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Kym Huynh —  March 4, 2017 — 1 Comment

I feel quite special you asked me for hints, because I don’t really have a special area for anything. Restocking always makes good neopoints, especially on half price day…but that’s just something you have to learn. Buy only the stocks at 15np and wait for 100%-200% profit. Refresh the trading post looking for good deals, and if you have the patience, buy hard to sells at ridiculously low prices, not “just 200k off lowest post price” – look for buyable unbuyables and the likes.

I think, but I’m more into all aspects of Neopets, I like to gamble a lot with Brucey B slots. The Scorchy Slots were just too slow for me, and i have about 150k-200k invested in the stock market. I’m a little bit of everything, not really focused on neopoints because I can’t find the items I need to spend the NP on.

I noticed, that was just a basic summary of what I know. My auctions knowledge is almost nilch, I only go for buyable/low profit things in auctions that I know not many people will bid on. Like I picked up 4-5 blue scorchstones the other week in auctions for around 95k-100k each. And by only posting a minimum price (105k) and an auto price (130k) in the trading post, I got offers as high as 120k, not a huge 300k-400k profit or anything, but those 20k-30k profits add up after a week. Not to mention Turdle Racing can bring in about 75k a week. These little profit things are probably why I can’t afford to splurge on a Candychan and have enough left over for a ski lodge photo and other Kacheek things.

I don’t like setting an exact price because some people are desperate enough to get an item immediately, perhaps quest or just lack of patience, they’ll pay the extra 20k-30k. Unless it’s an obvious priced item, like a faerie paint brush or a buyable price.

Here are the few restocking tips/thoughts/whatever I had when reading your guide.

If you keep the number on your ctrl-v, you have a chance of being frozen. I’m not sure quite how, but that’s what a monitor on the board said before. I’m not sure if it was dragona or draco. Person three has the best number tip, being type the easiest number for you, like 2222 instead of 2300 just because it’s 100np lower.

Shops do not restock about every 8 minutes, because Neopets has changed it to random.

It is NOT easier to restock at night U.S. time because there are many more autobuyers as well as advanced restockers on at night.

If you’re a noobie restocker, don’t go for the shops that stock unbuyables frequently, like magic and toy. Bakery and food could be more your style, especially food because neggs are an obvious good choice.

So anyway, I think you’re more hardcore about neopoints than I am, because I’m sort of lax about my neopoints. I like Kacheeks, and like to believe my Kacheeks need to live nicely etc. So I go ahead and enter beauty contests to get them trophies (I’d give tips but I’m sure you don’t want them and I don’t really want to share them) and I buy Neohomes and waste tons of neopoints on it and an even further waste of neopoints for me was to train TWO battling pets, yeah I could write the guide on how to WASTE neopoints 😀 -Jennie

Oh, I turn them off occasionally when I’m having a bad day, so I don’t accidently send out some words that will get me iced. Yes, me and Chris both used to play this account for 6-7 months, and that’s when most of our neopoints were made. He’d do most the restocking, and I’d do most the wiz checking and shop pricing until he got sick of Neopets and quit. He’s been my boyfriend for almost 2 yrs now, so it’s not like I’m worried about him coming back and stealing my account or anything. I play this game for my neopets, ’cause I’m a big kid like that’. I’ve bought like every Kacheek plushie and toy they’ve put out.

Your guide is good, but I don’t really bother with a whole lot of other Neopets players, I just do my own thing and get along with my gallery/collection/goal whatever I’m occupied with – Lordanubis1

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Kym Huynh


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One response to Random Tips by Lordanubis1

  1. If you send your username and pass to joshahome2002@yahoo.com I can get you any paintbrush or anything else. I used to work for them so I know everything you need to know. My account has every paint brush abou 300 mil neopoints (maybe more)and much more. Ill get you anything you want. If i scam you then you may report me:)

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