Designing and Planning Your NeoHome by Meg3789

Kym Huynh —  May 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

Designing and planning your neohome is crucial if you want your neopets to have a jolly good time and enjoy your neohome! With this guide written by a fellow neopian, you can’t go wrong!

Designing and Planning Your NeoHome

1. Sketch/draw the basic layout for your house, and figure out what materials and what furniture your going to need. I write furniture list like this:


Or something similar. Keep updating the list as SOON as you get stuff!

2. Land Why not pick an exotic location. The cheapest is Neopia at 1,000 but I’d prefer Mystery Island especially if you got a kougra 😉 but, you get to live on an Island! How bad can THAT be? If you want desert is DEFIANTLY out of the question, especially if u can only afford a FIREPLACE! Talk about HOT! Haunted Woods-Not bad, But DEFIANTLY not for a scared pet! Tyrannia-No bad but your house may smell like dung 😛 YUCK! Terror mountain-You GOT TO have a heating system in this other wise your going to FREEZE! Faerieland-Probably the MOST costly but not bad for faerie pets!

3.-BUILDING- OK you’ve got your land now lets BUILD! follow your floor plan EXACTLY and try to make the house all in the same material. For example I did an ALL WOOD house except for the Kitchen which was accidentally chocolate, but Hey a chocolate kitchen isn’t that bad! TIP- ABSOLUTELY NO CHOCOLATE ROOMS IN THE LOST DESERT! YOUR HOUSE WILL MELT! gold and silver and transparent shield are the most costly, but gold and silver will attract thieves too your house! Not cool!

4.-Upgrades-I recommend WOOD FLOORS NICE WALLPAPER, FASHION LAMPS and a FIRE PLACE. Insurance and security you can decide.

5.-Furnishing. Ok you’ve finished everything but 1! the FURNITURE! Here are some ideas-BEDROOM- 1 Bed, 1 purple wardrobe, 1 curvy drawer matching the bed, 1 rug, and a desk. Couches ARE OPTIONAL oh and a beanbag. Living room-Entertainment center, 1 couch 1-3 chairs, 1 bookshelf, 1 marble desk, 1 rolling chair, and coffee table. Dinning room-5-8 chairs (no rolling) (functional works BEST) 2 classic dinning tables, 1 book shelf (optional!) Kitchen- 1 funky coffee table, 1 book self or similar, 1 funky blue table (counter) and the OPTIONAL cookie jar.

6.-Summary That’s how I did my NeoHome. It cost me almost 50,000 np but it was DEFINITELY worth it! Good luck to you! – Meg3789

Kym Huynh


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