Guide to Getting a Great Neopet by DbyWh

Kym Huynh —  January 18, 2018 — Leave a comment

1. Different places you can visit:

There are many places in Neopia that can get your pet up at the top. One of my favorite places to go is Coltzans Shrine. Coltzans Shrine is a place where you can win NP, (Neopoints,) Gain stats for your pet, Get rare items, and many other things. Another great place is the Mystery island training school. There you can pay, in codestones, to have your pet trained by professionals. They can train your pet agility, defense, strength, and some other side things. Of Course, if you don’t like Mystery Island, then you can go to Krawk Island to train your pet at their training place. These are just some of the places to train your pet.

2. The Battledome:

The battledome is a good place to earn respect. There you can fight your pet up to the top. By winning more and more fights, you can gain respect! You can also go to petpet battles and make your petpet gain levels, where it can then help your pet in the battledome!

3. Books! Books! And more Books!!!

You know, I’ve seen too many people who are super strong but way too dim-witted. The same thing goes for neopets. You have to be willing to not only pay money for your pet to gain levels and such, but you must but books! You can find cheap but useful books in practically any store. You don’t need a 1 million NP book to get your neopet smart. Plain and simple does the trick!

4. Paint Brushes:

Well, paint brushes aren’t the most inexpensive thing in Neopia, but if you have the NP, go for it! You can paint your pet a wide variety of colors to make your pet just right. Take my word for it! You can also go to painted pet adoption centers!

5. Petpets:

The nice thing about petpets are that their not all that expensive and are a nice gift for your pet. The nicer petpet you have, the more respect you can get!

These are just some of the things that can gain you and your pet some respect and make your pet nicer! – DbyWh

Kym Huynh


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