How to Save Neopoints on a NeoHome by Tiffany

Kym Huynh —  June 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

So you want to buy a nice NeoHome for your pet, but you are afraid its not worth your np? Well I have a perfect plan for building a great NeoHome without spending too much!

Get land!

Every owner wants a nice NeoHome. But… When they first build one, they build a room on a spot they regret! You must plan it out first on a blank paper! Draw squares and plan out where the living room will be, bedrooms, kitchen, etc. It may take a while if you aren’t sure where but hey! Better than messing up and wasting your np right??

This is the way to save your np. Everyday, play a few games and earn at least 2,000 np (follow the daily np earning routine). Now, do not build two rooms a day. Just remember that. It will save your np if you remember.

When purchasing a type of room, don’t make it to expensive unless you EARNED more than enough that day. You would be spoiled. I prefer marble, brick, white chocolate, or other AVERAGE looking ones. I mean, why do you want one that’s expensive and ugly? So people think you’re rich? They’ll try to hack you then.

After you finish one room, go to extension options, update it 1, 2, or 3 times for the level. Depends on price. DO NOT MAKE IT UP TOO HIGH. You are WASTING np on something that can be updated anytime. The best thing to do is upgrade your level once a day, after earning the np.

The next day, you earn more np and this time, you decide to get a furniture for a room. If you want to get one, do not upgrade extensions unless cheaper then 200. Go to your favorite furniture store, take a look around. Do not purchase any!! Copy the name of the furniture you want to purchase. Go to the shop wizard and paste the name. Check how much it is there. Usually it is cheaper then original price. Don’t worry, the item you wanted back at the store won’t be purchased too quick. Keep refreshing on the shop wizard. Find the cheapest price. If you did, hurry and click to their shop and buy it! There, you saved money from buying at the shop. ;]

I recommend buying a few furniture items but no more then the price of 2000 a day unless you save up like crazy for furniture.

Take time building your NeoHome. There’s no need to rush. Even out the prices if you know what I mean.

I’m still kind of a newbie but the plan’s going GREAT. I am building an average home and I’m getting rich because I also have a great daily np plan. Plans are a great way to kick up and get rich. If you don’t have one, GO GET ONE! – Tiffany

Kym Huynh


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