How to Fool the Soup Faerie by bigboyohler

Shoyru_Lover —  February 22, 2018 — Leave a comment

OK, everyone should already know that if you have less than 2,000 np you can feed your pets for free at the Soup Kitchen located at The Neopian Marketplace. I found a way to trick the Soup Faerie so you can get free food no matter how many np you have. You must have two accounts (or a neo friend who you reallllllly trust).
Step 1 – In a different account put something up for trade at the Trading Post.
Step 2 – Go to the account with the hungry Neopets. Make sure to collect your interest on the money you have in your bank account, then withdrawl it all.

Step 3 – Find the trade that you made in the other account, and offer all your money (or enough to make your np less than 2000). NOTE: This is why you have to use your own or totally trust the other person or they might take all your money!!!!!
Step 4 – Go to the Soup Kitchen and feed your neopets. After you feed it once it is easier to just keep hitting refresh until they are full.
Step 5 – Withdraw your offer on the trade and you will get your money back. Don’t forget to deposit it back into your bank account so you will gain that interest!!

That’s it! It may seem like a lot but after you do steps 1 and 2, you can keep that trade open and then do steps 3-5 as often as you need to make sure your pets never go hungry.

Happy Gaming! – bigboyohler



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