How to Make Neopoints! Great Tips for Learners by Miss_System

Kym Huynh —  March 12, 2018 — Leave a comment

Hello, I’m Roxi and I have a way to show you how to make over 20, 000 Neopoints in less then 1 month. Yes, it is possible, I have almost 24, 000 right now and I have only been a member in my account for 26 days. (I had other accounts but I cannot remember the passwords so i gave up on them…) Anyway. You realize, when you start off with a neopet you get neopints, well thats really good! I got 4 neopets to start off with and got (I think) 200 Neopoints. (50/Pet) That’s a good start off for now. Now I recommend getting the Neopets Toolbar, It is a bar that has all the links you would need to get freebies, and that is useful in order to get Nps. Once you get the toolbar you go to the dropdown list, there are many options but I usually go to the Omlet and Jelly first. when you get all the free food, KEEP IT. There is no use feeding your pet. Go to the soup kitchen and feed it, twice a day if you need to. everyday, if you can, go to the games and play the Featured one. Even if you HATE the game….(Like I Mostly Do…) It’s good for Nps.

Now When You Play:

It’s good to know how many neopoints it gives/points in the game. On the right side there is a box (in the center) that shows how many neopoints per game points are given. That’s good to know so you have a good idea of how many points you could get. The more over 100 the better. in this case, it is 1.5 neopoints per 1 game point, that’s also doubled, because it is the featured game. Very Useful. It does say, Maximum 3 Plays Per Day… But that is only considered if you send the score. Now I usually put a minimum, like ‘Minimum 30 points per game to be sent to the score boards.’ You see, if i play and get 22 points one game and send it and I get 29 the next i only have 1 more per day. lets say i get 56 the last game….your conscience usually tells you “If only you kept the other two, you’d get higher.” Well my advice, set a minimum and if you get over, make that the next minimum, and so on.

So in final, when you look for games, search the Ratio and see how high it is, it will get you the most neopoints.

TIP: The Lucky Chance Games Are VERY Good To Try! They Base On Neopoints! That Doesn’t Mean, Though, Only Play Those Games, It Just Means try Them Out!


Another tip: Don’t keep buying useless items, aka books, food, other items as well. Wasting your Neopoints is useless, sometimes you wont get them back!
Get a bank account! Get a Pin! very important, get an account and NEVER carry your neopoints with you. make a pin because it’s always safe! If you carry neopoints, (and it’s happened to many) someone might come a steal them! There are encounters with neopets that jack you and you don’t want that! Also, at the bottom it shows you can upgrade your account, when you have over 10 000 you can get an update and so on, remember to do that!! Always update because then the interest goes up as well! (Usually) the higher the interest the more Neopoints!

When it comes to trading or selling:

If you have a shop:

The items in your shop, I understand, would be valuable! True! but don’t hog them. Here are a few tips from me:

I have a shop, yes I do, and I only hold 5 items at the moment. in my shop i have items priced from (Wizard Value) 10n-6000n (Codestone…) on the wiz the prices ALWAYS change. I suggest you stick to you shop. open another internet window and go to the wizard. Type in the item you have in stock and it will show you the lowest price. Beat that!, by 10N, 20N, 100N! It’s imprtnat to ALWAYS have the lowest price, even if you think it’s too low for the value. There is a better chance you will have your item sold when its priced 200n lower then the others. If it’s too high then i can guarantee it wont be looked at. ^^

If You Trade:

Trading is always good. So be fair! in the description, explain that you will go under wiz, or best offer. don’t type something like: “BEST CODESTONE!!! HIGHEST RANKING!!! BEST OFFER WINS, NO JUNK!!” That’s rude and guaranteed ignorance. junk to you MAY not be someone else’s, the reason we have ‘junk’ in Neopia is for ‘secret’ reasons, you could get surprises from a Rotten Old Boot or a Decayed Toothbrush. Don’t over-estimate it either, though. Make a secure price if necessary. Describe why you want to trade it (If you wish) and do the same trick as the shop-teller. GO WAY UNDER WIZ! 😀 it’s a good tip!

Wheels & Deals!

The Wheels in Neopia are always good! Sometimes they take too long, or you may think they have bad items, but one day, you will get something really amazing! When its the Mediocrity Wheel, open another window and shut off the sound so as to be able to let it keep going. the one in FearieLand is good too, only do this once a day as it’s better for chances. Click, “Receive My Prize” right after you pay and you can usually get neopoints, ranging from 50-1 000 sometimes!

In conclusion, these are a few tips that could help you in gaining MANY neopoints, JUST IN A MONTH!! Following these steps i gained 22, 036 Nps in almost 27 days and I never felt better, we all want A Lot of neopoints, now you can get them! – Miss_System

Kym Huynh


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