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Now, I dont make a lot of neopoints. Thats because flash games dont work on my computer. But I still have about 1000np a day by playing non-flash games. So if you do every thing I do, plus flash games, youll become rich in no time. You might think, were going to have a lot to do, but I have very little to do on Neopets. Anyway, to get on the subject, this article should hopefully point in in the right direction of DO’s and your DONTs.

1 NEVER EVER FEED YOUR PETS ROTTEN OMELETTES! If your pets eat rotten omelettes, they get Ugga-ugga. The cure for Ugga-ugga is Sporkle Syrup. Sporkle Syrup (at the time of writing) costs 100,000 neopoints on the shop wizard. When you are a newbie, that is a lot. When I was a newbie, two of my pets had Ugga-ugga. That is because I fed them Rotten Omelettes. I had to disown them.

2 OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT! If you dont the evils of Neopia will steal all your np. Of course, you can keep some np on you, but I never do that.

3 GET YOURSELF A NEOHOBBY! It is the only way of not getting bored after nine months of Neopets. My hobby is collecting collecting Tiki merchandise (Feel free to donate!). A neohobby can be anything. I met someone who loved gambling so she played Poogle Races, Turdle Races and Slots a lot and I know someone else who loved throwing away stuff (weird, I know) she would buy, like, a hidden tower item!

4 LOTS OF NEOFRIENDS is the key to success. They probably will give you an item or two. But please, do not take advantage of newbies. Sure, they might give you a baby paintbrush (thinking that there is nothing to do with it) but sooner or later, what goes around comes around. Be helpful and you’ll soon find that others will also go out of their way to help you when you need it.

5 DAILY FREEBIES!! Sure, this has been repeated thousands and thousands of times before this, but it still is great! Go to the Shrine, Snowager (you have a risk of being blasted but you may get something good!), Tombola, Fruit Machine and all those other freebie links that can also be found on this site.

6 FAERIE CROSSWORD is one of the best games around. You get the answers everyday at this site, and youll get 600np per day (for very slow computers, 400np)!

7 POTATO COUNTER and KACHEEK SEEK!! I play them every day. It doesn’t really give a lot of np, but every penny helps!

8 CHAT BOARDS!! Sometimes there are giveaways so it helps, but dont forget, Neopets is for FUN! So have fun! Chat with neofriends, organise giveaways, get a good siggy, rate user lookups and help newbies. This will make your experience at Neopets one that is so much richer.

9 GUILDS!! Guilds are good fun. You meet people, organize a lot, play games, have contests, win at giveaways, and a lot more! So do not wait, join a guild right away! But remember to stay active. You would not like it if each day when you look at the message board, no one is there. No updates, the prizes, what a dull guild!

10 TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS! Some guides say: Dont take care of your pets: It will cost less np. Now thats bad. Neopets is for what? NP or neopets? Well neopets of course! When you are saving money for that paintbrush, it is for your pet! Your pets need to be taken care of. It is just like that.

Well, that is my article. I hope that you like it! Please rate it, I want to know how you liked it. – xx__jade__xx



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