The Search for Princess Lunara Game Solutions by pets_from_pound60

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If you get a question on the game that isn’t listed here, please neomail pets_from_pound60 with the question, the answer options, the answer you chose, and whether it was correct or not. Thank you to these people who found the answers to two questions that I needed: lilythemonkey and siennacat13. Thanks!

Notable Neopets

How many limbs does Gnarfas, the Werelupe King’s minion, have? Six
How old is Judge Hog? 32
How old is Lilian Fairweather? 26
Of which Neopian Species is the maitre d’ at kelp a member? Scorchio
The Avabot, Neotrak, Wheelie, and Pinceron can be combined to create which robot Petpet? Ultra Mega Bot 2000

This famous Neopian was born in 200 BN, slept for 200 years, and has only recently awakened. Count von Roo

This famous Neopian witch gives out Spooky Food in exchange for potion ingredients. Edna
What Aisha is known as the Limbo Queen? Kyishi
What is Sophie’s favorite species of Petpet? Meowclops
What is the name of Chuffer Bob the Meerca’s Snorkle? Beefy
What is the name of Isca’s sister? Caylis
What is the name of the Poogle who judges the Poetry contest? Alstaf
Which member of the original Ghoul Catchers is a Wocky? Brave Bren
Which of the following Petpets hails from Krawk Island? Quadrapus
Which of these Faeries is featured in Faerie Cloud Racers? Taelia
Which of these petpets is not featured in Extreme Herder? Harris
Which Petpet species has been known to eat tin cans and magical orbs? Naalala
Who amended the Safe Drinking Act in Sakhmet? Senator Barca
Who is a regular at the Cheat! table, in spite of not being a very good player? (Some say she’s too concerned with her hair!) Capara
Who is known as Sakhmet’s craftiest statesman? Advisor Wessle
Who lost a limb in a freak Tombola accident? Cap’n Threelegs
Who ran the gang that Niten Hiroru fought in the tavern? Farvor
Who was the dark faerie who captured Baelia, the Grey Faerie? Jennumara
Whose bike was stolen by the Pant Devil, according to the Defenders of Neopia? Ginny

Neopian Culture

A Neopet of which colour and species directed Professor Fairweather and his party to Captain Rourke? Pirate Shoyru
How many courses of food are offered at Kelp? Four
How many Kadoaties must you feed at the Kadoatery to earn the avatar? 75
How many members does the Altador Cup Committee have? 3
In Meerca Chase II, what is the Meerca chasing? Neggs
In Turmac Roll, which berry is worth the most? Aquaberry
Of which Neopian species is the Perfect Putter in Tyrannian Mini Golf a member? Acara
This band had their Tyrannian Concert Hall premiere in the month of Gathering, Y8. Mellow Marauders
This band performs at the Tyrannian Concert Hall on the 24th of every month. The Hikalakas
This strange-looking fruit is very smelly and isn’t ripe until it splits. Azzle
What flavor of yogurt does Grundos Café serve? Cherry
What is the translation of Gadgadsbogen? Good, good day
Which Altador Cup Team Captain struggles with consistency and strength? Mirsha Grelinek
Which faerie accidentally released Hasees onto Mystery Island? Casandia
Which game was one of King Coltzan III’s hobbies? Scarab 21
Which Neopian fruit tastes like chocolate and tomato? Chokato
Which Neopian species is the owner of the Collectible Coins shop in the Art Centre a member of? Skeith
Which of the following is an ingredient in the Sushi Hot Dog? Cucumber
Which of the following is considered a Gross Food? Tuna Porridge
Which team won the Y8 Altador Cup tournament? Haunted Woods
Which was the first Petpet that Peopatra ever found? Wadjet
Who did Helmo Timm replace as Left Forward for the Kiko Lake team in Y8? Holbie Pinnock
Who discovered the Gruslen? Professor J. Kugar
Who was voted MVP of the Y8 Altador Cup tournament? Krell Vitor

All About Neopia

Approximately how many times a day is the Petpet Puddle used? More than 1,000
How far away is Brightvale from Meridell? 50 miles west
If you wanted to get a meal at The Golden Dubloon, where would you go? Krawk Island
In Cooty Wars, shooting this species of Petpetpet will clear all Mootix with open parachutes from the screen. Squippit
In which Neopian Land are you most likely to be attacked by robotic Chia Clowns Haunted Woods
In which Neopian Land can you trade strange fruit with a faerie, have your old toys repaired, and send a Tuskaninny over a cliff? Terror Mountain
Over whom does Lady Frostbite rule? Darblats
The shopkeeper of Fanciful Fauna is a member of which Neopian species? Koi
These Neopets get a bit of a trim on the 6th day of Sleeping. Gnorbu
These Petpets are often used as scouts for the Meridellian Army. Karrens
What are Poogle Four’s odds at Poogle Racing? 7:1
What do the natives of Mystery Island call the stone circle at the top of the Deserted Tomb in Geraptiku? Kalahnto
What gift from the Space Faerie can protect your Neopet from dark magic in the Battledome? Bandolaro
What is the name of the dark faerie that Aethia encountered in the Haunted Woods? Fiona
What species of Neopet does Matt the Sewage Surfer battle in the sewer? Krawk
What type of shell does the Collectible Sea Shells shopkeeper wear around her neck? Scallop Shell
Where did the Cyodrake’s Gaze dock when the crew was seeking help in finding Hoban? Krawk Island
Which disease will give a neopet a sore throat and coughing fits? Kikoughela
Which Neopian disease will a Tonu catch if it eats a negg? Neezles
Which Neopian land was discovered on the 30th day of the month of Swimming? Meridell
Which well-known Neopian discovered the Lost Desert? Brucey B
Who is Neopia’s Top Plushie Tycoon? Simon – pets_from_pound60



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