Helpful Tips to Help Any Neopets Player by Jessica Swink

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Coltzan’s Shrine

Click on the ‘Approach the Shrine’ button at these times to get the item/upgrade that you want.

  • Speed: Every fifth second of the hour.
  • Defense: Every tenth second of the hour.
  • Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour.
  • Endurance: Every hour of the day.
  • Level: Every even (2:00, 4:00, 6:00) hour of the day.
  • Burnt Food: 11:00-12:00 NST.
  • Dubloons: Every 55 seconds past the minute.
  • 10 Strength Points: Every 30 minutes past the hour.


I love the auctions but it’s NOT a good habit, and if you are easily persuaded to buy things and LOVE competition, you would be a great person to bid at the auctions; but I suggest you don’t get into the habit because it’s bad. I once spent 60,000 neopoints at the auctions IN ONE DAY! (In fact, in only a little less than five hours.) If you do choose to bid at the auctions, you should carefully watch that no one bids on your item. If someone bids on your item at the last-minute (or second) there is nothing you can do.

These people are cruel and greedy most of the time, but sometimes it’s a pure mistake. It’s very easy to do this and win, but winning isn’t everything; so if you are doing this or thinking about doing it, you should immediately stop and help us poorer people who can’t afford the higher bids because you, the last-second bidder, and us, the poor people, like to bid on the cheapest items, but you are starving and depriving our poor neopets by doing this mean deed. If you have the neopoints to bid on the higher item, please do so.

How to Win Plushie Tycoon

To be a plushie tycoon you must have at least 50,000 neopoints in your tycoon account at the end of the game. All tycoons win a trophy and the plushie tycoon avatar.

Newbies and N00bs: The Difference

A newbie is just someone who is new to Neopets. This shouldn’t be taken as an insult because if you go to any newbie’s user lookup, the shield says “Newbie” with a Moehog on it as the symbol for how long you have been a part of the Neopets community. A n00b is an evil, selfish, scamming Neopian. Most likely a newbie will ask questions like:

“How do you make neopoints?” Using good grammar or slight chat talk.

N00bs will ask:

“Can I have all your neopoints?”

You say no, and they tell you they are going to freeze your account for being mean. They will most likely have said this with very bad grammar or in TONS of chat speak. Please don’t be a n00b because they will become the downfall of all Neopia. And yes, I know that if you are a n00b reading this, you are probably talking to yourself about how crazy I am and how you will never change your ways.

Will/Can my Neopets Die?

This would be a good feature, but sadly, no. Neopets (as far as I know) can’t die. Also, some newbies may occasionally ask for food because they think neopets can die, but you should politely tell them that neopets can’t die and they will understand. If it was actually a n00b, they will say they are going to turn you in for being mean. This isn’t a real reason to be kicked off the site, so they will say you cussed or said something else against the rules.


You get avatars by going to random places in Neopia or getting high scores in games. Avatars are collector’s items but cannot be sold, traded or bought. You have to find them. Their purpose is to be the picture shown when you place a post on the neoboards.

You also see them when your username is entered in the search bar and your name comes up.

Many people, however, collect for fun, and if you collect for fun and get on the high-score table for NeoBoard Avatar Collector, you win an avatar. If you see an avatar in someone’s shop or on their user lookup, they sometimes lead you to where you find that avatar; but they are most likely fake avatars the person made up and which link to their friend’s shop, user lookup, or their own extra website.

As you can see, avatars are fun to collect but are also hard to find and come in many places. And as an extra bonus fact, some avatars become retired after a while. If you have a retired avatar, then you will still have it; but if you don’t, you won’t be able to get this retired avatar. And as avatars become retired, new avatars come out for you to collect.

Hasee Bounce

Hasee Bounce is just one of the many lovely games in Neopia. This game’s payout is nice if you know how to play. For starters, there are two Hasees, and you control them by moving and clicking your mouse. You click for them to jump up and down and move your mouse side-to-side to move them side-to-side.

The Hasee you control is whichever one is up on the shelf, not the one down on the board. Woogy is the orange Hasee, and Jimmi is the purple Hasee. Jimmi only picks up purple letters, and Woogy only picks up orange letters. Both can pick up doughnutfruits, which are the round fruits that fly by. If there is going to be a special doughnutfruit flying by, the screen will have disappearing letters that tell you what kind of doughnutfruit it will be. These special fruits will be worth more points than the unannounced normal ones that fly by.

The letters I was talking about earlier give you two seconds added to the timer, but if you fill in all the spaces and spell Hasee, you get a 20 second time bonus if the letters are a mix of purple and orange. If you make them all one color, you get an extra 40 seconds. There will also be dung and other bad blobs of things that will fly by. If these hit the Hasee, it will be temporarily unable to pick up doughnutfruits or letters.

There is much more to tell you about Neopia, but there is TOO much to write in one entry. So keep on the look out for other articles. – Jessica Swink



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