Spirit Wheel of Knowledge Solutions by FROG4Life2004

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A bond of spirit
A courageous young stallion
A field of lush grass
A field of windflowers
A foal is a baby horse
A herd of horses
A Lakota Brave
A new mustang colt is born to the Cimarron herd
A remarkable friendship
A river doesn’t think about running it just runs
A stallion and mare
A wild stallion
A young male horse is a colt
I had been waiting so long to run free
I had never met anyone quite like her
I raced with the eagle, soared with the wind


An unsung hero
in theatres memorial day


A wild stallion
Our heart and our home
The American frontier
The American west
The blue sky
The eagle’s shadow
The hoofbeats are many, but our hearts beat as one

The horses in a herd know each other by sight
The old west
The untamed west
The wind gave breath to all creation


Fast as the wind
Home is not just a place
Rain is a paint mare
Rain is a pinto
Rain is Spirit’s friend
Some legends can never be tamed
Some spirits can never be broken
Spirit and little creek
Wild as this place


Esperanza is a palamino mare
Pride of heart and home
Rain’s keeper is little creek
Spirit is a mustang stallion
Spirit’s indian friend little creek
There was no end to my world and to me


Horses graze on grass
Indian successfully riding spirit
Lakota tribe
little creek is spirit’s friend
Spirit and Little Creek
Spirit and Little Creek escape from the cavalry
Spirit and Rain
Spirit as a baby with mother
Spirit defies being broken
Spirit is a mustang stallion
Spirit running after the shadow of the eagle
Spirit with general
Spirit with Rain near the tree
Spirit regains his freedom
Strong as the sun
Racing with an eagle


Cavalry colonel
Spirit’s herd: the Cimarron
Spirit’s Indian friend little creek
Spirit’s mother Esperanza
Running free


Captured by the cavalry
homeland: no boundary between our heart and our home
Stallion of the Cimarron


Esperanza is a palamino mare


A new mustang colt is born to the cimarron herd


The horses hoofbeats were many, but our hearts beat as one – FROG4Life2004



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