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Basic Guild Vocabulary

This vocabulary list will help you better understand the parts of a guild, and terms that I will use on this page (and that are used frequently on the guild chat board).

Advertisers = People who advertise guilds on the guild chat board. They often use premade “copy-and-paste” ads with general guild information.
Council = The 5 people who lead the guild. The first is the owner, and the others are appointed by the owner.
Layout = The general appearance of the home page of a guild. It often consists of a background, a main image, and text concerning the guild.
Message Board = A place where guild members chat with each other.

Messages = The messages, or posts, on a guild message board in the past week. Posts vary in length from a few words to a few paragraphs. A high message count often means that the guild has active members who are online frequently.
NR = Neopets related. A guild with a theme of neopets in general, or to a
part of neopets.
Owner = The person who created the guild and has ultimate control (sometimes referred to as an “ownie”).
Premade Layout = A layout that can be found on a website; not personalized for any specific guild (although most have themes).
Private = A private guild is one that does not allow everyone to join the guild, for varying reasons (ex a minimum number of avatars, battledome status, or only a group of friends). The only way to join a private guild is to revieve an invite from one of the members. This enables you to view the home page of the guild, and join if you choose.
Rank = The level of a member within the guild. All guilds have different names for 5 ranks, as well as 5 council positions. In most guilds, the higher the rank, the more power and respect the member has.

Basic Guild FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question #1: What is a guild?
Answer: A guild is a place where Neopets players with similar interests, hobbies, and talents join. Each guild is different, but most are a wonderful place to build friendship and trust, and to just have fun!
Question #2: What types of themes do many guilds have?
Answer: There are a huge variety of guild themes to please almost everyone. They include Neopets-related subjects such as: battledome, avatars, baby pets, petpets, plushies, faeries, specific neopets, restocking, games, and more. There are also a huge variety of guilds that are not based on Neopets-related topics, such as: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, other movies, celebrities, anime, etc. Also, many guilds are simply Neopets related with no specific theme.
Question #3: How do I get started?
Answer: You should begin your search for a guild by deciding what type of guild you want to join. You need to ask yourself:

Do you want a guild with a theme? If so, what themes would you prefer?

How many members do you want in the guild? Few members may cause the guild to be unactive and boring. However, it is much more easy to gain leadership in a guild with fewer members. Many members may cause you to feel unnoticed.

However, there are usually many ongoing activities and chats going on in a guild with many members.

What is your goal in the guild? Do you want to become a council member and help run the guild? Or do you simply want to be a member who participates in the activities and chats with other members?
Question #4: How can I find a guild?
Answer: There are several ways to find your perfect guild!

One way is to post a board on the Guild message board. If you do this, it is a good idea to include in your first post what type of guild you’re looking for so advertisers have an idea of what you want. However, many people on this board just post their advertisements like crazy and don’t bother reading posts. So just know that this method may give you many guilds that you are not interested in.

Another way to find a guild is to search for a guild with a certain theme by searching at the bottom of the guilds page (Click on “Shops” then “Guilds” (brown “house” on top of page)). At the bottom of this page, you can search for a guild by keyword. For example, if you love Draiks, you can type in “Draiks.” You will get a result of about 15 guilds. Here you can view the number of members and posts each guild has, as well as a brief description of the guild.

A third way to find a guild is to see what guilds your neofriends are in. Go to the lookup of your neofriends and take a look at their guilds to see if you’re interested in them! If it is a private guild, ask your friend if they could send you an invite.
Question #5: There are so many guilds to choose from! How can I choose the perfect one for me?
Answer: Everyone is different, but when you look at a guild you can decide whether the guild is right for you by asking simple question such as:

Does the guild fit a theme I am interested?
Does it look friendly and welcoming?
Does it have the amount of members I want?
Does it look fun? See what activities and games it has to offer.
Is it organized? Is the layout easy to read?
Is it active? Take a look at the number of posts, recent events in the guild, etc.
Does it have a guild website with more information on guild activities, members, etc.

If the guild seems to fit your requirements, then join the guild! Check out the message board to see how active and friendly everyone is. Remember, you can always leave the guild if you don’t like it. However, if you join give it a chance and stay there for a couple days.
Question #6: Ok, I joined a guild. Now what?
Answer: The first thing you should do is introduce yourself on the guild board. Tell your name (or a nickname you would like everyone to call you), how long you’ve been playing Neopets, how you found the guild, and anything else about yourself you would like to share. Hopefully soon another guild member will reply and welcome you to the guild.
Things you should do on your first day in a guild:
Read all of the information on the home page of the guild.

Read the guild website (if there is one). Pay special attention to any guild rules. Many guilds have particular rules about posting on guild boards and other things. Also, see what types of games and guild activities the guild has to offer. Get involved in these activities if you can!

Take a look at the userlookups of the guild owner and council members. By doing this, you get a general idea of what the guild members are like.

Question #7: I’ve been in the guild for a while now – what else can I do? As a member of the guild, you should try to stay active. Don’t just be a number – be a member that everyone knows by name (or nickname). Make friends in the guild, gain trust by the other members, and remember to HAVE FUN! Also, you can try to raise your rank and possibly become a council member. However, remember that all guild leaders run their guild differently. Some elect council members, some appoint them, and some others pick their friends. Also, promotions in rank are decided differently in every guild. Some base it on number of posts, the length as a guild member, how much the person donated to the guild, or simply how active the person is.

Random Advice about being in a guild:

Don’t use chat speak! It bothers many people and makes you not look very intelligent. An example of chat speak: HeY eVeRy1 HoW r U AlL 2dAy!????!!!!11!!

Also, remember that proper grammar and punctuation tell a lot about yourself. I know that everyone on neopets is different ages, and may not have perfect grammar and spelling. However, try your best to express yourself clearly.

Never beg fellow guild members for anything. It will only get them angry because everyone works hard for their neopoints.

Try not to focus too much on increasing your rank in the guild. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. All it does is change a couple words on you userlookup. It does help gain some respect in the guild, but people “judge” other members more on how friendly and active they are. Just remember to have fun and be nice to all the other members.

Always welcome new members to the guild. Often, the first thing someone says to a new member determines whether or not they decide to remain in the guild or find another one. First impressions do mean a lot.

Always remember that everyone has a life outside of Neopets. Other people will understand if your real-life issues sometimes don’t allow you to get on neopets as much as you’d like. And you must understand that this is also true for the guild owner and council. Don’t get too upset if the owner has to postpone an event once in a while because of a huge biology test in a few days! 😉

Never forget that a guild is a place for Neopians to have fun!

Feel free to neomail black_pearl_pirate7 if you have any questions or comments.

Also, take a look at _Daughter_of_Arwen_’s petpage for this information, as well as a guide for owning a guild! – Black_Pearl_Pirate7

Kym Huynh


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