Destruct-O-Match Tips

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Destruct-o-match Hints

1. always try to get the combinations at the top of the board cleared , unless, by clicking a lower combination , the blocks will fall and make a larger combination.

2. click the combo you’re about to destroy only once ( it takes to clicks to destroy it), so you can see how big it actually is before you destroy it so you can see if it disconnects smaller combos farther up.

3. ALWAYS LOOK UP ! before and after clicking a combo look above it to see if there’s other combos that you can get out of the way.

4. when you think that there’s no more combos left, double-check, the game WON’T tell you if there’s another combo that you can clear for points.

5. after you KNOW there’s no more combos, click “next level”, if you’re far enough. otherwise, if it won’t let you go on to the next level click either try again or send score depending on how well you do.

6. if you don’t like the “boom”, turn your volume either down or off, I like destruct-o-match because off the skill, not the sound. and if you do like the sound, then trust me, it’ll get real annoying, real fast.

I hope ya guys use these tips, and take it from me, these will let you score higher, I know ’cause I’m a grand master at the game. – Steven J. Pouliot

Look at the blocks

When you are playing destruct o match look at all of the blocks and the color that you see the most of leave it until the end. That means if you see a lot of green blocks get rid of as many of the other colors as you can and then when you can’t get rid of any other colors get rid of the green this will help you get more points because the more blocks you get rid of at once the more points you get! –

Points worth mentioning

Here are 2 tips that help me in Destruct-o-match:
You get bonuses for destroying larger clumps at a time. What I do is I destroy all of 1 color at a time (or as much as I can) then move to the next color. By the time you get to the last 1 or 2 colors you will probably have some chunks of 25 or more that will get you nice bonuses. (My record is 60 blocks at once!)

When moving to the next level, click the ‘level up’ button several times, very lightly (so you are barely touching the mouse button) and very quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but a lot of the time I get 3-4 times the level bonus I would have. This takes practice! – Rebecca Varon

Focus on one colour

What I do is I pick a color at the start of every game. Then I just leave that color alone until I get to the end of that level and then I destroy the color. It really works if you can remember to not destroy that color! – Albert Munson

The bonus system

The bonus you get at the end of each level doesn’t depend on the number of moves you needed or on how you fast you solved it. It simply depends on the number of stones that are left.

15-11 stones left: + 50 points
10 stones left: +150 points
9-6 stones left: + 100 points
5 stones left: + 250 points
4-1 stones left: + 150 points
0 stones left: + 500 points

When it’s impossible to clear the whole board, try to leave five stones to get 250 bonus points. For example: You have seven stones left, a group of three and a group of two. Destruct to group of two and no other groups.

Tips you should never leave home without
Submitted by Yvonne ‘dreamaa’
1. Take your time to look at the layout of the different coloured blocks. You will spot places which will allow you to destroy a whole area of bricks.
2. Don’t just randomly destroy blocks, this might cause you to miss out patterns which would allow you to get rid of them all.
3. When you complete the first level and go on to the second, take a look at your score. If it is below 235 then you are unlikely to raise enough points to take you to the next level. – Hanna

What to do if there are spare?

For destruct-o-match, if you can’t clear the whole board, try your hardest to get 5 left. If you have three separate stones, and 1 pair, DO NOT CLICK THE PAIR, just go on to the next level. If you are able to do this with every level, that’s 250 points plus whatever you make, you’re guaranteed to get to the last level with a score of at least 900 if you can. If on level two, look at your score before you click, if its below 250, you would need 125+ to get to the next level, meaning you basically need to clear the board. Take a look over of the board and see if there are any huge patterns. If not, hit try again, or else you’ll end up losing 2-3 minutes of precious money making time. For the third level, if your score is below 575, then I’d suggest hitting try again, unless you don’t mind getting a 300 score or more, which I usually take. So if you just want to get a total neopoints score of 300+, I suggest not doing the level unless its more than 485 at starting point. Remember, your score is divided by two for neopoints, so if you get a score of 500, I wouldn’t send it because that’s only 250np! – teehee89

Smart clearing

Always start at the top, and work your way down. However, I’ve found most of the time also working that pattern from one side to the other helps a lot. Take out a few columns on the left and work to the right. The BIG part: Always clear the first level. If you don’t, restart. By clearing the first level, I have always made it through each level, you usually accumulate about 750 points by clearing the first one. – Cicero_Leone

Kym Huynh


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