Dubloon Disaster Tips

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Some general tips
When you play Dubloon Disaster, you can type scallywags to create a whirlpool and get rid off the nasty mines but the best way to do this without risking getting caught is:

1. When you start the game before you collect the first dubloon type in scallywag (no s ).
2. When you feel that you need some more space and the mines are to difficult to avoid just press s to complete the code. – tinkerbell

The enemy enemy concept
Every time there are 2 mines on the board, try to get them to blow each other up by running them into each other. Hope this helps a few people. – Galataiend

Good tips
1. If there are lots of bombs around the doubloon go to a corner stay there for a wee bit so they come your way but not too close then quickly go behind them and get the doubloon!
2. Try and stay away from bombs as MUCH as possible, I learned that the closer you are to them the more likely your are to be blown to smithereens!!!
3. Well, as you may have noticed that whenever you want to turn it takes longer than when you just want to go strait. That’s because it takes longer to paddle with one of the umm… thingy watcha me call it…those wee sticks. If you go around them to get the doubloon it gets them confused!!!
4.If you have less than 30 points don’t bother sending the score instead try again and see if you can get more. – sweet_lil_piggy

Bomb wise
From the beginning of the game, try to lure the bombs or mines to get close together so they aren’t all over the place. This helps a lot later on in the game so it is easier to move around. When a dubloon appears, go to the opposite side of it and wait a while so the the bombs get away from and quickly get it (get it straight away if the dubloon appears right next to you). Keep on doing this until game over. I also forgot to mention that rarely whirlpools appear. I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but it happened to me once and I got sucked in. I hope this helps. It helped me. – Armin1989

Heat Sinkers
The key to score high in Dubloon Disaster is to lure the heat seeking missiles to crash into each other 2 at a time. The way to do this is when you start get the first two dubloons that appear and then guide your ship so it is directly between the two missiles. The missiles will move towards you. Try to stay directly in the center, and when they get close slowly pull away and the missiles will continue to get closer to each other until they finally hit each other and disappear! Never have more than 2 missiles out at once and you can just repeat the process of knocking two of them off! The only problem is sometimes the missiles appear right where your boat is. If this happens, quickly pull away! See the picture if you don’t understand. – joejoejoezzz

Tips for Dubloon Disaster
Here are a few tips to Dubloon Disaster. When you play 1 player games:
1. Always keep your finger on the “up” arrow, this helps you maintain the speed you need to get past the mines.
2. Don’t ever do a sharp turn or corner around a mine, for the mine will quickly smash you.
3. Sometimes the mines get so close to each other they smash each other ,so you might want to lure them together. You need speed to do this, and make sure you leave yourself a space to get out!
4. Concentrate. Make one wrong turn or acceleration and you might get smashed.

When you play 2 player games:
1. Set the ‘to’ thingy to 99 so you have allot of time to beat your opponent.
2. Speed around and concentrate just like in 1 player.

Hope these tips help you get a high score in Dubloon Disaster and beat your opponent big time!! – emdahlk

First thing you should do
The first thing I do when I’m playing Dubloon Disaster is wait for the first dubloon to pop up. Also, those ship ruins below the water don’t mean anything, you can just ride your boat over them as many times until you crash. If the dubloon is guarded by more than one mine, I come closer to the mine then lure it away from the dubloon. The mine(s) will follow you around so you now have a free dubloon to get. Once you have that dubloon another will appear. Do the same thing for that over and over until you crash. That is my short but sweet guide to the new game dubloon disaster. Hope that helps, Ben. – Ben

A few tips
1. When a dubloon is covered by mines, have the mines follow you away from the area and you will have a clearing for your dubloon.
2. When the whirl pool appears, escape it. This is also your chance to get as much dubloons with out worry. After you escape the current, grab all the dubloons that show up and the mines will be swept into the whirl pool since they are so slow.
3. MAJOR ONE: The best way to play the game is to only allow 2 mines out at a time. When 2 appear (you can do it past 2 but it becomes a bit more difficult) have them come at u but in a way that they will intersect each other. Once you have them in a good path paddle slowly away from them. Eventually their path’s will cross and they will disappear. Keep doing this and u will get a hi score. I made it to 500 before my boss walked in! – Victor eclipsegrafx

Mini guide
I am no expert at this game but I do have to main strategies that I’d like to share:
1. Herding: This is the method I use when playing the game. Quite simply I try to herd all of the mines into a manageable space (just make sure they do not get too close to each other)
Any dubloons that appear around the edges of the screen can be easily collected. Dubloons that appear right underneath the mine “herd” can be slightly harder to get, to get these move your boat as far away from the coin as possible so that the mines follow you. You may have to leave it until the last minute to make your escape from your cornered position in order to get the next coin. Don’t take risks by going to close to mines the key to the game is patience, get the mines as far away from the coin as you can before attempting to collect it.
2. Blowing ’em up: This method works but takes a lot longer to get a lot of points. What you need to do is every time there are two mines try to get rid of them. Position the boat in between the two mines and then as they approach move forwards. Keep edging forwards which makes the mines get closer to each other, keep moving until the mines crash. Then when you get the next two coins and mines repeat the whole process again.

The main thing I have a problem with in this game is when a whirlpool appears mainly because I have to herd all the mines again as they appear. That’s why I almost always get game over as soon as I get a whirlpool. Other than that, I hope that guide helps! – xander18uk (Reece)

Some good tips
Dubloon Disaster is a rather simple and straightforward game. Grab dubloons and avoid mines in a small space. Up to go forward, down to break/reverse, and right/left to turn. Kind of like asteroids, only without the loop-around edges. There’s a REALLY simple set of tricks to this game I think you should be aware of:

1. Mines are explosives, they’ll blow up it they hit anything (that includes other mines, with a triangle formation you can usually get two to blow each other up, and its a similar concept for many mines on the screen. beware, though, the speed varies from mine to mine so you’ll have to keep your eyes open).
2. The limit of mines on the screen is set to 9. You absolutely can not get anymore on the screen. Grab a dubloon with 9 mines on the screen and another dubloon pops up. Quite a relief if you have 9 mines on the screen and are having a hard time getting them to blow each other up.
3. Don’t get cocky, or brave. get too close to a mine, and you’ll almost certainly get blown up. stay on the sides, and AWAY from the mines. If necessary, go in patterns around the screen to direct mines into each other and more importantly, away from dubloons.
4. Ignore the color of the dubloon if your just trying to survive. even if its silver with a gold outside, you don’t want to get blown up a mine trying to get it. – MetaStaiford2

How many points you need to max out
Before you click on the game to start loading it, put the quality on low. When the game loads, go to graphics and turn every thing off. Doing this will make you go faster. Not so pretty to look at but it helps and also if you’re in a hurry, don’t worry about getting a big score. Once you get to 162 you get 1000nps and after that no more nps so unless your going for a big score don’t worry about it. – Susan

Kym Huynh


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