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I have to admit, even after being on Neopets for more than 14 months, I have realized that everyone needs help in surviving Neopets. Heck, TNT might be having a hard time as well.
So here, is my little mixed of version, of things that you need to know about Neopets, and how to survive.

The dailies are utterly the most easiest things to do to get yourself being filthy rich [yeah bring on the money!].

1. Coltzan Shrine- This daily place is VERY random. At times, you could get rare dubloons and lots of other goodies and at other times, you would get some cheap food or nothing at all =[ There used to be certain timings for when to get what sort of event, but sadly, TNT found out so they made it totally random.

2. Tombola – I swear that’s the coolest name in the world! o: Tombola will get you awesome-ness stuff, depends when you go though. In the hour of 1:00pm NST, the shop is closed.

3. The Wheels- There are so many types of ‘wheels’ around Neopia. For example, ‘The Wheel Of Excitement’. You pay 100np to get a chance to spin. I used to go there, but I figured that going everyday is not really worth it. Most of the time, you land on “?” which only gives you about 60-70np, which is really bogus. I do go there sometimes, but I suggest not to go there every single day. Then there’s ‘The wheel of knowledge’. If I were you, I would go there maybe every other day- unless you were filthy rich. It costs 500np a spin. Even though it’s quite costly, MOST the of the time, the wheel gives you pretty decent items. There are about 3-4 other wheels but I find them quite worthless. So I’m not gonna even bother putting them up ^^

There are many games that could give you lots and lots of neopoints [haha you will soon pwn] but they take skill.

Meerca Chase II- Personally, I liked the first one better, I don’t know how, but there’s a difference. If your good at that snake game, then this one won’t seem too complicated. My advice would be that even if the negg is close, use the safest, most possible way to get there. It may take a bit longer, but it’ll be worth it at the end.

Extreme Herder- This game is pretty action-ish. But it’s very simple. All you have to do is collect the pets and put them in the pen before the big bad Balthazar eats ’em up. If you get close to or over 100pts, then you made about 400np right there. Pretty spiffy, eh?

Faerie Cloud Racers- This game is pretty easy. You just got to go around the arena with an opponent before you crash or run out of space. Whatever you ‘fly’ on, it’s considered DONE and you won’t be able to go on it again, as well as whatever your opponent ‘flies’ over. If you’ve beaten about 3-4 faeries, then you’ve gotten good neopoints. Getting 900-100pts. on the game is not that hard, you just have to concentrate and be strategic.

Overall, try your best to find the sponsor games. They can give you A LOT of neopoints, and I mean a lot.

–Other Stuff–
Try and look around Neopia and the boards to see if there’s anything new going on and yeah, just sticking with the latest. Go on ‘explore’ and look at the different worlds. You could find other different activities that you may find really cool. There are much more ways to survive the amazing world of Neopia, I’ve just only written a few. –

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