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Kym Huynh —  November 5, 2017 — 1 Comment

Look at your own cards

When playing Cheat, you play against 3 other opponents. Let’s say you put down some cards, then two others, and then the last opponent (for example, Brucey B). If Brucey B plays 2 sevens, and you’re not sure whether or not to let him slide, or accuse him of cheating, look at your own cards.

If you have that number, or any number one value less or one value more of it (in this case, either a 6, a 7, or an 8) then let him slide.

If nobody else accuses him, and your turn is next, then you will only get those 3 choices of number to choose from, and you will not be caught cheating, because you haven’t! (As long as you have one of these 3 numbers, and ONLY one of those 3 numbers. Not 1 seven and 2 sixes together in one play.)

If Brucey B put down the 2 sevens, then the only choices YOU will get are only 6, 7, and 8. if he puts down a king, then your only choices will be an ace, a king and a queen. Basically, always look at your own cards.

If you have any one of the 3 cards, then you luck out, because then you won’t be caught cheating, and the pile won’t be added to your hand. When the pile gets pretty big, then this is an extremely helpful tip.

I finished 4 rounds of Cheat in less than half an hour, because I’ve just been letting the player before me slide. Although, if you know they’re cheating, than accuse!! Then you’ll be able to choose ANY card when it’s your turn, and you get some neopoints out of it. – sklobite

Accusing someone to your advantage

If you are really low on cards and you know that you may have to cheat, accuse the person in front of you of cheating. There are exceptions.

  1. If you have 3 cards, he has 10, and there are 2 in the pile, no biggie. If you get two cards, you still have less than him! Though, if the pile is pretty high, I wouldn’t advise you take the chance of accusing him a cheater.
  2. Don’t accuse him if it works in your favor (even if he is also low). If you needed a 7 to be played and it gets played, just put your cards down. Let one of the other players accuse him of cheating!

A tip I witnessed on your site that doesn’t always work: If someone plays an Ace, then the next person claims to have played 4 Aces, this doesn’t not mean he is lying; the first person may have lied. It’s fifty-fifty. Then again, refer to the rule that if they have few cards and they play 4 of anything, they’re probably cheating. – takemeaway10

Using the cheat call to your advantage

If a person puts card/s into the pot and they/it are the only card/s in the pot, and you have one of those cards you have nothing to lose by calling it a cheat, because it will just add to the amount you have if you are wrong. – cannuck

When will your opponents cheat

Cheat was an easy game for me- it was very similar to b.s.- which I’ve played a LOT. During my playing to get the champion trophy, I figured out that your opponents will always cheat when they only have a few cards left. This work really well for me, and it really only failed when I lost to Kaulora the Kau. (it was the only time I lost a game of cheat) Even if the pile is large, if they put down their last card or 2 or 3, you have nothing to lose. – citra

Game guide

  • If someone just got the pile and plays 4 cards of a kind, they are very likely not cheating.
  • There are 52 cards, 4 of each number so if someone plays 4 fives and you have one of the fives, accuse his ***.
  • Play fair until you absolutely HAVE to cheat, like if all you have is a 4 and someone plays a 9.
  • If you absolute have to cheat, play one card to minimize suspicion.
  • Never cheat on the first turn, for some reason I always get caught.
  • One time I was playing cheat, I think it was a cheat random event, a faerie walked by and said, “I think someone just cheated” so I figured it was a sure thing, only to find out I was wrong. So if you do face one don’t listen.
  • A good way to now if someone is cheating is if they have less than 8-10 cards and they play 4 of a kind. And also if they have 4 cards left.
  • Take chances, if someone has 2 cards left and it is their turn and they play 2 of a kind, accuse then because you have nothing to lose, if you are wrong they win, if you are right the game continues.
  • This is kind of risky but when someone is close to winning (5 cards or below) I let the pile build up and wait for them to cheat. Like I said, it is risky cause you might get stuck with it or the wrong person gets it. The chances are slim to none.
  • Don’t quit if you have a big pile, I once won after getting stuck with about 26 cards.

Keep trying till you get that trophy. It took me 4 hours to get it. – Truong Luu

When to cheat

If you have 1 card left and the deck is small and you cannot play (except cheating), accuse the player before you. This is because if you did cheat and get caught (I am pretty sure that they always call cheat when you play your last card) you would get the cards but have no chance to play them. This way you get the cards but can get rid of them. It sounds confusing I know but it works. – tonkin

When to accuse someone of cheating

Whenever someone plays a number of cards, like 3 6’s then the next player plays 2 6’s they’re cheating because there’re only 4 6’s in a deck and if you play 3 6’s then the next person plays 2 6’s they’re cheating. E.g. Capara the Kyrii plays 4 5’s nobody accuses her. The next turn Little Timmy plays 1 5 (or he says he played it) then everyone accuses him because 4+1=5 and there’re only 4 4’s in a deck. Hope this helps 😛 – Tyron Green

Get away with cheating

If you really have to cheat I have found that if you play 1 card & call the same value as the previous player you are most likely to get away with it. – Scotty D

Keep track

When I play, I keep a pen and a piece of paper handy. I keep track of what everyone *says* they’re putting down (including myself), as well as who has picked up the pile. I also make a note of whether I can be sure a card is what the character playing it says it is… for example, when someone calls cheating on another player, and the other character WASN’T cheating, then you know for sure what some of the cards are that the character calling the cheat picked up. It’s time-consuming to do, but I’ve *never* lost a game this way. What kind of makes up for it is that you earn NP every time you catch someone cheating, and you’ll be able to catch them (and be right!) a lot more often. The amount of NP you get for catching a cheater as well as the value of the battle cards you get when you win a round also go up every time you win a round, so the longer you go without losing the bigger the payback. – aspenique

More Cheat! tips

Here are a couple of tips I have for anyone playing Cheat!

  • Avoid cheating whenever you can. Don’t get greedy and try to get rid of all four of your last cards. It’s better just to wait it out, you’ll win eventually.
  • If you get accused of cheating three times in a row and were not cheating, then it’s almost certain that you won’t get accused a fourth time- so it’s a good time to get rid of an extra card or two. It doesn’t always work, but it will 90% of the time.
  • As the levels get harder, the other players cheat more blatently. For instance, I was playing the final round and all three players allegedly put in four aces. I didn’t call them because I wanted to get someone really bad with a big pile… man did that plan backfire.
  • You are more likely to be accused of cheating if you only put in one card. It seems strange, but if you put in two or more cards (even if you know someone just put in four of that kind), you’re less likely to be accused.
  • Always, ALWAYS accuse a player who goes out or plays a large number of cards with a small hand (i.e. 4 jacks with a hand of 6, etc.)
  • Be patient. Even if you get a giant pile, it’s really not that hard to come back. If you get a lot of cards, use it to your advantage- you hold a lot of the cards and can judge very easily if someone is cheating.
  • The computer doesn’t always use logic when it’s accusing. It’s usually just random selection, so if someone just put in three of a kind, don’t hesitate to cheat (if you need to) and put in two or three more cards.
  • If you do decide to cheat, always select the lower number. The computer seems to call you on your bluff fewer times if you go with the lower numbers.
  • The best time to accuse someone of cheating is the person right before you. Belive me, the computer cheats ALL THE TIME, so chances are good that you’ll catch them and then be free to use any card you want on your turn.
  • For heaven’s sake, use some common sense.

Thanks, have fun. – Jon Kelly

Losing to your advantage

One really good strategy to use is if the person in front of you plays some cards, and you accuse them of cheating and you’re wrong, you can get rid of some trash by claiming to play the cards you just picked up, especially if you got four of a kind. Then, on your next turn, you can play the cards your really did pick up and not cheat. If you’re lucky, the computer will accuse you of cheating, leaving them with the pile, and you with 2-8 fewer cards. – George Washington

Losing to your advantage in-depth

If you accuse the player before you of cheating, you will be able to play cards of any value on the next turn, whether he was cheating or not. This works very well if the pile is small and you can afford to get the pile.

Example: You’re on the first level. You have six cards, two twos and four Jacks. Branston the Eyrie just played a five. Even if you know he does have a five, accuse him anyway. You now one five, two twos and four Jacks. The next turn, you will be able to play cards of any value. If no one had accused Branston, you would be asked to put down a four, five or six. You would have to cheat and might have got that pile anyway, and you would still be stuck with your cards. But because you accused Branston, you can now play cards of any value, so put down your four Jacks.

Note: If you had had two fours and four Jacks instead of two twos, you SHOULD NOT have accused Branston. You would be able to put down your two fours without cheating.

This works for sure because I have been playing Cheat ever since it arrived on the face of Neopia and this tactic has never deserted me. 🙂 – Grace Teng

Good tips you can’t play without

Cheat is an easy money maker. after 7 rounds of Cheat, you will end up with anywhere from 4500 NP to 6000, depending on which strategy you choose below.

If you want more neopoints out of a game of cheat, and don’t mind waiting a little while, play out your singles (eg. 1 five) and doubles (eg. 2 kings) and hold on to your triples (eg. 3 aces) and quads (eg. 4 sevens). the game will take more time to win, but it will be a lot easier to catch cheaters, which means more NP!! However, if you just wanna whip right through a game, with picking up the pile once or twice, depending on your luck, disregard whether or not you have 3 of the same cards. Instead, play your lowest and highest (A,2,3,4…K,Q,J) and hold on to your middle cards (6,7,8,9). the third opponent in the game will usually end up playing something like a five or eight, so you wont have to cheat on your turn!

When you play 3 or 4 of the same card, remember who they went to. For example, if you played 3 sevens, and Brucey B accused you of cheating, remember he has the three sevens. so if another player claims they played 2 sevens, you’ll know they’ll be cheating. If Brucey B played those sevens before the other player though, its not 100% that the other player is cheating, because Brucey B could have been cheating himself! Basicly just watch who picked up 3 or 4 of what card. only keep count of the plays you think are honest. – original_sin59

Accuse and win both ways

If you have a hand of 2 fives, a six, 3 sevens and an ace and princess Fernypoo plays a six call a cheat on her! Why? I NEVER hurts you to pick up cards of the same value that you already have! So if Fernypoo didn’t cheat when you called a cheat on her for playing the five the outcome is when you would normally be playing 1 five you can just play 2 instead. And if Fernypoo DID cheat the outcome is she has to keep her five! – Annaf5_jr

Cheat to win neopoints

Win all the levels up to the last one (when you play against Fernypoo, Agent 00 Hog, and Spectre), and start the game like you normally would, but once you get into the game and you know someone cheats, accuse people of cheating as often as you’d like, because you earn 32 NP each time you catch a cheater. If you don’t win, it’s okay because if you DID win, you’d go back to the beginning and you won’t earn nearly as much NP per game as you could just catching cheaters in the last level. (You only have to catch 2 cheaters and you can pay for the next game of Cheat and you’ll have earned an extra 14 np, and anyone who plays Cheat is SURE to catch more than two cheaters in the game) – Kamity ^^

The choices of cheat

As you may have noticed, sometimes Cheat gives you 3 choices to say what your card(s) is/are, and sometimes it lets you choose from all of them. Now, lets choose an example, first. We are talking about the player before you, and since Branston is before you in the first difficulty, I’ll choose him. If Branston is accused of cheating (whether he is cheating or not) YOU will be able to choose from any of the cards. If the Branston is not accused (whether he is cheating or not), YOU will have only 3 choices, BUT, whatever the Branston SAYS he had put down, that will be the MIDDLE of your 3 choices, get it? For example – let’s say Branston says he puts down a 5, and he is not accused of cheating. Now, it’s your turn, you will be able to choose from only 3 of the cards, and those 3 cards will be 4,5, and 6. – Psynalasis

Step by step guide to win!

  1. Don’t do the obvious! If someone placed two aces and then you throw three aces, that’s too obvious and your going to get that whole pile in your hand.
  2. If someone lays down three or four kings/queens/aces there is a good chance they’re cheating.
  3. If you have three aces in your hand, and bobo the flying clown lays down two aces, what would you do? A. Let him slide B. Accuse him of cheating. If you chose A you obviously have paid no attention what-so-ever to what I’ve been saying but if you chose B you get the picture.
  4. Sometimes its best to go with gut instinct. If you think it’s something and then say no that can’t be right–It usually is. Plus if you lose, it’s no biggie. Just try again. – Scooby

Accuse your way to neopoints

Get yourself to the highest level, and then when you’re there, start just hitting the “accuse” button every shot. You’ll find that quite a lot the player will actually be cheating, and you get 25 (?) NP every time for catching them. If someone beats you, then the level just starts again, so for only 50 np, you have a limitless amount of NP. The downside is that it takes a while to do, and you have to be able to get to the top level before you can really earn anything that’s worth the effort, but I think in the end it is. In the last two days alone I’ve won 1000 NP from one game of cheat. – anubis_worshipper

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