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Kym Huynh —  May 29, 2018 — Leave a comment

My article’s intention is to help you, being a newbie or a veteran on Neopets help decide whether certain items are a want or a need. Whether YOU or your pet actually NEED the item to survive or just WANT the item because its popular or might make your pet look good is a different matter, but this may also vary depending on your financial status!

Lets take some NEEDS for example. You NEED food and medical supplies but you don’t actually have to buy these.

To obtain food free you can visit Tyrannia and take a piece of the omelette there. This will feed your pet’s up to 3 times and you can always if you have to buy omelette for 1 – 10 neopoints via the Shop Wizard. Obtaining health can be done by visiting Faerieland and visiting the water faerie.

Lets take some WANTS now. A paint brush is a want. Sure it will make your pet look beautiful but is it a necessity to keep your pet alive and well? No it is not.

If you can afford it and have money to spare, sure then buy it but if you are running short on funds don’t go out buying paintbrushes they will always be there in the future.

Another sort of want are toys. A 10 neopoint orange fuzzle is going to satisfy your pets happiness just as much as a 100,000+ rare plushie so keep that it mind. Also if an item has just been released then of course it will be expensive since demand is up. Just wait a few weeks and the prices will drop to the ground. Remember when Usukis were released and a Tyrannian Usuki was going for around 60,000 neopoints? Same with the petpet paintbrushes and regular paintbrushes when they were released.

The main objective I was trying to achieve in writing this article was to help you save money by teaching you to decide next time you consider buying an item, is it a want or need? – mobilechick7

Kym Huynh


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