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Kym Huynh —  December 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

Okay, so youve got everything settled in Neopets. Everything – except your guild, that is! Now, you click on the Guild HQ picture, but you are then faced with a great challenge – what guild do you want to choose?

Guilds with Lots of Neopoints

If you like guilds that you think have lots of neopoints, and then find them by clicking on the image which brings you to the message boards. Now, scan through the whole page. You may also turn back to yesterdays advertisements. Usually they are on guilds or shops, but mostly guilds. The guilds advertised at the top are usually the guilds that have spent the most neopoints to advertise themselves. Then maybe thats the guild for you!

Guilds with Good Layouts & HTML/CSS Help

This is the one that gets a little tough – not many people in Neopia have this HTML/CSS talent! Firstly, find someone who is good at HTML/CSS in neopets. Then, look at their guild. Is it up to your standard? There are some guilds which teach you HTML/CSS. Why not join those? You might use them in the future! One example I know is mimisk8s guild, Create Your Neopia. It teaches you about those things and you can also win prizes from their HTML/CSS competitions!

Guilds with Lots of People

This is one of the easiest things to find. You like company? Well, go to the Guild HQ again, and then click anywhere, Neopia Central, Fire Faerie Volcano, etc. Then, the top 5 guilds might be the ones with lots of members. There, you have higher chances of making new friends, yet you also have more chances of making more enemies. My advice – choose a guild with lots of friendly and active members! My example is Angels & Avengers Guild, thats quite popular, as its advertised on the message boards a lot of times!

Well, thats all that I have to say. Many guilds fit into different categories, it depends which one you like. After all, I discovered my guild through PPT, as you know advertising on popular sites can have lots of benefits! I think choosing an active and friendly guild is the most important points, as nothing else matters more. – princess_night52

Kym Huynh


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