Becoming a Guild Leader by youngking

Kym Huynh —  May 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

The series of articles I am planning to write are similar to the show on MTV, but its me who is going to become the topic of the week.

This past week, I have tried to create a guild of my own, which was run under the username liv4damusic, where I and a couple people I found in chat rooms created a guild that teaches specific classes that help with travels throughout Neopia. The guild was called University of Neopia Central or UNC for short.

Day 1: I went into the guild chat room and tried to advertise my guild and the great idea of teaching classes. After advertising for an hour, I decided to work on the guild layout so its appealing to the eyes. At the end of the day I ended up creating 4 custom signatures for the 4 council members, as well as a new logo and a new banner.

Day 2: I checked today at how many members joined and there were about 12 members who joined. After saying hello to all the new members and telling them the potential of the guild, I decide to work on a guild website as well as make the chat rooms for which the guild classes are going to take place. I also create a little guild competition where the person who invites the most people get a little goodie.

Day 3: There are currently 25 people who are in this guild, and I am tired from working on the guild site from the previous day, so I decide to advertise for a little while, then quit playing for a while.

Day 4: A total of 30 people are in the guild, most likely because I didnt advertise the guild, but others have. I decide to donate about 30k neopoints to the guilds fund so we can help out newbies to the guild.

Day 5: This was the last day of my becoming session, so I leave the guild and reflect on my past 5 days as a guild leader.

The entire guild building process is a long and hard one, and it is often the guild leader who does the most work on the guild. The first thing he/she has to do is think of a witty topic that the guild will be about. After doing so, he/she will have to make the guild look nice with nice guild colors and an attractive guild front that catches peoples eyes. After many hours of preparation, the guild is ready for its first day open.

But members dont join the guild on their own. They will need some persuasion to make them join. You can bribe users by telling them youll give them X amount of NP or give them X amount of items. Of course this will deplete most of your savings, but it can be worth it in the long run. Either you can become a very successful guild operator and therefore get a lot of fame and glory, or you can lose all your members because they all left due to the fact that you didnt have enough to supply the entire guild.

Most members will join your guild by some simple ideas that are neomailed to them. You can find newbies at the newbies chat room, and you can advertise your guild in the guild chat room. Of course not many people pay attention so heres some tips to help jazz up your post. You can use the bold HTML code, which is the less than sign, b, and greater than sign. You can also add small emoticons to your post, by putting a neopet of your choice in asterisks. i.e. *kacheek*. Also, you can neomail random people and they may join.

Using these simple tips may help, but the last alternative is to look for a guild. If you are looking for a guild that has to do with dogs, you can post on the guild chat Looking for a Dog Lovers Guild, neomail me and many users will neomail you, and you can do what you want from there. Good luck! – youngking

Kym Huynh


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