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Today I am here to tell you how I am going to reach my goal and how you can reach yours just by following these instructions.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is to start earning money. You can earn money either by playing games or selling items in your shop, which I’ll talk about later. The order of games I usually play each day is Turmac Roll, Hasee Bounce, Meerca Chase and Jelly Blobs of Doom. After those four games, I play whatever random games give me a good reward, such as Dubloon Disaster, Koeda-Chan: Basket Burden, Devo 20: Personality Quiz (easy 600 NP daily if you play three times!), Extreme Herder and Sophie’s Stew. Try playing all those games daily. Aim for getting 3000 NP each day from games. If you get more than that, you’re well on your way to becoming rich, but that’s not our major concern right now. Gaining money is only half of the battle.


The second half is saving. Saving is every bit as important as earning, as depending on how much you save, you’ll have more or less money later. Now trust me, I know how tempting it is to go out and buy that beautiful Krawk plushie (it was so lovely and soft and squishy and…), but think about it. Are you sure you want to spend your hard-earned money straight away? I know I did. Even Jumanjiki and Saamaraakk, my sisters, do it. Jumanjiki doesn’t save that much, which is why she can’t afford that Stone Shield – she just goes out and buys all the snowballs she can find. But Saamaraakk carefully stores her money, making goals for herself. I will save 20,000 NP by the end of the month, then I will buy two books to read and maybe a plushie and squeaky Kiko toy. Then next month I’ll save 20,500 NP. Slowly, bit by bit, your neopoints will grow. The ideal way of saving is to store it in the bank. This way, you will see how much you have (and there is less chance of random events stealing it) and even be able to gain interest! Now, interest – that’s something that really annoys me, but it’s very useful! For example, say you have 358 NP in the bank – you only get one neopoint for interest. But if you have 273,956 (which is what I have in the bank *cackles*) you get 73 NP daily! And if you have a MILLION neopoints in the bank (which I don’t have *bursts into tears*) you’d probably get 300 NP DAILY! HOORAY! So you see, interest motivates you to get more money, to get more interest, to get more money, to get more interest, to get more money…


Only, and I mean ONLY, spend when necessary. If you’re one of those people who care about feeding your neopets, collect your daily free portions of omelette and jelly. Omelettes can be eaten three times (as in you eat one third, then another third and then another), and there are two portions of jelly (you eat one half, then the other). The whole point of saving is so that you could reach your goal. In my case, I only spend a few thousand neopoints a week. Limit yourself. I only buy a few plushies a month and cheap items so I can help my owner, Saphnie, get her packrat avatar. But I don’t spend too much so that I still have plenty of np in my savings to get my paintbrush. Set limits. If you collect fish, seaweed, plushies, clothes, or usuki dolls, only let yourself spend around 3000 NP a week on your collection. That includes upgrading your gallery or shop. Make sure your life savings don’t get flushed down the toilet within seconds.

A Good Plan

Okay, here’s my plan for saving my neopoints:

  • Daily: 3000 NP
  • Weekly: (3000 NP X 7) 21,000 NP
  • Monthly: (21 000 X 4) 84,000 NP
  • Yearly: (84 000 X 365) 30,660 000 NP

This is a very good plan because if I stick to it, I’ll be rich by this time next year! Of course, there will be days when I am too busy with Neoschool and homework, and I won’t be able to play games because Saphnie will drag me to Mystery Island to look at the volcano and the beach and all the interesting culture. Make sure you don’t make it a point to play EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE. That can get kind of boring.

Also, HAVE a goal. Don’t just say, “Oh yeah, okay, um, I’m going to save up a million neopoints just for the heck of it.” Why do you want that money? Make up short-term goals that can help with your long-term goal. Example:

  • Long-Term Goal: Buy a Darigan paintbrush
  • Short-Term Goals: Save 3000 NP a day, buy good items to sell in my oh-so-fabulous shop, save 1000 NP daily to buy luxury goods and other necessary items.

Once you’ve written down your goals somewhere you will see them every time you waltz into your local games room, stick to them. Discipline yourself.

Your Shop

Let’s talk prices.

Pricing the items in your shop fairly is very important. Making something that isn’t worth anything cost 99,999 NP is not good marketing.

First of all, when the item(s) you want to sell is/are in your inventory, click on them and check how much they’re worth. This should give you a pretty good idea on what you should price it. Next, look up the item on the shop wizard and see what other people are asking for it. Remember that the items listed aren’t ALL of the items being sold – refresh a few times to get a general idea on the average price. Then make your item slightly lower. You don’t want to make it ridiculously low – you wouldn’t make much of a profit and people would think you were an idiot. However, you also don’t want to make it too high, or you’ll never get it sold. There are the rare few who don’t care about the cost and just buy things for incredibly high prices, but let’s pretend those people don’t exist for now.

Once all your items are correctly priced, choose a funky name for your shop, a funky shopkeeper, a funky shopkeeper name and a funky shopkeeper saying. For example, you might call your shop “Terask rules!” (^^) and have a Darigan Aisha (^^) called Terask (^^) saying, “Welcome to my shop! Buy something! NOW!” Well, actually, that’s not all that funky. Type something pleasant and eye-catching.

Next, decorate your shop. Make it, as I said above, pleasant and eye-catching. Make people who walk into your shop say, “Wow! I’m going to spend the rest of my LIFE here!” But make sure that your shop isn’t an eye sore. I mean, seriously, there are people who walk into shops and are blinded by the flashing lights, bright background and peach text and who are deafened by the “He was a sk8er boy, I said see ya l8er boy,” playing in the background. NO. Make it nice, with a good color scheme. The colors should probably go well together.

After your shop looks reasonably funky and your prices are fair, type up an advertisement for it. Here’s the one Saphnie wrote for our shop:

For cheap items go to Anaconda – for jellies, omelettes, neggs, scratchcards, weapons and more! Pieces of the petpet lab maps are available too – for only 1,650 NP a piece! Loads of great bargains! Great stop-by for when you’re running low on food!

Always include the link – there are some lazy people who can’t be bothered clicking on your lookup and clicking on the link to your shop. It has to be right there. *flicks ear frustratedly*. Apart from the link, it is important to inlcude the prices of some of your better items. For example, in Saphnie’s ad, she added the prices of the petpet lab map pieces. If you have in your shop, say, um … a Darigan Aisha plushie, say so. “For brilliant prices on Darigan Aisha plushies, go to Terask Rules! Only 99,999 NP each!” Of course, your shop won’t have such dumb prices. Only mine would.

Thank you for reading my guide! – saphnieaisha120

Kym Huynh


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