME HERE, and truly hope I can be (his/her) new owner. I hope to be hearing from you soon, Thank You.”


YAYY!! We’re all done right??!! Nope. Plenty more for you to read, so keep reading. 🙂


The Layout
Layout? What Layout?? You also need a petpage layout. Again, I’m telling you to settle for one that you made, nothing less. You don’t need fancy programs, check out: and go to their petpage templates, not layouts. Or for a simple (yet slightly unsatisfactory) blog, go to the blog tutorial at:

Where can I go to edit the petpage? To modify your pet’s petpage, go here: The BIGGEST Step
This is even bigger than making sure you want the pet, because if you do this, then you can fake wanting the pet (unfortunately).

READ the rules. I don’t know how to stress it enough. Make checklist of everything the owner wants. He/She might want you to include ridiculous phrases about invading marshmallows. I CANNOT help you do that because it is too specific. Try including it in your story or role-play. He/She might have a specific title they want you to put in the neomail. He/She might not want the neomail to go to the account that the pet is on. Every owner has a specific set of rules, and you MUST read them. Period!! Don’t skim, READDD!!!

What not to do
~ Send the owner multiple neomails asking if you’re getting the pet
~ Repeat yourself over and over again in the app
~ Make the content hard to read
~ Break the rule
~ “Forget” to read a bit of the rules
~ Ignore this guide
~ Visit the rules page every day for updates
~ Lie in your application
~ Put the application on a different website, it’s terribly annoying
~ Have all of your friends neomail the owner telling them how great you are, it’s HORRIBLY annoying
~ Sounding impatient, whiny, or pushy
~ Send unfinished applications If it is past the deadline, hurry up and send it, politely asking the owner to make an exception
~ Kiss up too much, be fake
~ Music (unless you can give the owner a way to pause it)

What to do
~ Set your heart out on this pet
~ Read the rules
~ Address the pet with the correct name, gender, and species (nicknames are always cute)
~ Be honest
~ Steal other people’s work
~ Create a fresh, new heartfelt application (not reused)
~ Use proper spelling and grammar (CHECK YOUR APPLICATION)
~ Get a friend’s rating and opinion
~ Read the owner’s “About Me” page, if they have made one
~ Originality
~ Friendliness


The Neomail In the rules, there should be a specification for where all neomails or applications should go to. Make SURE you’re sending the neomail to the right account. Sometimes there will be a specific title that the owner wants you to give the neomail. You didn’t come this whole way for nothing… Write: “Hello, my name is YOUR NAME HERE, and I’ve made an application for PET’S NAME HERE. Here is the link: LINK HERE. Thank You.”


And now you’re done. Remember if you don’t get the pet, life will go on. Remember to have your heart set on this pet. Remember to do your best and show off… just not too much. – i_luv_moi_2

Kym Huynh


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