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In this help guide, we will travel together to find patterns and how to decode Chat Speak AKA rehgyu6d4rygh!! Through the forest of mixed and matched symbols, letters and numbers, we will go through a number of other things, making typing to friends faster, funnier, and a lot easier to understand!

It can be mad, huh? All of those little letters and numbers added in to make words? For all we simple-folk-who-actually-WRITE-out-the-words-here know, 45ebtdfvmed8 could mean something!! Now, lets take a closer look and decode this crazy speak online…

First of, basics. There is a simple thing that will REALLY help you decode this language. Sound it out! People write words as they sound for online chat speak, so if you are having major trouble, say a word out loud. It really helps, huh? Finally, to move on!

Practice Sheet

Let us practice sounding a word out, until we get to the Real Deal.


What the?!?! That you cant sound it out!! But, let us look at it, piece by piece.

Wut Shall be our beginning. what is wut this word means. I see it used a lot, and you just should now that.

Did is a duh. Did = did. Though, there is a shorten word for this, many people use different ones.

clwn is next. Quickly, though, notice this: A lot of times people remove values in chat speak. Like this clown, but removing the o made it faster. Watch out for removed letters! {and they dont follow the rule to put a in the missing spot. LOL. Gfhthfges5hy6yufthest If they did…}

sy is missing a basic, simple value. Ill give you a hint… Its the first letter of the alphabet! {say}

2 is another one I hope you know. 2 means to, too, two. It is commonly used and is just a must-know for talking online!

mk is another sly persons doing! They took out the letters that make it a word, a, and e. mk means make! Are you getting the hang of this?

Now, can you make {heheh… mk} out what {heheh… wut} grl means? I hope you can by now! If you having trouble, try this:

1. Look at the word and get it in your head!

2. Think about what letters could be missing..?

3. Sound it out, just read what is there {dont follow grammar rules!} and just say it out loud!

This word is an easy one so, if you got GIRL you were right!

lagh you should be cable of doing by now. {laugh} Another one missing the first letter of the alphabet!

? is DUH means ?.

So, are we ready to piece it together? This is it! : What did clown say to make girl laugh? ~NOTE: Proper grammar is extinct in chat speak! Just add in the the.

Basic Chat Speaks {and a few others}

Now that weve got a grip on what to do the hard way, Im going to tell you some of the BASICS that is a MUST-KNOW for chat speak:

u = you

ur = your youre

i = I

2 = two, to, too

whut= what

plz- please

no = know, no

lol = laugh out loud {made ya laugh out loud! LOL!}

g2g = got to go {See ya later!}

t8ks= thanks

c= see {I can SEE!}, sea {da beautiful ocean and sea…}, c, yes {other langue…}

da = the

Now were off the basics, just listing some…:

h8 = hate

luv= love

kill= Im gonna kill you. 😀

Can you think up more? Chat speak is a very basic langue, once you get the grip of sounding things out, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Why Chat Speak?

Chat Speak was made so that kids could type talk to each other faster. 😀 Useful for IM!

Does Chat Speak Ruin Spelling?

I once read a paragraph about Does Chat Speak Ruin Your Spelling? in my monthly magazine I get. I thought it was rather interesting, since Id never thought about it before. ^_^;;; Some kids thought yes, and some thought no. Out of five, two kids thought and wrote, Yes-chat speak will ruin your spelling! The basics of what they were putting through is this {I reworded it}:

Yes-chat speak will or can ruin your spelling! It can become a habit online because your so used to using it to chat to your buds! Once when I was writing a paper, I put down u instead of you! That’s when I stopped using it!!

However, the other three girls {who over powered the two} also had good reasons.. {also reworded}:

No-it does not ruin your spelling. It actually helps IMPROVE your spelling! For a lot of words you can sound them out, and you have to do that with chat speak, so it can help! With chat speak, its a like a puzzle. You must figure out the values, sounds and meanings of things like r6thdf. It can also help improve your on the spot thinking {LOL}.

So I changed things a bit to add in my points. I do not place a vote, as I once too wrote, u instead of you. Or-almost… But I do realize chat speak is like a puzzle, and it does help makr you sound things out and find patterns! But-as long as youre careful not to use chat speak in your school writing, etc., then, its safe!

Off to the Wilderness!

Brave soldiers who dare enter the messy land of Chat Speak… That is all I can teach you right now. I hope that you now know enough to talk to others, understanding what they say! Ah-who am I kiddin? Go out there and get em, tigers! – neo_friend12345.

Kym Huynh


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  1. Chatspeak has it’s time and day, for something like neopets that is usually more often than not. Many online communities also have their “culture” when it comes to the use of chatspeak. I have also written a article about chatspeak used on another game portal, Tinierme, check it out! 😛

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