Increase Your Guild’s Page Views by Samantha Thomson

Gaby —  June 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you are having trouble getting members, then a good way to get people interested is by increasing your guild’s page views.

I know from experience that before I had my own guild and I was looking for one to join, one thing that would stand out was how many page views a guild had.

The more page views your guild has, the more that visitors will think your guild is popular because so many people have looked at it.

A guild with page views into the thousands is good. Most people like a popular guild because they know it will always be active.

A Few Tips to Help

Go to the neoboards and post a new topic. In the guild section for advertising guilds, the ones with the most replies are named ‘guildless’. A lot of people view these, so post the topic as guildless. Next, copy and paste the link to your guild into the description section.

Below the link, write something like ‘What’s this?’, ‘I have never seen this before!’ or something similar. This makes people interested in clicking the link to find out what it is. As more people click the link, the more page views you get! Happy guilding! – Samantha Thomson



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