How to Run a Good Guild by ryu882

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First things first. You will need a name for your guild, Make it flashy and original, for instance say you were to make an anime guild, you might try the name, ~The~Anime~Club~. Flashy original, and catchy. Then you will need a good description of your guild. Don’t say something like, “LOoKIng 4 a gR8 GuILd? TheN lOOK nO fuRtHer!” That is hard to read and not very descriptive. Try something like, “Looking for a great guild? Why not try our guild? We have giveaways, contests, MOTW, POTW, PPOTW, and so much more!” That attracts a lot of people by telling them a little about your guild, and making it sound like a really good guild 🙂

PART TWO: A Layout

Another thing you need badly is a good layout. A layout has maybe one or a few pictures, similar to a blog, word boxes for contests, updates, and links. Maybe you have a guild about faeries, you won’t want a guild with a Darigan layout, as promising as that sounds 😉 Also try making the colors of your guild match the colors of the layout, or the theme. A faerie guild should have bright colors, while a Darigan guild should be a dark purple theme.

PART THREE: Good Aspects of Guilds

Most guilds have a web site. This web site is a place where you can tell people about your guild, like certain contests, it might have banners and ads for your guild. A website really draws in a crowd. Also try having an easy way to navigate it. maybe making your own layout with CSS if you know it. If you don’t, you could get a custom made on from a site.

PART FOUR: Average Contest and Give Away Types

Most guilds have a lot of different contests. Some include top donator, Member of The Month (MOTM), Member of The Week (MOTW), or other similar BLANK of The Week/Month. Others have find monster contests, most active member, most referred, etc. etc. Many of those will help get a good going guild. Newbie packs seem to be a must for a guild, a good combination which appears very commonly among the best guilds are

One Toy/Plushie
One Book
Three Food Items
One Faerie/Codestone

Those combinations are apparently good and if they help draw in members, why not?

PART FIVE: Choosing Council

Ok so you have a few members because you have been advertising, you have been advertising right? Well anyway, you have a few members and some are more active than others. Some are active often, some donate often, and some don’t do much any thing. Ones that post or donate often are good for council – generally. I don’t delete people who don’t do anything because the more members you have in your guild, the closer to the beginning of the searches your guild will be, but it’s your guild.

PART SIX: Keeping a Good Guild

A good idea is to make a separate account for your guild, to have a donation shop and giveaway shop. Don’t put this account on council because, you are already on council and that’s unfair to the members.


Thanks for listening and I hope your guild goes well. If you have any questions, my main username is ryu882. My guild account is ryu883. Have a good day 🙂 – ryu882

Kym Huynh


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